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Sep 25, 2013 Season 5 Episode 10 watch on (Paid)

It's down to the final three as they battle it out for the prestigious title of Top Chef Master and bragging rights. In creating notable dishes from their personal and professional lives, the Chefs pull out all the stops. Which Master can win over the critics and take home the ultimate prize?


Jun 15, 2011 Season 3 Episode 10

In the final challenge - the tables are turned when host Curtis Stone prepares a meal for the remaining chefs. Then the three finalists must create a three course meal based on important memories throughout their lives and careers. Guests for the finale include: Tom Colicchio, Jon Waxman, Rick Moonen, Susan Feniger, Susur Lee, as well as Danyelle Freeman and Alan Systma. The judges include: Ruth Reichl, James Oseland and guest Gael Greene.
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A Soldier's Story

Jun 08, 2011 Season 3 Episode 9

Do as I say and as I do is the motto in this quick fire challenge. The masters must walk their protégé's from start to finish in an attempt to create identical dishes. To pay homage to our troops and their families, "Top Chef Masters" salutes U.S. soldiers with a celebration meal for returning service men and women composed of all their favorite dishes.
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Blinded Me With Science

Jun 01, 2011 Season 3 Episode 8

With today's technology, everyone wants things to be done as fast as possible. In this week's quickfire, the masters will have 15 minutes to create a breakfast from start to finish- but they can only use one specific tool from the modern day kitchen. For the elimination challenge, the masters must trade in their aprons for goggles and stovetops for Bunsen burners. Using traditional high school chemistry at a Science Fair, the master chefs must create their most palatable creations.
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Date Night

May 18, 2011 Season 3 Episode 7

In this week's quickfire challenge the chefs must use each of their five senses to identify mystery ingredients - however they can only use one of their senses at time. In the elimination challenge, the masters help a man propose to his unsuspecting girlfriend on her favorite show, "Top Chef Masters." In a six-course meal, the chefs must create dishes that reflect different stages of the couple's relationship, but could one bad dish ruin the whole plan?
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I'm With the Band

May 11, 2011 Season 3 Episode 6

The tables are turned in this week's quickfire when the cheftestants become the judges and have to critique their fellow chefs. Then in the elimination challenge, the remaining contestants are in for a double dose of surprises. Pop Rock group Maroon 5 drops by and challenges the chefs to create a feast fit for a rock star, but it's not that easy. Once again the tables are turned and the chefs are taken out of the kitchen and brought to a surprise location to prepare their meals.
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Would You Like Fries With That?

May 04, 2011 Season 3 Episode 5

Master chefs know how to work under pressure, but how well can they do fast food? This week's elimination challenge puts the cheftestants to the test in a traditional Southern California eatery, the Drive Thru. The cheftestants will have to operate a fast food drive thru, from the grill to serving up their best meals and all in less than two minutes.
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Biggest Loser

Apr 27, 2011 Season 3 Episode 4

Eating healthy is a challenge that people face every day. For this week's elimination challenge, the cheftestants must prove nutritious food can still taste good. The remaining masters will be broken up into three teams of three to prepare breakfast, lunch and dinner.
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Diners to Donors

Apr 20, 2011 Season 3 Episode 3

Crickets, nightcrawlers and beetles, oh my! These master chefs are used to cooking with the finest ingredients but in this week's quickfire they're forced to make a delicious dish out of some horrifying creatures. The elimination challenge however, makes it all worthwhile when the chefs compete to sell their dishes for $100 a plate at a charity fundraiser. For every plate they sell, the money they receive goes directly to their charity of choice and these chefs are in it to win it.
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Everything Old Is New Again

Apr 13, 2011 Season 3 Episode 2

The masters are in for a treat this week when two high-profile celebrities visit the top chef kitchen. Pop Star and trained chef, Kelis, drops by to judge a very meaty quickfire challenge and then "Mad Men" actress, Christina Hendricks and her husband, actor Geoffry Arend, enlist the help of the cheftestants in a special 60s themed elimination challenge.
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Restaurant Wars

Apr 06, 2011 Season 3 Episode 1

Top Chef Masters is back with a brand new host, new judge and a new format - so why not start the competition off with something familiar, the most notorious of all Top Chef challenges, Restaurant Wars.These master chefs have opened their share of award-winning restaurants, but nothing could have prepared them for the pressure that's on now. With their egos on the line, the knives come out right out of the gate.
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