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Top Chef Season 4 episodes

Reunion Season 4, Episode 15

Host Andy Cohen serves up a reunion with Season 4's chefs, who dish on the four-star dramas and field viewer questions. Series regulars Padma Lakshmi, Tom Colicchio, Gail Simmons and Ted Allen make appearances. Also on the menu: The "fan favorite" winner is announced. read more

Finale Part 2 Season 4, Episode 14

It may take a while before we get a female president but we can now crown one Top Chef It was a long journey to the last challenge that showed the three finalists stepping up to the plate and knocking out some hits but still there were a few surprisesThe chefs were to create a four course tasting meal for nine that progressed from fish to poultry red meat and finishing with a dessert On day one Padma introduced them to the best kind of prep help they could get three well-known chefs who would become their sous-chefs With first pick Stephanie chose to work with Eric Ripert who appeared during season threes finale Richard was paired with Dan Barber and Lisa showed excitement hoping she and April Bloomfield would rock on with grrl power But on the second day the assistants were no-shows in the kitchen becoming part of the critical dinner guests and leaving the finalists to fend for themselvesHow bad did you feel when Richard admitted to the judges that he choked This was read more

Puerto Rico Season 4, Episode 13

Leaving Chicago behind the remaining four chefs show up in sunny Puerto Rico for the first part of the two-part finale Im not sure of the length of the break period but it was long enough for Antonia to open her restaurant Lisa to get a new do and a relaxed attitude until the Elimination Challenge and Stephanie to visit Thailand Viet Nam and Cambodia and sporting a t-shirt that read I hearts Tahoe Boys perhaps Nevada tooJoining Padma Lakshmi for the Quickfire Challenge is guest judge Chef Wilo Benet who presents a table filled with plantains that the chefs would use to make two different types of fritters Its preferable to cook them before eating but Antonia and Richard fell into the same trap of using uncooked plantains in their sauces Antonias plantain jam that accompanied her crispy oysters was considered slimy and Richard didnt eliminate the rawness from the ripe plantain sauce served with pork meatballsBoth Lisa and Stephanie created tostones plantains s read more

High Steaks Season 4, Episode 12

Though it was a bit of struggle getting here we finally have our four chefs heading into next weeks first part of the two-part finale Going by most of the recent comments the top three were a given with a toss up for the fourth position So with such high stakes lets get to the meat of the matterThe Quickfire Challenge sent the chefs over to a meat purveyor and dress like a HazMat team in order to cut individual chops of long bone ribeye dry-aged USDA Prime Rib racks The style is known as a Frenched cut and is served in finer restaurants Some of the racks looked unwieldy and even larger than Stephanie which didnt help her get the lollipop effect she should have had This was a more technical skill that is essential for cost-effectiveness when running a kitchenOnce the meat was butchered it was to be cooked medium rare at the request of guest judge Rick Tramonto He is the owner of Chicagos Tramontos Steak Seafood as well as Tru whose pastry chef Gale Ga read more

Restaurant Wars Season 4, Episode 11

545 am Its the crack of dawn and Chef Tom Colicchio arrives on the scene to wake up the remaining six chef-testants and tell them about the Quickfire Challenge Though unnecessary Padma Lakshmi was apparently still getting her beauty sleep Working the short order egg station at the hopping Chicago breakfast spot Lou Mitchells Restaurant is where owner Helene will separate the winner from the yolksThis is where we got to see Dale shine The pace was fast he was focused and didnt lose his temper Its too bad he didnt win or carry this approach over to the Elimination Challenge where things might have turned out differently for him Antonia was an egg-flipping fool that was chosen the winner over Dale Starting the day in one restaurant set the tone for the shift over to a large empty space that would transform into two dining areas for Restaurant Wars The advantage Antonia got for winning the QFC was the ability to choose her team She went with a sure thing selecting S read more

Serve and Protect Season 4, Episode 10

Regarding this episodes food as well as the character and integrity of the chefs substance is what was needed but was hard to find Beginning with something on the lighter side the Quickfire Challenge required creating a modern sexy salad Bringing sexy back didnt only refer to creating a salad for the QFC but also to guest judge and Season 2 fan favorite Sam Talbot Though he seemed to have little to say Sam was a good choice to judge tonights challenges because his food was always clean and fresh which possibly could have something to due with the fact that hes diabeticPointing out that the chefs had little sleep from last weeks 40-hour Wedding Wars challenge Richard served up a lackluster Fresh and Clean salad with ceviche fruit and vegetables that needed some acidity Andrews Thai Fruit Salad that contained mangoes strawberries and raspberries with sriracha sauce looked appealing but wasnt cited Winning his first challenge was Hat Guy Spike who was also seen read more

