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'Til Death Season 1 episodes

Summer of Love Season 1, Episode 22

Summer vacation has just begun for Eddie and Jeff, and Allison comes home from college with her boyfriend, Doug (Timm Sharp). Eddie hates summer, until Doug teaches him how to relax. But Steph, who doesn't have a job, can't teach Jeff how to relax. And poor, resentful Joy has to go to work. read more

Webby's Not Happy Season 1, Episode 21

Over Eddie's objections, Joy sets up his swinging bachelor buddy Webby (Ted McGinley) with a work friend (Trisha Leigh Fisher). And to Eddie's astonishment, Webby falls for her. Meanwhile, Jeff and Steph are trading insults because he hates her new blouse and she doesn't think much of his skimpy new mustache. read more

That's Ridiculous Season 1, Episode 20

Joy accompanies Allison on her spring break in Florida, leaving Eddie alone in the house and looking forward to spending quality time with the TV set. Then a storm knocks out the cable, and Eddie can't figure out what to do. Down South, meanwhile, a cute guy (Brian Patrick Wade) flirts with Joy at the beach. Cofeld: Anthony Anderson. read more

The Coffeemaker Season 1, Episode 19

Eddie and Joy swap household chores when Eddie tires of Joy's refusal to use their cappuccino maker, which was given to them by Steph---without telling Jeff, whose mother had given it to them for their wedding. read more

I Heart Woodcocks Season 1, Episode 18

Jeff and Steph become friendly with Cofeld and Nicole (Anthony Anderson, Margaret Cho), and shut out Joy and Eddie, who are relieved to be rid of their annoying neighbors---at first. read more

Clay Date Season 1, Episode 17

Eddie and Joy visit Allison (Krysten Ritter) at college, where she tells them she plans to skip a semester and join a pottery collective. Meanwhile, Jeff hires someone to lay bathroom tiles because he's tired of Steph's complaints about the quality of his work around the house. read more

The Italian Affair Season 1, Episode 16

An old photo forces Eddie to confront a very painful memory from a trip he and Joy took to Italy before they were married, a recollection they have repressed ever since. And Jeff is jealous when he learns about nude photos of Steph, taken before they met. read more

The Bachelor Party Season 1, Episode 15

Eddie and his friends throw Jeff a belated bachelor party at a strip club, accompanied by Cofeld's wife, Nicole (Margaret Cho). Back at home, an ailing Joy and a fuming Steph drink tea. They have more fun than the boys do (except for Jeff, that is). Cofeld: Anthony Anderson. read more

The Colleague Season 1, Episode 14

A new female history teacher (Brooke Bloom) seeks out Eddie's advice, but he's reluctant to give it---he doesn't want Joy to think he's interested in her. Joy's reactions will surprise him. Meanwhile, Jeff uses Steph to ingratiate himself with the school's “cool kids.” read more

Fight Friend Season 1, Episode 13

Eddie and Joy are sparring again (this time over a new refrigerator and a marriage seminar), so she turns to her “fight friend,” Nicole (Margaret Cho), for support while Eddie turns to Cofeld (Anthony Anderson), who happens to be married to Nicole. Meanwhile, Jeff is annoyed because Steph is spending so much of his (or is it their?) hard-earned money. read more

The Hockey Lie Season 1, Episode 12

When Steph confesses to Jeff, a confirmed hockey fanatic, that she hates the sport, he feels as though the basis for their relationship has crumbled. Eddie quickly disabuses him of the notion, but then fears that he and Joy are becoming too much alike. Barbara: Jessica Lundy. read more

The Anniversary Party Season 1, Episode 11

Eddie and Joy attend a lavish 25th-anniversary party thrown by his garage-band buddy Stan (Jerry Lambert). Not surprisingly, it becomes a disaster for Eddie, whose bad times begin rolling when Joy asks him to check her wrap in the hotel's cloakroom. And things don't go much better for Jeff, who can't stand to dance. Steph loves to, of course, and she's very aggressive about it. Cofeld: Anthony Anderson. Russ: Will Sasso. read more

