Get a Booty Call Alarm
Season 1 Episode 6 Exclusive: Kat and Karena lend their voices for an iPhone app.
Fitness Tips: The Ultimate Hangover Cures
Season 1 Exclusive: Learn the secrets to keeping a hangover at bay.
What’s Bukkake?
Season 1 Episode 4 Exclusive: The girls get some misinformation on how to say 'cat' in Hawaiian...
It's Crunch Time, Literally
Season 1 Episode 7 Preview: Kat and Karena learn that they got an Oakley campaign but must get in shape in order to look good.
Fitness Tips: Healthy-er Cocktails
Season 1 Exclusive: Learn how to get your drink on without packing on the pounds.
Karena Goes Apartment Hunting
Season 1 Episode 7 Preview: Kat helps Karena find a great apartment but Karena makes it clear that she does not want to move.
"Socially, a Gentleman Should Pull Out"
Season 1 Episode 2 Preview: Kat and Karena work on their business etiquette.
"We've Already Found a Place to Live in"
Season 1 Episode 8 Preview: Kat tells Karena that she and Brian are moving out.
Working on Business and Tans
Season 1 Episode 2 Preview: Kat and Karena love having their board meetings at the beach to kill two birds with one stone. But they don't kill birds.
Karena’s Troubled Past
Season 1 Episode 6 Preview: Karena Dawn confronts her history of addiction.
"What's Jicama?"
Season 1 Episode 1 Exclusive: Kat and Karena are confused as to what they are eating.
A Heartbreaking Fight
Season 1 Episode 7 Show Highlight: The girls get into an emotional argument over who has to move out.
Fitness Tips: What to Keep in a Gym Bag
Season 1 Exclusive: Learn what you should have on hand for every workout.
Skinny Dipping with Karena and Katrina
Season 1 Episode 1 Show Highlight: The girls show you some of their favorite workout moves.
Who’s Had a Threesome?
Season 1 Episode 8 Show Highlight: The ladies reveal some shocking secrets during a game of Never Have I Ever.
Needing a Bigger Office
Season 1 Episode 3 Preview: Kat and Karena plan their shoot in Hawaii but it's hard when it's at their home.
"Those Girl Ones Will Fit You Fine"
Season 1 Episode 5 Show Highlight: Kat and Karena learn there are no shirts for guys so Brian demonstrates how a the girls' t-shirts will fit on men.
Financial Planning Fail
Season 1 Episode 5 Show Highlight: The girls have a lot to learn about the business side of Tone It Up...
Like an Old Married Couple
Season 1 Episode 1 Preview: Though Kat is engaged, she and Karena spend more time together than actual married couples.
Lost on the Road to Hana
Season 1 Episode 4 Preview: The team needs to race against the clock but they get lost on their way.
Fitness Tips: What to Keep in the Fridge
Season 1 Exclusive: Learn which foods will keep you trim and why.
Chuck, Chock, Chop?
Season 1 Episode 2 Exclusive: Kat and Karena tries to make a video explaining the benefits of the grapefruit.
A Girls Night Out
Season 1 Episode 4 Preview: Kat scans the room to scope out guys for Karena.
Fitness Tips: The Top 3 Fitness Myths
Season 1 Exclusive: The girls debunk some common misconceptions.
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