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Latest Episode: The Book of Omens

Dec 05, 1986 Season 4 Episode 31 watch on (Paid)

The ThunderCats finally open the Book of Omens. The Guardian of the Book explains that the ancient artifacts they have gathered must be presented at four different locations at precisely five clicks before the twenty-fourth hour.

ThunderCubs Part 5

Oct 17, 1986 Season 3 Episode 30

With the Sword of Plundarr, Mumm-Ra is nearly undefeatable. However, Lion-O tricks Mumm-Ra into striking the the Man-Beast statutes, which are the source of Mumm-Ra's evil powers. The pyramid crumbles around Mumm-Ra.
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Day of the Eclipse

Oct 02, 1986 Season 3 Episode 19

Every 100 years, Third Earth experiences a full eclipse, during which Mumm-Ra can cast any spell which will last until the next eclipse. Mumm-Ra casts the Day of Decay spell on the ThunderCats.
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Mumm-Ra Lives Part 5

Sep 19, 1986 Season 3 Episode 10

Mumm-Ra convinces the Luna-Taks to use their slaves a bait to trap the ThunderCats.
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ThunderCats Ho! Part 2

Sep 10, 1986 Season 3 Episode 2

Using his new vehicle, the Thunderclaw, Panthro attacks the Berserkers' ship with the Thunderian prisoners aboard.
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