Vanishing Duck
07:07 — George gives Joan a baby duck for her birthday. While they are out celebrating, Tom goes after the duck but his plans are thwarted when the duck (and, (more…)
The Night Before Christmas
08:41 — It is Christmas Eve and Tom gets to know the spirit of giving after he tosses Jerry outside in the cold when he catches him trying to get to a present (more…)
Little School Mouse
07:10 — Jerry teaches Nibbles how to outwit a cat.
Touché, Pussycat
06:42 — Jerry must train a young mouse to earn the title of mouseketeer despite the efforts of Tom to stop it.
Little Quacker
07:07 — Tom steals an egg from a mother's nest, cracks it over a frying pan and then discovers he can have roast duck. But the uncooperative hatchling runs aw (more…)
Heavenly Puss
07:49 — Tom needs Jerry to sign a paper as an apology to get into heaven after he gets squished by a piano or he will go to hell.
The Captain's Christmas
07:53 — As a surprise to the kids, The Captain is going to dress up as Santa Claus but the pirate villain, John, takes his place.
Two Little Indians
06:45 — The Bide-a-wee Mouse Home sends two orphans over for a hike with Scoutmaster Jerry. Trouble is, the orphans, dressed as Indians, want to shoot arrows (more…)
Southbound Duckling
06:16 — Jerry's little duckling friend has packed his bag and is all set to fly south for the winter despite the book Jerry keeps showing him that points out (more…)
The Egg and Jerry
07:40 — A baby woodpecker mistakes Jerry for his mother. The mouse rejects the newly hatched bird but soon finds himself protecting it against his feline neme (more…)
Robin Hoodwinked
06:23 — Tom Cat guards Robin Hood's prison cell; Jerry Mouse and his diaper-wearing friend intend to be Robin's rescuers.
That's My Mommy
06:06 — When a duck hatches from the egg underneath Tom, he is convinced he is his mother. Tom thinks that he would like to eat the newborn duck, but Jerry sh (more…)
The Two Mouseketeers
07:23 — Given the responsibilities, by the tyrannical King, of guarding the grand banquet table, Tom is confronted by the sudden appearance of Jerry and Tuffy (more…)
Hatch Up Your Troubles
07:41 — When an egg finds its way into Jerry's bed and hatches there, the little mouse finds himself playing "mama" to a baby woodpecker who proceeds to destr (more…)
Feedin' the Kiddie
07:12 — Jerry and Tuffy lead a quest to the dinner. So, Tom, Jerry and Tuffy had a fight over thanksgiving. In the end, Tom, Jerry and Tuffy agree to eat the (more…)
Happy Go Ducky
06:12 — The Easter bunny brings an egg for Tom and Jerry that hatches into the little duckling. He keeps getting into water he shouldn't: the aquarium, water (more…)
Just Ducky
06:50 — Jerry Mouse befriends a newly hatched duck who can't swim and ends up protecting him against his feline nemesis, Tom.
Tom and Chérie
06:40 — Jerry needs a young mousketeer to be an errand boy to get to his love but Tom stands in his way.
One Ham's Family
07:38 — A hungry wolf with ham in the shape of a pig kid stands in for Santa Claus.
The Bodyguard
07:22 — Jerry uses a whistle given to him by a grateful bulldog to stop Tom from chasing him.
Mouse In Manhattan
08:11 — Jerry decides to move out of the country, and into New York City. He writes a note for Tom, telling him about his departure. He arrives in the city to (more…)
Baby Butch
07:07 — Butch dresses as a baby and leaves himself on the doorstep as a means of gaining entry to the refrigerator but Jerry teams up with Tom to foil his pla (more…)
Truce Hurts
07:54 — Tom, Jerry, and Spike sign a truce but things change quickly when a big steak is dropped by their house.
Pet Peeve
06:25 — Tom and Spike compete to catch Jerry so they can stay instead of getting kicked out by their owners.
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