Toopy and Binoo Episodes

2013, TV Show

Toopy and Binoo episodes

Christmas Eve; Santa Toopy; Snowflakes; Toopy's Present; the Seven Binoos

Toopy and Binoo prepare for Christmas Eve and play Santa. read more

Big Bad Christmas

Toopy joins the Three Little Pigs in a visit to a Big Bad Wolf who doesn't like Christmas. read more

Toopy's Halloween

Toopy looks for a perfect Halloween costume. read more

Magic Marker

Binoo's mustache comes to life when Toopy draws Binoo's portrait. read more

Rock a Bye Bear

Mr. Bear accidentally wakes up before springtime, so Toopy and Binoo try funny ways to get him back to sleep. read more

Binoo's Tall Tail

Binoo imagines he is a giant. read more

Camp Out; Letter; Pet Palace; Colour; Meatball

Toopy and Binoo camp indoors; Binoo's letter goes all over the world; Toopy opens a pet store filled with imaginary animals; Toopy and Binoo color; a lost meatball leads to a wild west adventure. read more

Story; Invisible; Night Light; Peanut Butter; Tickle

Toopy and Binoo go inside of a book; a house disappears; Toopy and Binoo chase a falling star; Toopy makes a peanut butter robot; Toopy tries to get Binoo to laugh. read more

Hiccup Hunters

Toopy tries to cure Binoo's hiccups. read more

Tiger; Flying Hat; Footprints; Pyjamas; Safari

Toopy hunts a tiger; footprints come to life; Binoo doesn't like his pajamas. read more

Castle; Ballooning; Soapy; Topsy; Dusteroos

Toopy gets trapped; Binoo blows a bubble; Toopy and Binoo go on an adventure; Toopy and Binoo find dust balls. read more

Seasons; Fishin'; Train; Godmother; Raspberries

Toopy and Binoo toboggan, fish and play ball; Toopy and Binoo go on a trip to find an apple. read more

Knows Everything; Diaper; Jack N Box; Backpack; Maze

The Great Toopy makes predictions; Binoo has a bad dream; Toopy and Binoo chase a jack-in-the-box. read more

Toopy and Binoo

Binoo puts on a puppet show; Toopy and Binoo search for a perfect planet; Binoo wants a banana. read more

Binoo the Brave

Binoo goes on a bold adventure with brave knight Toopy to overcome fears. read more

The Three Bears; Where's Binoo; The Lost Bear; Binoo's Letter; Camp Out

Toopy plays a blindfold game; Toopy loses Binoo; Toopy and Binoo follow Binoo's lost teddy bear through an amusement park; Binoo mails a letter that goes all over the world; Toopy and Binoo camp indoors in a blanket tent. read more

Jungle Toopy; Play Clay; Robot Doctors; Big Parade; On and Off

Toopy pretends to be Tarzan; Toopy and Binoo make big creatures out of clay; Toopy tries to cheer up Binoo; Toopy and Binoo create a parade; Toopy and Binoo play a hiding game. read more

Water Wings; Topsy Turvey; Dreamland; Treehouse; Bistro Binoo

Toopy blows up a water wing; Toopy and Binoo stick Popsicles to their feet; Toopy enters Binoo's dream to find out what is making him so happy; Toopy builds a tree house; Toopy feeds Binoo a feast of invisible food. read more

Parade; Clay; Big Race; Cinder-Binoo

Toopy and Binoo create a parade that leaves their playroom messy; Toopy and Binoo make creatures out of clay; Toopy and Binoo race; Toopy makes dresses for himself and Binoo to wear to a ball. read more

Sock Puppet; Magic Marker; Rockin Toopy; Cinder-Binoo; Cloud Gazing

Toopy's sock puppet takes on a life of its own; Toopy draws Binoo's portrait; Binoo picks out a rhythm on his toy piano; Toopy makes dresses for himself and Binoo to wear to a ball; Toopy and Binoo find shapes in clouds. read more

