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Sat May 7 1:30pm
T.I. and Tiny: The Family Hustle(Season 1, Episode 9) VH1

Tameka considers having another baby. When she shares the news, she's met with most interesting and surprising reactions from her family.

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Sat May 7 2:00pm
T.I. and Tiny: The Family Hustle(Season 2, Episode 11) VH1

T.I. tries to sharpen business skills in the children. Before long, one kid proves to be proficient in the art of hustling.

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Sat May 7 2:30pm
T.I. and Tiny: The Family Hustle(Season 2, Episode 12) VH1

Tiny and Niq Niq square off in a dance battle. Elsewhere, T.I. takes the children to a skate park in a bid to teach Domani to overcome his fears.

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Sat May 7 3:00pm
T.I. and Tiny: The Family Hustle(Season 2, Episode 15) VH1

Domani lands his first paid gig. Elsewhere, Tameka takes the children horseback riding.

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Sat May 7 3:30pm
It Takes Two to Hustle(Season 2, Episode 16) VH1

T.I. promotes his new album and throws a big bash. Meanwhile, Tameka and her son focus on creating a pajama line, but they have creative differences.

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Sat May 7 4:00pm
A Major Move(Season 3, Episode 2) VH1

Major gets his own bed; King struggles when comparing his life to the allure of his father's life.

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Sat May 7 4:30pm
King Chaos(Season 3, Episode 3) VH1

Tameka challenges Shekinah to take care of the Harris children for a day. This gives T.I. and Tameka the opportunity to bask in quality social time together.

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Sat May 7 5:00pm
Kindred Spirits(Season 4, Episode 5) VH1

Russell Simmons arrives at the Harris home and enlists Domani to write a song for his new video game. Meanwhile, Tameka shares life advice to her daughter.

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Sat May 7 5:30pm
Make a Wish(Season 4, Episode 8) VH1

Tameka exposes King and Major to various job options after they list what they want to be when they grow up. Meanwhile, T.I. helps to fulfill a Make-a-Wish recipient's dreams.

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Sat May 7 6:00pm
Moving Out(Season 5, Episode 2) VH1

Niq Niq wants to move out, but Tiny wants to make sure she's ready; and Messiah must past T.I.'s unorthodox tests before applying for a driver's permit.

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Sat May 7 6:30pm
Superhero(Season 5, Episode 7) VH1

T.I. is excited about his role in the "Ant-Man" movie, but King and Major aren't; and Tiny sets out to nix Niq Niq's baby fever.

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Sun May 8 5:30am
Home Alone(Season 4, Episode 16) VH1

T.I. investigates when Precious claims the boys have been running rampant in the house.

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Sun May 8 6:00am
Prank Wars(Season 4, Episode 17) VH1

T.I. educates Major in the art of pranking. Meanwhile, Tameka takes Niq Niq and Deyjah out for a day of adventure, but Tameka may have hidden motives for doing so.

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Sun May 8 6:30am
Chef T.I.(Season 4, Episode 18) VH1

Tameka and Major go out on a pretend date so he can learn how to be a gentleman. Elsewhere, T.I. thinks he should have his own cooking show.

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Mon May 9 4:00am
Domani the Comedian(Season 4, Episode 19) VH1

T.I. enlists one of his famous friends to teach Domani the art of comedy. Meanwhile, Tameka throws a mother-daughter pageant.

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Mon May 9 4:30am
Athletic-Off(Season 4, Episode 14) VH1

Tameka and Shekinah compete in a succession of athletic events to determine which of them is the superior athlete. Meanwhile, T.I. and his sons visit a science lab.

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Mon May 9 5:00am
Major's First Dance(Season 4, Episode 10) VH1

Major tries to overcome his fears when he attends his first dance. Here, he must ask a girl out on a date, learn to dance and purchase a suit and corsage.

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Mon May 9 5:30am
Gravi-Ti(Season 4, Episode 3) VH1

The children attend a space camp to learn about teamwork.

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Tue May 10 6:30pm
T.I. and Tiny: The Family Hustle(Season 2, Episode 8) VH1

T.I. tries to instill a tougher edge in his children by taking them to a boxing gym.

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Fri May 13 5:00am
Family Pet(Season 2, Episode 9) VH1

The children hope to get a dog, so T.I. tests them to determine if they're responsible enough to own one.

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Fri May 13 5:30am
T.I. and Tiny: The Family Hustle(Season 2, Episode 14) VH1

Tiny tapes a talk-show pilot, but she worries about Shekinah's unprofessional behavior. As a result, Tiny suggests that Shekinah visit an etiquette coach.

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Mon May 16 2:00pm
The Contract(Season 4, Episode 4) VH1

The children are tested to see if they are responsible enough to receive something they've wanted for years.

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Mon May 16 2:30pm
Harris Family Lemonade(Season 4, Episode 11) VH1

A new family business venture centers on lemonade.

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Mon May 16 3:00pm
Country Day(Season 4, Episode 15) VH1

Tameka travels to the country with Shekinah, only to discover that country life is more difficult than it appears. Meanwhile, Messiah gets into a tight spot and reaches out to T.I. for help.

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