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Dec 04, 1986 Season 4 Episode 30 watch on (Paid)

The ThunderCats build a Homing Beacon Tower just in time to guide a group of Thundarian refugees back to the planet.


Nov 28, 1986 Season 4 Episode 26

A rare lunar eclipse casts an eerie pale over the new ThunDERa. The eclipse opens a portal where the exiled Shadowmaster contacts the Ancient Spirits of Evil.
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Ma-Mutt's Confusion

Nov 27, 1986 Season 4 Episode 25

Mumm-Ra unveils his latest weapon, the Babylonian Barbarian Boiler, to destroy the ThunderCats. The Boiler emits a beam that rapidly melts anything it touches.
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Cracker's Revenge

Nov 25, 1986 Season 4 Episode 23

Captain Cracker attacks bounty hunter Captain Bragg, who is holding the exiled Luna-Taks prisoner, and frees the Luna-Taks in order to have them help him return Third Earth to a pirate's paradise.
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Helpless Laughter

Nov 24, 1986 Season 4 Episode 22

An astronomical lineup of the five Thundarian moons causes a serious drought on the new ThunDERa. Panthro and Snarf take the ThunderTank to collect the remaining water of Dreary Canal. On the way, they are attacked and the ThunderTank crashes.
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The Heritage

Nov 19, 1986 Season 4 Episode 19

Wilykat and Wilykit discover the Golden Sphere of Setti, an ancient artifact that once belonged to Mumm-Ra. The sphere magnifies his power by four, making him more powerful than the Ancient Spirits of Evil.
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Return to Thundera Part 5

Nov 14, 1986 Season 4 Episode 16

Mumm-Ra realizes he must destroy the new ThunDERa in order to destroy the ThunderCats, so he travels to the Great Beneath and blasts the gyroscope into rapid decay.
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Return to Thundera Part 3

Nov 12, 1986 Season 4 Episode 14

Enraged by his failure to destroy the ThunderCats, Mumm-Ra returns to the Great Beneath as Jaga the Wise.
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Return to Thundera Part 1

Nov 10, 1986 Season 4 Episode 12

With Mumm-Ra banished form Third Earth, the ThunderCats return to their home planet ThunDERa. The Ancient Spirits decide to give Mumm-Ra one last chance to destroy the ThunderCats.
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The Last Day

Nov 07, 1986 Season 4 Episode 11

The Ancient Spirits give Mumm-Ra until sundown to destroy the ThunderCats or be banished from Third Earth forever.
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The Jade Dragon

Nov 05, 1986 Season 4 Episode 9

Mumm-Ra's mentors, the Ancient Spirits of Evil, threaten to relinquish Mumm-Ra's rule over Third Earth if he fails to destroy the ThundarCats.
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The Thunderscope

Nov 04, 1986 Season 4 Episode 8

Snarf discovers an ancient Thundarian artifact, the Thunderscope, amid the wreckage of the ThunderCats' original spaceship. The object has the power to immediately identify any object of Thundarian origin.
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Bracelet of Power

Oct 31, 1986 Season 4 Episode 6

Snarf accidentally discovers the Bracelet of Power has the power to control the ThunderCats. Gradually, he starts to coerce the ThunderCats to do his bidding. Snarf then loses the bracelet to Mumm-Ra.
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Locket of Lies

Oct 30, 1986 Season 4 Episode 5

Mumm-Ra retrieves the ancient Thundarian artifact the Locket of Lies. Mumm-Ra and Ma-Mutt use the artifact to lure the ThunderCats into a concealed pit-trap.
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Return of the ThunderCubs

Oct 28, 1986 Season 4 Episode 3

Growing impatient with Mumm-Ra's repeated failures to destroy the ThunderCats, the Ancients diagram a plan for him to claim the Treasure of ThunDERa.
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Exile Isle

Oct 24, 1986 Season 4 Episode 1

The Luna-Taks kidnap the ThunderKittens. The ThunderCats rescue the ThunderKittens and capture the Luna-Taks in the process. The ThunderCats sentence the Luna-Taks to exile on Exile Island.
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