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Please give me some good ...

Question: Please give me some good news: that Traveler is coming back. I was treated to eight episodes of twists, turns, suspense and drama. Not to mention all-around good acting! I was happy to see such a thought-out and well-written show. If it is indeed gone, I am sick and tired of networks pulling this. If you don't think your show has the slightest chance of doing well, then please don't put it on the air. I purposefully stayed away from shows last season (e.g., Heroes) because I was afraid they would get canceled before they had a chance to go anywhere (like Drive). As for Traveler, I'd even be happy with another eight-episode mini-arc (next summer?) or a few "movies" to close it out. Answer: Lots of questions about Traveler since it signed off, but sorry, no good news. It was pretty obvious from the start that this show, being launched outside the regular season, was being burned off, and unless the numbers had somehow gone through the roof (which didn't happen), these eigh ... read more

Traveler Boss Lets "Fourth Branch" Mystery Linger

Aaron Stanford and Neal McDonough by David Gray/ABC

Traveler creator David DiGilio has opted to hold his cards close to the vest — for now, at least — rather than explain what the Fourth Branch is and answer any other questions raised by last week's season/series finale. "For those who were upset by the cliff-hanger... all I can tell you is that we certainly did not expect it to be a series finale," DiGilio says in his celebrity blog. "[It]was part of the construction of the series, which is meant to pose one large question each season. The first season asked, 'Who is Will Traveler?' and the second asks, 'What is the Fourth Branch?' As promised, I will eventually answer this question and explain all other hanging chads." The operative word being eventually. "I am going to heed the advice of fans and friends who have asked that I hold off on doing this until I know the final result of the 'save the show' efforts," says DiGilio. "[Y]our devotion has been noticed at ABC. So, I will wait and see how this plays out."... read more

"What Is the Fourth Branch?"

Matthew Bomer, Logan Marshall-Green and Aaron Stanford by Bob D'Amico/ABC

Hello, Porters! I figured there might be a few fans out there itching for a Traveler fix today. It's the first Wednesday in a while without an episode of the show, so I figured I would come online and say hello to everyone and give you an update.First off, thank you for all of the reaction to last week's finale. There was a lot of food for thought in those 80-plus responses. And all of the feedback, positive and negative, has been processed by yours truly.For those who were upset by the cliff-hanger ending, all I can tell you is that we certainly did not expect it to be a series finale. If you've read this blog, you know that we made that show at the end of last year under near-impossible time constraints, and we did our best to wrap five episodes of story line into a one-hour thrill ride. The cliff-hanger finale was part of the construction of the series, which is meant to pose one large question for each season. The first season asked, "Who is Will Traveler?" And the second asks, ... read more

Exclusive! Housewives Alum Cops Closer Role

Steven Culp by Bob D'Amico/ABC

This just in....Steven Culp, well known for his run as Desperate Housewives' (now dearly departed) Rex and also a central (grr...) figure in ABC's just-concluded Traveler, will guest-star on two episodes of TNT's The Closer, has learned. Details have yet to come in as to Culp's exact role (spoiler to the Brenda-Fritz romance, hmm?), but his pair of appearances will air some time in September. read more

Ratings: Traveler Finale Picks Up Some Passengers

Aaron Standford in Traveler by David Gray/ABC

Wednesday's ratings recap:• So You Think You Can Dance averaged 7.96 million total viewers over its 90-minute run, a week-to-week increase of 460 thou. Leading out of that, some 760,000 appeared to forget the Lyrics, though the sing-along still claimed the No. 2 spot in the 9:30 half-hour.• Next Best Thing's next-to-last episode served up a typical 7.07 mil.• American Inventor (6.1 mil) was up 370K. That led into Traveler (3.78 mil), which picked up 750K for its season (series?) finale. Whoa, did the exculpatory recording blow up with that guy?! Bummer. read more

Episode 8: "The Exchange"