Daddy's Girl Season 1, Episode 10

Eddie and Joy's daughter, Allison (Krysten Ritter), comes home from college for the holidays. She's negative and sarcastic---just like Eddie. But when her boyfriend dumps her because of it, she makes a New Year's resolution to lighten up. And so does Eddie. read more

The Toaster Season 1, Episode 9

Eddie and Joy disagree over whether a plugged-in toaster uses electricity even when it's not in use, and Eddie can't stand it when he's proven wrong. Meanwhile, Jeff is planning a surprise birthday party for Steph. read more

Death Sex Season 1, Episode 8

Eddie hurts his back then assumes he's dying when the MRI technician refuses to tell him the results. The assumption enriches his relationship with Joy, sexually and otherwise. And the report of Eddie's imminent demise reawakens Steph's all-consuming (and very annoying to Jeff) grief for her cat, Mr. Pajamas, who died several months before at the age of 21. read more

Dream Getaway Season 1, Episode 7

During a getaway weekend at a Poconos resort, Steph has an erotic dream about Eddie. This devastates Jeff but makes Eddie feel like “one hot piece of man meat.” So he acts the part. read more

Your Mother or Your Wife Season 1, Episode 6

When Jeff's mother (Miriam Flynn) visits, Eddie manages to drive a wedge between her and Steph, and Jeff must choose: his mother or his wife. read more

The Garage Band Season 1, Episode 5

When Jeff tells Eddie that he needs to spend time away from Steph, Eddie tells him about his garage “band,” which never actually plays anything. It's just an excuse for Eddie and three of his friends to get away from their wives. Jeff decides to join. Cofeld: Anthony Anderson. Stan: Jerry Lambert. Russ: Will Sasso. read more

The Wood Pile Season 1, Episode 4

After Joy trips over Eddie's pile of unused wood in the garage, she gives him a “wood ultimatum”: build something or the wood gets tossed. Trouble is, Eddie's not exactly the craftsman he fancies himself to be. Greg: Johann Urb. read more

September 21, 2006: Awkward Hole in My Pajamas Season 1, Episode 3

There was a comment left on last week's blog that it should be a requirement to be married to review this show. Well hey, I'm engaged so that will have to count for now. I can certainly relate to a diamond ring in the middle of a cantaloupe, though. I mean, I shoved it deep inside a watermelon when I proposed and that worked out well. OK, I'm just kidding about that ? it was actually a pineapple. Seriously though, most of you seem to think this show is crap. For some reason I think it's getting funnier. Maybe I'm demented (and maybe so are the four of you who said you liked it last week, too), but I think the five of us are right. This is really a quality comedy if you like lowbrow put-downs for 30 minutes. How about Eddie throwing the engagement ring at Joy? When she complains about the ring hitting her in the boob he compares it to "pitching softball to a slow kid." Ha. The way he proposed the first time around was better, though ? straight out of Top Gun when he asked her to "rid... read more

September 14, 2006: Furniture Hooker Season 1, Episode 2

After the premiere last week, one of the first comments I got was that we should be expecting more than just sex jokes from our shows. I think we are clearly getting the picture that 'Til Death will not be that show. I really hope this isn't the way the future goes. I'm not married yet, but the scenarios in this show somehow actually seem plausible to me. The newlywed Steph likes to buy furniture sight unseen, and, in return for Jeff's turning a blind eye to his girly house, he gets sex. Who's going to argue with sex, right? But then there's Joy, who learns of this technique and tries it on Eddie, who must research everything before buying, and he actually turns the sex down. Who's going to argue with manly patio furniture, right? OK, so maybe this isn't so plausible after all. Joy's actually offering Eddie "daytime sex" was funny. How many ways can Eddie put down his wife here? "You realize it's light out; I'll be able to see you," he says. Or after really giving it some thought, g... read more

Pilot Episode Season 1, Episode 1

Jeff and Steph Woodcock move in next door to Eddie and Joy Stark, and, almost immediately, Eddie precipitates Jeff and Steph's first fight---about a pool table. Of course, the argument boomerangs back to the Starks. read more

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Premise: Marital blitz, played for laughs by two middle-aged wedded warriors.



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