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DG does just that, right over a cliff into a swirling storm, face first in a debris-strewn land of double suns. Enlisting the help of three new friends--the zipper-headed half-brain Glitch (Alan Cumming, X-Men 2), a cop named Cain (Neal McDonough, Minority Report), and the gentle manimal Raw (Raoul Trujillo, Apocalypto)--DG embarks on a journey of deliverance along a crumbling yellow road.

Tin Man Episode 2

Dec 03, 2007 Season 1 Episode 2

But Azkadellia's prescient servant, Lylo, warns his mistress of a vile presence that embodies goodness, an alarming glimmer of light and hope that could be her undoing.
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Tin Man Episode 1 [HD]

Dec 02, 2007 Season 1 Episode 1

The once-beautiful "Outer Zone" has been zapped into a frigid and decaying wasteland. Here, in the O.Z., one of its subjects, known only as Lavender Eyes, has been imprisoned.
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