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'Til Death Season 4 episodes

Cold Case Season 4, Episode 37

Series finale: Joy suspects that Eddie is hiding something when he tells Kenny she's in the car when he puts Kenny on speakerphone. Eddie wasn't, but he decides to make up a small sin to get her off his back. Not surprisingly, this strategy fails. read more

Coupon Bob Season 4, Episode 36

After Eddie forgets Joy's birthday (again), he decides to recoup by buying her a designer handbag that she has been admiring. And as it happens, Kenny knows a guy downtown who might have one to sell "for a very reasonable price." read more

The Joy of Learning Season 4, Episode 35

When Joy goes back to college to finish her degree, Eddie isn't satisfied with her grades. read more

The Baby Season 4, Episode 34

Eddie's book is finally published, but Ally goes into labor on the day of his book signing. As friends and family await the blessed event, Eddie gives Doug fatherhood tips while Ally apologizes to Joy for the pain she has caused her. read more

Let's Go Season 4, Episode 33

When Whitey (Martin Mull) throws a surprise party for his grouchy uncle (M. Emmet Walsh), the guests are surprised at how much junk is in his house. But first, an impatient Eddie must prod Joy, Doug and Ally, who are in no hurry to get to the party. read more

Baby Steps Season 4, Episode 32

Ally's baby shower is nearing and Joy's becoming obsessed with it, but Mr. White can't come up with a gift idea. Meanwhile, Dr. Bialik invites old friends (Mayim Bialik's "Blossom" cast mates Jenna Von Oy and Michael Stoyanov) to Doug's therapy session. read more

Work Wife Season 4, Episode 31

Joy gets fired from her job at Eddie's school, then is hired by their friend Stephen (Kevin Nealon) to be his executive assistant. Bad move. read more

Brother's Keeper Season 4, Episode 30

Eddie's gay brother (Richard Kind) visits with his new boyfriend (Bill Fagerbakke), a football fan who immediately hits it off with Eddie. read more

Big Man, Little Man Season 4, Episode 29

Eddie discovers that he's smaller than a guy named Tommy (Gilbert Gottfried) in one area, so it's up to Joy to tell him that size doesn't matter. Meanwhile, Ally's sonogram reveals that her baby doesn't resemble Eddie in any way. read more

Smart Phone Season 4, Episode 28

Eddie's technophobia turns to technophilia following a technology tutorial from Mr. White (Martin Mull). read more

Ally's Pregnant Season 4, Episode 27

When Ally announces that she's pregnant, Joy does not take the news of her impending grandmotherhood well, forcing Eddie to call her mother (Lainie Kazan) for help. Doctor: Dom Irrera. read more

Family Vacation Season 4, Episode 26

Eddie and Joy make a negative impression on a newlywed couple while on vacation, and Joy goes to great lengths to correct it. Meanwhile, Kenny and Doug begin to spend time together, making Allison jealous. read more

Sell the House Season 4, Episode 25

Eddie and Joy want to move to a smaller house, but there's one problem (two, actually): Doug and Ally aren't ready to strike out on their own. And then Whitey (Martin Mull) moves in after Duffy (Kathleen Rose Perkins) dumps him. read more

Dog Fight Season 4, Episode 24

Joy and Eddie want spicier sex, so they try role playing. Meanwhile, Kenny (J.B. Smoove) searches for lost dogs to collect reward money. read more

Joy's Mom Season 4, Episode 23

Joy's visiting mother (Lainie Kazan) won't stop criticizing her. Meanwhile, a publisher wants to turn Eddie's manuscript into a picture book for children. Miles Tunnicliff: Richard Lewis. Mr. White: Martin Mull. read more

Ally Abroad Season 4, Episode 22

When Allison (Laura Clery) and her boyfriend Doug (Timm Sharp) decide to get married, Eddie and Joy are determined to break them up. read more

The Wedding Season 4, Episode 21

Ally and Doug are getting married in the morning, and everyone is nervous about what the day will bring. So everyone dreams up a different wedding-day disaster. read more

The New Neighbors Season 4, Episode 20

Eddie and Joy meet their new neighbors: Tommy Campbell (Gilbert Gottfried) and his much younger wife, April (Sasha Jackson), and Eddie is nonplussed by their age disparity. And when the Starks hold a yard sale, the Campbells want to buy everything. read more

Merit Pay Season 4, Episode 19

Eddie wants a raise so he and Joy can go on vacation, but persuading Principal Duffy to give him one won't be easy. Meanwhile, Doug thinks that he's a sitcom character. Mr. White: Martin Mull. Dr. Bialick: Mayim Bialik. read more

The Concert Season 4, Episode 18

Eddie befriends a new teacher (Martin Mull), and finds that they have much in common. But Principal Duffy (Kathleen Rose Perkins) has her own plans for them. Meanwhile, Eddie and Joy reminisce about the music they loved in the 1980s. read more