Train; Story; Tiger; Magic Mirror; Pyjamas

Toopy and Binoo go on a trip to find an apple; Toopy tells Binoo a bedtime story but discovers that the last page is missing; Toopy goes on a tiger hunt; Toopy convinces Binoo that his new pajamas have super powers. read more

Song and Dance; The Big Race; Little Red Binoo; Duckling; The Seven Binoos

Toopy plans a musical; Toopy and Binoo race; Toopy writes a story that includes Binoo; Toopy tries to become every creature that he sees; Toopy makes six little Binoos out of snow who come to life. read more

Pumpkin; Monster; Happy; Raspberries; Godmother

Toopy and Binoo go to a party inside of a pumpkin; Toopy and Binoo hunt for a monster; Toopy gets Binoo ready to attend a ball. read more

Treasure Hunt; The Big Blue; Gargantua; Under the Bed; Fish Bowl

Toopy and Binoo follow a dotted line; Binoo draws a picture; a giant Binoo runs after Toopy; Toopy and Binoo are kept awake by a light. read more

Nose; Whoosher; Worm Circus; Moon; Gopherville

Toopy and Binoo enter a board game; Binoo spills some cereal; Toopy and Binoo follow a worm into an apple; Binoo and Toopy go to the moon; Binoo plays hide-and-seek in gopher holes. read more

Recess; Land of the Lost; Superball; Keyhole; Invisible Dog

Toopy and Binoo go to school; Binoo loses his reading glasses; Toopy follows a lost ball into Binoo's activity book; Toopy and Binoo discover a key; Toopy finds an invisible dog. read more

Fishin; Super; Knows Everything; Baby; Wand

Toopy and Binoo go fishing; Super Toopy and Super Binoo rescue toys; Toopy predicts what will happen on Binoo's adventure; Toopy becomes a baby; Toopy can't wait to use his prize. read more

Funny Bunny; Eggheads; Mud Cake; Flying Hat; Storm in a Bottle

Bunny Toopy hunts for the perfect place to hide Binoo's egg; Toopy and Binoo enter a nest; Toopy and Binoo go into a mud cake to find lost marbles; Toopy hunts for butterflies; Binoo catches a storm cloud. read more

Song and Dance, Little Bo, Cuckoo, Land of Colours, Castle

Toopy plans a musical; Toopy and Binoo enter a puzzle; Toopy and Binoo go inside a clock; Binoo and Toopy climb into a coloring book; Toopy gets trapped in a block tower. read more

Puppet Show, Space House, Bubbles, Toopy Goes Bananas, Duckling

Toopy helps improve Binoo's puppet show; Toopy and Binoo search for the perfect planet; Toopy looks for Binoo in the Land of Bubbles; Binoo wants a banana; Toopy becomes every creature he sees. read more

Gopherville, Nose, Soapy, Genie, Smooch

Binoo plays hide and seek; Toopy and Binoo enter a board game; Toopy and Binoo go on an underwater adventure; Toopy becomes a genie and grants three wishes for Binoo; Toopy wants to kiss a frog. read more

Sparkle Binoo, Toopy's Surprise, Sky Friends, Binoo's Birthday, Binoo's Island

Binoo makes Toopy a Valentine; Binoo prepares a surprise for Toopy; Toopy and Binoo play in the clouds; Toopy plans a surprise party; Binoo gets his own island. read more

Eggheads, Bistro, Magic Mirror, Abracadabra, Bed

Toopy and Binoo find out what it's like to be birds; Toopy feeds Binoo a feast of invisible food; Toopy meets a bunch of other Toopies; Toopy's magic tricks go awry; Toopy takes Binoo on a search for a new bed. read more

Ant Mimi/ Rockin Toopy/ Snowglobe/ Great Goo Goo/ Storm in a Bottle

Toopy follows his pet ant; Binoo picks out a rhythm on his toy piano; Toppy and Binoo search for underwater treasure; Toopy and Binoo prepare tea for a special guest; Binoo catches a storm cloud in a bottle. read more

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Premise: Animated tales of a cat and mouse who embark on imaginary adventures.


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