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(Sub) Tokyo ESP Girl Season 1, Episode 12 Sep 25, 2014 Subscription

The great battle is reaching its climax as everyone hurries to save the parliament from imminent doom. However, the Professor's true target is elsewhere and may change Tokyo's future completely. Rinka must fight to protect everything dear to her!

(Sub) Tokyo Girls War Season 1, Episode 11 Sep 18, 2014 Subscription

Mass chaos ensues as the Professor takes over the parliament building. Though Rinka has lost her ESP powers, she still pushes forward to protect the people she treasures. Slowly, but surely, the White Girl and her crew gather for the ultimate battle!

(Sub) In Bitter Lament… Season 1, Episode 10 Sep 11, 2014 Subscription

Rinka wanders the town, lost and broken. At the same time, Kyotaro desperately tries to get back to Tokyo and confirm Rinka's safety. Minami tells Kyotaro what really happened to her mother and his parents.

(Sub) Attack, ESP Girls Season 1, Episode 9 Sep 4, 2014 Subscription

With school back in session and Azuma-san back at her side, Rinka feels a momentary happiness. However, the Professor has other plans for them. Namely, a public execution of Rinka and Azuma, to crush any possible hope mankind may have imagined.