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Torchwood Season 1 episodes

"End of Days" Season 1, Episode 13

The first season of Torchwood ended with the conclusion of the time rift storyline from last week — and the beginning of a new mystery.To start things off, we took a peek in the bedroom of Gwen and Rhys, whose relationship seems to be on the mend after all the ups and downs (not to mention Gwen's infidelity) it's endured. Gwen gets a call from Captain Jack, who tells her to watch the news. There have been unexplained "global incidents" — including UFOs over the Taj Mahal and men in period dress attacking police in London — all a result of the rift in time Owen created to get Jack and Tosh back from 1941. Of course the locals don't know that — they think the cracks in time are signs of the end of the world. Owen and Tosh are dispatched to check out a rash of deaths at a local hospital; the epidemic turns out to be the bubonic plague, introduced by a transplant from the Middle Ages. Tosh also sees her mother in the hospital, who warns her: "It is coming, out of the... read more

Episode: "Captain Jack Harkness" Season 1, Episode 12

Now that was Torchwood at its best — graced with lots of Captain Jack time, a riveting time-rift mystery and, let's not forget, one juicy kiss.The main storyline followed Tosh and Jack, who went off to investigate an apparent haunted house, the Ritz, a derelict dance hall, where people had reported hearing old-timey music. While roving around, they hear the music themselves and are sucked into a time rift, finding themselves in a scene from 1941, of soldiers dancing and local gals doing their part to keep up morale. There they meet a number of eager young fellas, but none as handsome or as intriguing as one Captain Jack Harkness, whom our Captain Jack is instantly drawn to — no surprise there: He was strikingly handsome, with chiseled features, dark hair and expressive eyes. (Sound like anyone else we know?)Our Captain Jack finally explains to Tosh that he had in fact assumed the original Captain Jack's name after the original was killed and he needed an identity to go und... read more

Episode: "Combat" Season 1, Episode 11

The most interesting thing about this episode was the question it posed about who the real bad guys are: the Weevils, with their uncontrollable violent urges, or the men who used them for their own vicious entertainment.It all began with the Torchwooders pursuing a Weevil on the loose, who's then grabbed up by a pack of guys in black ski masks and a white van. When the gang track down where the white van eventually stopped, they discover a seemingly normal, upstanding family man who's been beaten and Weevil'ed to death. And there have been more reports of Weevil-related injuries. Torchwood sets off to investigate.Captain Jack decides to let their resident Weevil (nicknamed Janet), equipped with a tracking device, free in hopes of luring the white van. It works, to an extent: The mystery van picks up Janet, but her tracker comes off and leaves them scratching their heads.Meanwhile, Owen — who's been having a tough time dealing with Diane's absence — agrees to go undercover ... read more

"Out of Time" Season 1, Episode 10

What an odd start — the episode just sort of launched in with no explanation. How did Jack and the gang know to be at that particular spot at that particular moment? I suppose there was some kind of alien device that let them know that a plane from 1953 had slipped through a "transcendental portal," a door in time and space, and was arriving in Cardiff. The three guests offer a peek into a different way of life, and for some of the Torchwooders, they offer lessons into their own character as well.Captain Jack attempts to give the time transplants new names and new identities, and Ianto takes them on a shopping trip, showing them the wonders of packaged foods, laddy mags, DVDs and waterproof mascara. The plane's pilot, Diane Holmes, is puzzled by the "Smoking Kills" warning on a package of smokes (she buys them anyway).For Diane and the young Emma Cowell, the change in time, though difficult at first, sort of sticks, but for John Ellis, the notion is too much. All he wants is to... read more

"Random Shoes" Season 1, Episode 9

Call me sappy, call me gullible, but I thought this was perhaps the best episode of Torchwood yet. It was both funny (I love the alien-fan-boy stuff about the young Eugene; the David Bowie "Starman" montage was especially good) and touching (the ending in particular). But I'm getting ahead of myself.Eugene Jones — an amateur alien collector with a wicked crush on Gwen — wakes up in the middle of a road and discovers the Torchwood team fussing over his dead body. He's been hit by a car and is most positively deceased. But he's somehow still there, and so he catches a ride in the Torchwoodmobile as an invisible passenger. Eugene recounts his life story as a series of disappointments and anticipations. It all started when he was a schoolboy, having just flubbed an interschool math competition and driven off his dad in the process. A sympathetic teacher offers to show the despondent Eugene his collection of curiosities, including a sort of glass eye that "fell out of the sky"... read more