This may have been the worst breakup I’ve ever had. I began this blog with the hopes that Traveler would survive the bad decisions of network executives and continue to have a great story line. And although its great story line continued, it did not survive the network ax.... I hate ending relationships with no closure. I was left hoping that ABC had extended the episode to 75 minutes, and then the 11 o'clock news came on. What happened?The episode seemed rushed and unfulfilled. We were shown so much in one hour, but the content wasn't nearly as entertaining as the other seven episodes. There were also more commercials tonight than any other Wednesday before. Usually we get two to three bathroom/snack breaks, but tonight we could have finished laundry and taken out the dog.First, the Trio known as Jay, Tyler and Will, escape the FBI. Will (Aaron Stanford) was shot, Marlow (Viola Davis) was pulled off the case and Kim (Pascale Hutton)was arrested. Then, we get to carpool with th... read more

"The Porters"

Nothing like having a posse get your back when someone throws dirt in your eye. That's what I was thinking as I read the 45 — yes, 45! — comments that came in response to last week's blog and the news that ABC has let our contracts lapse. With the enormous outpouring of support here, on IMDb and on the various fan forums, I wanted to make sure you guys knew that we at Traveler appreciate all the dedication you've shown to the series. And thus, I have affectionately deemed you "the Porters." This is, of course, an allusion to Billy Mayo's character, the guy who keeps an eye on Jay, Tyler and Will when Jack Freed's Homeland Security thugs get in the way. So, my "Porters," I have promised another Q&A for this entry, and I will get to answering the questions I managed to sift out from those wonderful 45 comments you left last week: JKEB126 writes: Is there any way that the network will not cancel it for next season?The million-dollar question. Right now, with the Nielsen n... read more

Episode 7: "The Reunion"

On Sunday while vactioning, I was informed by a stranger that Traveler had been cancelled. I freaked out. He then looked at me and said, “Didn’t you say you worked for TV Guide?” I was a bit embarrassed. I go out of town for one week and my whole world changes!Apparently ABC has let the actors' contracts lapse. Basically this means the show will not return, but ABC will air its finale next week. And since this is my blog, I am just going to say it: The ABC executives who made this decision are ignorant. There are many different forms of ignorance, but in this case it's simply blind stupidity. Does that make sense? I made it up and I like it.For more details, check out Traveler writer/producer David DiGilio’s blog. He explains it much better and nicer than I do. I just don’t get it. I’ve previewed a few of the new pilots that will air this fall and it doesn’t look good for the networks. Why let a great show like Traveler go? Of course, it wasn't a m... read more

ABC Redials The Nine as Traveler Hits the Road

The Nine by Michael Yarish/ABC

This Wednesday and next, ABC's underappreciated Traveler presents its final two episodes — and, yes, we do mean final, as series creator David DiGilio details in his celebrity blog update. "We have sadly reached the point where our show is most likely not coming back," he writes. "ABC has officially let our cast contracts lapse." Read more about it here. Excellent blog entry.In keeping with that "Circle of Life" thing I hear about in my kids' Lion King DVD, shortly after Traveler hits the road, ABC is bringing back the also-underappreciated The Nine for, one would hope, all six of its unaired episodes, starting Aug. 1 at 10 pm/ET. Alas, fans should not count on finding out exactly "What happened in there" as Episode 13 was not designed to deliver 100 percent closure. My standing theory? Someone stole one of those chained bank pens, and things got very ugly. read more

Let's Hit the Rewind Button....

Welcome back to Dave's Traveler blog. After a break for the Fourth of July holiday, on July 11 we return for the final two episodes of the season... and perhaps of the show. Yes, in my efforts to keep you guys up to date, we have sadly reached the point where our show is most likely not coming back. ABC has officially let our cast contracts lapse. While this is not a formal cancellation, we are meant to fade away quietly, as this article from the L.A. Times suggests.The Traveler fans are doing everything they can to pull a Jericho, and if you want to see updates on their ideas and progress, you can check out the various fan forums on the Web. Here's hoping that I do not need to provide you with series closure on this blog. But if that is the case, it will be one hell of an entry.Now, I am not a guy who has many regrets in life. But I realized that because so much time has passed since we actually filmed the shows, I have probably been robbing you guys of some good "behind the scenes... read more

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