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Sep 23, 2013 Season 11 Episode 103 watch on (Subscription)

Top Chef host Padma Lakshmi judges a cooking competition between two New Orleans chefs, both vying for the last spot on Top Chef New Orleans.


Mar 07, 2012 Season 9 Episode 18

The drama is served extra hot on Bravo's "Top Chef: Texas Reunion Special." Andy Cohen talks to season nine's chef'testants and judges - host Padma Lakshmi, head judge Tom Colicchio and judges Gail Simmons, Emeril Lagasse and Hugh Acheson. Cohen will answer viewers' questions and dish on the good, bad and overcooked.
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Fire and Ice

Feb 22, 2012 Season 9 Episode 16

Asian Masters lend a hand in a tag-team-style quickfire. The final 3 chefs must create a dish and cocktail that fuses the concept of fire and ice into one cohesive dish, a culinary testament of their journey from blazing Texas heat to blistering Vancouver cold.
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Top Chef: Bike, Borrow & Steal

Feb 01, 2012 Season 9 Episode 13

In this week's Quickfire, Pee-wee Herman stops by and the chefs are tasked to create his favorite breakfast dish -- pancakes! But this isn't any old pancake. The Chefs are challenged to be as creative as possible when making their batter, toppings and presentation. In "Pee-wee's Big Adventure," Pee-wee learned a lot about searching the streets and asking for help.
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Top Chef: Block Party

Jan 25, 2012 Season 9 Episode 12

In this week's Quickfire, the chefs work in teams of two and with 30 minutes, they must race against the clock and get through all their prep. With the remaining time, the chefs must then create a delicious dish with the already prepped ingredients. For the elimination challenge, the chefs head to a food drive/block party, where they will choose an opponent, create one dish that they will both make, and go head-to-head where the judges will determine which dish is the best.
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Fit for an Evil Queen

Jan 18, 2012 Season 9 Episode 11

This week's Quickfire is all about awareness in the kitchen. The chefs will have 30 minutes to create a dish of their choosing, but this is no ordinary Quickfire. Once time begins, various ingredients will start to come into the kitchen via a train. The chefs must select ingredients coming into the kitchen via train and create a dish incorporating the best of these ingredients. For the elimination challenge, the chefs embody evil on the plate and serve a gothic feast fit for a Queen. This dish should demonstrate various cooking techniques, textures and flavors, but more importantly, the diners should visually see the "evil" components on the dish. Actress Charlize Theron, who plays the Evil Queen in the upcoming film "Snow White & The Huntsman", guest judges, along with Emeril Lagasse, head judge Tom Colicchio, and host Padma Lakshmi.
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Tribute Dinner

Dec 21, 2011 Season 9 Episode 8

This week's Quickfire will reach out to its fans via twitter, as they follow instructions tweeted live by fans and create a dish based on what they want the chefs to do. Whenever Tom sees an idea he likes, he will call it out in the room. No matter which direction the chefs thought they were taking their dish, they will have to switch it up based on the latest tweet. For the elimination challenge, the chefs have a chance to reflect and pay homage to the person who taught them how to cook by making a "tribute dish" in their honor. Legendary singer and cookbook author Patti Labelle guest judges, along with Emeril Lagasse, head judge Tom Colicchio, and host Padma Lakshmi.
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The Heat Is On

Nov 09, 2011 Season 9 Episode 2

Twelve chefs have excelled and moved on to the competition. Now the remaining chefs must rise to the challenge to earn a slot in the final 16. The final 10 chefs must decide amongst themselves which one of among 10 ingredients they will use to create a dish. Those who advance will earn a Top Chef coat, those who don't will go home, and those who are on the bubble will compete in a final cook-off. Host Padma Lakshmi, along with Hugh Acheson, Emeril Lagasse and head judge Tom Colicchio will determine which chefs will advance to the competition.
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Everything's Bigger in Texas

Nov 02, 2011 Season 9 Episode 1

Everything's bigger in Texas! This season brings 29 chefs to the Lone Star state where only 16 will advance to the competition and earn a Top Chef coat. In this premiere episode, the chefs will be split into 3 groups and must excel in their challenge in order to move on to the competition. Returning this season are hosts Padma Lakshmi, head judge Tom Colicchio, and Gail Simmons from Food & Wine Magazine.
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