"They Keep Killing Suzie" Season 1, Episode 8

Somehow I feel like we should have known we hadn't seen the last of Suzie Costello (Indira Varma) — sure, she died, in dramatic, irrefutable fashion. But come on, this is Torchwood, where things are not always (nor usually) as they seem. The onetime No. 2 to Captain Jack, who went bonkers in the first episode after getting a little carried away with the "resurrection gauntlet," was put in cold storage along with all of Torchwood's other dirty little secrets. But when a string of murders links back to her, she becomes the victim — or beneficiary, depending on how you look at it — of the very piece of equipment that landed her there in the first place.It all begins with the gang arriving at the scene of a gruesome double murder. The unfortunate couple were stabbed to death in their bed, with the word Torchwood smeared — in their own blood — above their heads. The sassy detective on the scene blames Jack for their deaths, and after the team learn that in addit... read more

"Greeks Bearing Gifts" Season 1, Episode 7

Finally, another alien episode! I must admit I've been sort of missing those space baddies. It is interesting that every alien this show has thus far encountered has been interested in either sleeping with or eating human beings. So much for "we come in peace."This time the alien in question is a floating, light-filled, Medusa-headed creature, though we don't find that out till later. To start things off, she possesses a pretty prostitute in 1812 Cardiff named Mary, you know, "like the virgin." Torchwood is called in when a body is discovered at the formerly wooded site where her prospective john lay buried, lo these many years later. And along with the body, they find an alien transporter. The team brings both back to HQ for analysis; Owen works on determining the skeleton's cause of death (and gender, as it turns out, since his initial guess that it was a woman proves wrong), while Jack tries to unscramble the artifact.Meanwhile, Tosh visits a bar to sip away her increasing discom... read more

"Countrycide" Season 1, Episode 6

Ewwwwwww. I'm not such a fan of the cannibal genre in general, and this one was quite... well, gruesome. Not to mention grim. It all seemed to start out innocently enough: Torchwood left the comfortable confines of Cardiff to investigate a series of unexplained deaths in a small village; once in the country, they set up camp and started a provocative conversation about snogging (which revealed, among other things, that Tosh has a thing for Owen). Too bad for poor Tosh — Owen and Gwen take a stroll in the woods, to "gather firewood," and end up thisclose to snogging yet again. When they make a gruesome discovery — a skinned, maggot-infested corpse — the rest of the gang join them to investigate, leaving their camp unattended, and giving the mysterious bad guy a chance to drive off in their car. So the gang take off in the stunning, if menacing, landscape, toward the seemingly abandoned, utterly creepy village.There they split up (of course, because what else do people ... read more

"Small Worlds" Season 1, Episode 5

A very enjoyable episode indeed. It was interesting to see the gang battling a foe they really couldn't do anything to stop — and for that foe to be of this world, rather than alien or technological. It sort of reminded me of some of the better X-Files "creature" stories, though "Small Worlds" had the added element of filling in some of the Captain Jack backstory.In an eerie take on a bird-watching expedition, Estelle, an elderly woman with a thing for fairies, catches a few on film in the woods. Jack (after an unsettled, shirtless night spent at HQ) drags Gwen to see Estelle present her images. It seems that the two old friends have an ongoing debate as to whether fairies are good or evil, Estelle preferring to believe that they are kind and harmless (boy was she proven wrong), Jack recognizing them for old, restless earth spirits. When Gwen sees a faded photo of what looks like Jack, he explains that it was actually his father, and that his father and Estelle were inseparable... read more

Cyberwoman Season 1, Episode 4

And with that... we hit the first Torchwood clunker. This episode verged at times on the absurd (yes, I'm aware that it's a sci-fi series — you know what I mean) but mostly was just rather boring. For the first time I was aware that it was an hour-long show; while last week my heart was in my throat waiting to see how it turned out, this week I was sort of waiting for it to be over.The story revolved around a cybernetic menace who gave a whole new meaning to the term "bionic woman." Lisa, a gorgeous former Torchwood employee, was at some point in the organization's murky past "upgraded" with cybernetic implants to fight a gruesome battle. As the episode begins, Ianto is sneaking a doctor who specializes in such matters into the HQ basement, where he's hidden Lisa — who, in her former manifestation, was his girlfriend, and still considers herself as such. She's the last of her kind (as far as we know; please let her be the last) and only escaped because Ianto rescued her. T... read more

Ghost Machine Season 1, Episode 3

A long-buried crime resurfaces when an alien object produces visions from the past. read more

Day One Season 1, Episode 2

On Gwen's first day with Torchwood, a sex-crazed alien is on the loose in Cardiff and leaving a trail of gruesome deaths in its wake. read more

Everything Changes Season 1, Episode 1

The series premieres as Welsh police officer Gwen Cooper (Eve Myles) witnesses the resurrection of a murder victim by a mysterious organization known as “Torchwood.” read more

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