Check Mate Season 4, Episode 17

The Starks decide to stick Simona and Stephen with a restaurant tab, and a dining war between the couples breaks out. Meanwhile, Joy makes Eddie's life miserable at work. read more

Can't Elope Season 4, Episode 16

When Joy goes overboard planning Ally and Doug's wedding, Eddie convinces them to elope, and Kenny agrees to marry them on top of Eagle Rock. But Eddie and Joy will both have changes of heart. read more

The Check-Up Season 4, Episode 15

When Eddie visits Simona (Susan Yeagley) for a checkup, he catches a nasty head cold---just before his big interview with a survivor of the 1937 Hindenburg disaster. Meanwhile, Simona won't pay Joy a compliment, and Joy can't understand why. read more

The Perfect Couple Season 4, Episode 14

Over Eddie's objections, Joy invites a couple (Kevin Nealon, Susan Yeagley) she barely knows to dinner, and they immediately click with Eddie while ignoring Joy. Meanwhile, Kenny begins a job as a free-sample guy at the supermarket and finds that he has invaded another free-sample guy's turf. read more

The Break-Up Season 4, Episode 13

Eddie and Joy play peacemaker when their friends Simona and Stephen (Susan Yeagley and Kevin Nealon) break up after a fight. Meanwhile, when Doug comes down with a curious illness, Allie sends him to a psychiatrist (Mayim Bialik). read more

Snore Loser Season 4, Episode 12

Eddie's snoring doesn't bother Joy, but Kenny, wide awake in the next room, is furious. So Eddie goes to a sleep clinic. Meanwhile, Joy's sued by an elderly couple who were booked on a cruise for high-school seniors by her incompetent underling. read more

Independent Action Season 4, Episode 11

Eddie goes to a ball game without Joy and both realize that they can lead separate lives, but they discover that strings are attached. Meanwhile, Ally and Doug hug a tree---and cause a tree blight in the neighborhood. read more

The Not-So-Perfect Couple Season 4, Episode 10

After a physician friend (Susan Yeagley) sees Eddie as a patient, he can't stop talking about how wonderful she is. He also follows her advice to take better care of himself---advice he hadn't taken when Joy gave it. Not surprisingly, Joy isn't happy. Stephen: Kevin Nealon. read more

Hi Def TV Season 4, Episode 9

Despite stark financial woes, Eddie buys a high-definition TV and Joy is upset about it---at first. Meanwhile, Doug begins to suspect that he's living in the middle of a TV sitcom. read more

Joy's Out of Work Season 4, Episode 8

Joy loses her job at the travel agency, and uses the assets she has available to her to land a new job. Meanwhile, Eddie takes Doug to his favorite restaurant. read more

The Buffer Season 4, Episode 7

Kenny moves in with Eddie and Joy after his ex (Kym Whitley) kicks him out. This prompts Joy to play matchmaker to get the couple back together. Steve: Kevin Farley. read more

The Ex-Factor Season 4, Episode 6

Joy makes friends with an ex-girlfriend of Eddie's (Julie Claire), and it turns out that she isn't over him. Curiously, Joy doesn't mind at all. Meanwhile, Kenny's dating a woman with three kids, but he's seeing the kids more than he's seeing her. read more

No Complaints Season 4, Episode 4

Eddie gives himself a positive attitude for Christmas after meeting a cheerful disabled man. Then he gets sick. Meanwhile, Kenny (J.B. Smoove) gets a job as a shopping-mall Santa, and he pleases kids more than their parents. read more

Eddie's Book Season 4, Episode 3

Doug's father (Barry Bostwick) gives Doug and Ally a great deal of money. Meanwhile, Eddie decides to write a book about the Hindenburg airship disaster of 1937. Miles Tunnicliff: Richard Lewis. Clarence Clemons has a cameo as himself. read more

Separate Beds Season 4, Episode 2

Joy and Eddie opt for separate beds after years of putting up with each other's annoying sleep habits. Meanwhile, the new principal at Eddie's school (Kathleen Rose Perkins) is an old student of his with a new agenda. read more

Doug and Ally Return Season 4, Episode 1

Season 4 premiere: Ally (Lindsey Broad) returns from Ecuador with Doug (Timm Sharp), only now they're married (by a shaman). This development doesn't please Joy and Eddie. Nor does Ally and Doug's plan to live in their RV in the backyard, on the spot where Eddie was planning to build a hot tub. read more

The Courtship of Eddie's Parents Season 4, Episode 5

Eddie and Joy visit his parents (Valerie Harper, Jerry Adler) in Florida for Thanksgiving, and discover that they're getting a divorce. Meanwhile, Kenny's flying to Las Vegas for the holiday, but runs into turbulence before he leaves the Philly airport. read more

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Premise: Marital blitz, played for laughs by two middle-aged wedded warriors.



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