Wedding Wars Season 4, Episode 9

Speed and stamina were two ingredients the eight remaining chef-testants needed to stay in the competition this week Dividing into two teams of four and with immunity no longer offered in the Quickfire Challenge the relay race was onThough swiftness was needed for the QFC it was apparent where the ultimate strength was going to lie by the way the teams were divided With hands shaking Lisa gained a lead over Antonia sectioning oranges but that was lost when Spike broke the stem of his artichoke and was victim of Andrew and his secret weaponthe peeler Richard and Dale were evenly matched filleting a monkfish but Stephanie whipped into the lead over Nikki when making mayonnaise from scratchIf I were getting married Im not sure Id be game to have a menu created and prepared the day before the wedding But thats exactly what the happy couple Corey and JP agreed to for their 250 guestsThe benefit of winning the QFC was being allowed to choose a menu for either the bride o read more

Common Threads Season 4, Episode 8

With this season of Top Chef taking place in Chicago it was only a matter of time before we heard the name Oprah Her personal chef Art Smith was on hand as the guest judge for both challenges I dont know if I could prepare an entre in 15 minutes as the chef-testants had to do in the Quickfire Challenge but I wouldnt have considered using Uncle Bens 90-second microwaveable rice an optionThough shes had uneven showings I was projecting Stephanie to be a frontrunner but after losing both challenges tonight along with Mark and Lisa Im starting to have doubts Chef Art initially called her Brown Rice Pancakes with Scallops clever but then later said the pancakes were too heavy and the scallops unnecessary Would he have preferred maple syrup with themLisa was told her Rice Corn Black Beans and Peppers with Avocado Cr232me and Grilled Shrimp was unoriginal and Marks Miso Glazed Turkey Breast was tough dry and needed sauceOn the upside Richard is spotlighted agai read more

Improv Season 4, Episode 7

Improvisation was the theme of this episode and creating a delicious dessert for the Quickfire Challenge was a heavenly first course If the table of pastries didnt have you salivating perhaps renowned pastry chef and guest judge Johnny Iuzzini considered one of New Yorks sexiest chefs did But I couldnt help wondering what happened to the buffet of beautiful sweet treatsAs host Padma Lakshmi said preparing desserts has regularly been the Achilles heel for the chefs This has more to do with using exact measurements rather than improvising with flavors Ive baked a Sacher Torte many times but would never try it without consulting the recipeChef Johnny didnt like the composition of Marks mini-meringue Pavlovas or Hat Guy Spikes pineapple rum raisin souffl though he was complimented for the attempt On the bottom of both challenges Antonia served a lackluster br251led lemon curd with lemon cakeIve not tasted the shaved ice and milk mixture called Hal read more

Tailgating Season 4, Episode 6

As this evenings episode of Top Chef began the Quickfire Challenge totally influenced me to toss out the calming cup of tea I had made and reach for an icy cold beer Its too bad I didnt have some of the simple pleasures that the chefs were asked to concoct and accompany one of 16 beers they had on handJoining Padma for the QFC was Koren Grieveson head chef at Chicagos Avec restaurant Appropriately dubbed poker face Chef Koren gave minimal comments like needs more acid to Andrews rainbow trout with raspberry gastrique His sweet and sour-type sauce looked good but I questioned pairing trout with beer Dales roasted pork tenderloin with pretzel dust I mean crust was not moist and Nikki on the bottom in both challenges this week was told her citrus marinated shrimp had too much breading and not much seasoningPoking fun at her hairstyle Jennifer chose LandShark lager and prepared shrimp and scallop beignets that would have been tasty with my Corona Skating thro read more

The Elements Season 4, Episode 5

How do you account for taste Celebrity chef Ming Tsai was on hand for tonights episode that from start to finish had everyones palate cooking overtime My favorite challenge each season is Restaurant Wars but Antonia was doubly stoked when she won her favorite Quickfire Challenge to compare and identify 15 higher quality ingredients while blindfolded With the highest score of 12 out of 15 correct her immunity seemed to cause the most friction in the kitchenThe Meals on Wheels Chicago Celebrity Chefs Ball was the setting for the Elimination Challenge which used a theme of the four elements Accordingly each chef pulled a santoku knife and divided into four teams of three to create a first course that complimented water air earth or fire for 80 guests Ironically each team had a pair that worked together in last weeks EC Im a big fan of butternut squash soup but might not have wanted to serve it to a crowd of 80 people Keeping it hot enough rather than having the serve read more

Film Food Season 4, Episode 4

The chefs are ripe for action when they transform vegetables into art. Then, the real world meets the reel world during a film-themed dinner party hosted by cinema pundit Richard Roeper. read more

Block Party Season 4, Episode 3

The culinary artists dish up fare at a neighborhood party, overseen by chef and Mexican cuisine master Rick Bayless. read more

Zoo Food Season 4, Episode 2

The culinary crew works with fresh fare from a farmers' market for the quick-fire competition. Then, they must cater a swanky event at a zoo. read more

Anything You Can Cook I Can Cook Better Season 4, Episode 1

The Season 4 opener is served up with 16 rising chefs competing in Chicago. Here, the foodies must put a signature spin on a Chicago culinary staple. Celeb chef Rocco DiSpirito serves as guest judge. read more

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Premise: A reality competition in which aspiring chefs compete for culinary stardom. Each episode features two challenges---a short test of basic cooking skills and an elimination challenge, in which one failing contestant is sent packing.



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