• 1999
  • TV Show
  • TV-G

A look at light trucks, including how-to projects, vehicle tests and reports on truck races.

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Imagine With Pocoyó Season 13, Episode 18 Nov 12, 2011 Paid

Pocoyó plays hide and seek with us. Can you find him? After that, Pocoyó is Super Pocoyó – a superhero determined to rescue his friends from tight fixes – even when they don’t need to be rescued. Later, Pato plays "grown up" and doesn’t want to join in the games with his friends. He even gets Pocoyó and Baby Bird to join his gang. Eventually though, Pato and the others realise that playing with friends is much more fun than hanging around being ‘cool’. After that, everyone’s preparing for a painting exhibition. Everyone except Pato who says he’s not bothered about painting. When the show opens, Pato unexpectedly exhibits his paintings: they are amazing masterpieces (Actually they are real masterpieces. He didn’t paint them!). Everyone is very impressed and asks him to paint another. But he can’t, because in fact he cheated: he didn’t paint these pictures at all. Pocoyó and the audience encourage Pato to have a go at painting. He paints a beautiful flower and feels very pleased with himself. His painting takes its place in the exhibition.

Un capítulo mas de la Telenovela "Los Monstruos también lloran." Temporada 9 Episodio 28 (Yet Another Chapter of the Soap Opera Season 9, Episode 28 Apr 19, 2008 Paid

¡Este episodio fue patrocinado por la letra "D" y el número 14! Edith González protagoniza otro capitulo de la telenovela "Los Monstruos también lloran". Después, Pancho aprende el verdadero significado de adelante y atrás en su patín. Presentado por Sesame Street.

Ohta's One Troubled Afternoon Season 0, Episode 0 Apr 19, 2008 Paid

Ota's aunt sets him up with a beautiful young woman. The first meeting is disastrous to put it lightly. Much to Ota's surprise, the young beauty wants to see him again.

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1971 Chevy C-10 LQ4 Cam Swap!
17:00 — We're adding more to our '71 C-10's engine and upgrading the valve train.
1971 Chevy C-10 LQ4 Cam Swap!
17:00 — We're adding more to our '71 C-10's engine and upgrading the valve train.