A cartoonist who's an overprotective dad rents an apartment to his two daughters in this popular farce, which ran on ABC until 1983, and then in first-run syndication until star Ted Knight's death in 1986. Based on the British series `Keep It in the Family,' the show was retitled `The Ted Knight Show' near the end of its syndicated run.

Guest Stars

Selma Diamond
Mildred, Mildred Rafkin, Miss Rafkin
Ray Middleton
Grandpa, Grandpa Rush, Henry's Dad, Henry's Father
Julie Adams
Muriel's Best Friend, Sylvia
Bill Dana
Derelict, Family Friend
Dave Cameron
Customer, Delivery Man
Dick Gautier
Muriel's Musician Friend
Leah Ayres
Mrs. Stinson's Niece
Mel Blanc
Voice of Baby Andrew
Joe Cali
Baseball Player