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May 03, 2010 Season 5 Episode 10 watch on (Paid)

Gather the family! Make some pop pop! Koi is back in town. A very special 22-minute Christmas episode! (Guest starring: Fred Armisen, John C Reilly, Paul Rudd, Ben Stiller)


Apr 13, 2009 Season 4 Episode 10

Tim and Eric engage in a high stakes game of tennis, while Richard Dunn presides. Meanwhile, Glen Tennis sits down with Grum to discuss the release of their latest film. (Fred Armisen, AD Miles, Bob Odenkirk)
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Mar 30, 2009 Season 4 Episode 8

Tim finally graduates from barber school and celebrates over an Italian supper with friends. JJ Pepper releases his latest music video. (Will Forte, Josh Groban, Larry Miller, Bob Odenkirk, Scott Thompson, David Wain)
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Mar 16, 2009 Season 4 Episode 6

Eric's chance encounter with Q gives birth to timanderic.com http://timanderic.com/ . Dr. Steve Brule reads Jan's emotions. A Job interview without a beard? Think again, pal. (John C Reilly, Bob Odenkirk)
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Mar 09, 2009 Season 4 Episode 5

The network forces Tim and Eric to hire The Room director Tommy Wiseau to direct a sketch. Coincidentally, two businessmen/friends look for a bite to eat in Denver. (Tommy Wiseau, Fred Willard)
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Road Trip

Mar 02, 2009 Season 4 Episode 4

Tim and Eric embark on a road trip. James Quall goes Back to Squall. (Jonah Hill, John C Reilly, Peter Stormare)
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Feb 23, 2009 Season 4 Episode 3

Tim and Eric examine and discuss the mysteries of the universe. Pierre launches a PSA about food poisoning. The Zillions crew is back with a very special episode of Celebrity Zillions. (John C Reilly)
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Feb 16, 2009 Season 4 Episode 2

When Eric's 3-T Scrot starts acting up, Tim is forced to investigate. Whoopsie Daisy! (Frank Stallone)
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Feb 09, 2009 Season 4 Episode 1

When a blizzard snows in Tim and Eric, they reminisce over hot chocolate and urine with David Liebe Hart and Richard Dunn. They quickly realize the only way to cure the blues is a man party. Brought to you by Napples and D-Pants. (Zach Galifianakis, Alan Thicke)
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