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Latest Episode: Well of Doubt

Dec 04, 1986 Season 4 Episode 30 watch on (Paid)

The ThunderCats build a Homing Beacon Tower just in time to guide a group of Thundarian refugees back to the planet.

ThunderCats: The Shifter

Apr 13, 2012 Season 2 Episode 31

Vultureman invents the Shifter, a device that can switch personalities and uses it on Panthro's personality and Snarf's body.
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Dec 18, 1985 Season 2 Episode 30

The Feliner is attacked by the RatStar, manned by the Mutants. Jackalman, Monikan, and S-S-Slithe are ejected and saved by Mumm-Rana, a female mirror image of Mumm-Ra, who is a force for good.
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The Trouble with ThunderKittens

Dec 17, 1985 Season 2 Episode 29

To prove themselves worthy of being ThunderCats, the ThunderKittens borrow the other ThunderCats' weapons and practice with them. They are ambushed by Mutants, who take their weapons.
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ThunderCats: Eye of the Beholder

Apr 13, 2012 Season 2 Episode 27

Jackalman ambushes Snark and attempts to steal the Sword of Omens. This gives Panthro the idea to make a duplicate sword as bait for the Mutants.
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The Superpower Potion

Dec 12, 1985 Season 2 Episode 26

Vultureman invents a Super Power Potion which give him magical powers, enabling him to mesmerize and defeat Tygra.
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ThunderCats: The Mountain

Apr 13, 2012 Season 2 Episode 25

Mumm-Ra summons the Mutants and threatens to banish them from Third Earth unless they bring him the Sword of omens.
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Out of Sight

Dec 10, 1985 Season 2 Episode 24

Willa is practicing her long-bow skills when a warning device alerts her to a Mutant attack Willa is captured and the ThunderCats rush to rescue her.
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Dream Master

Dec 09, 1985 Season 2 Episode 23

Mumm-Ra transforms into Mumm-Ra the Dream Master and summons spectral Dream Selves from the sleeping Panthro, Cheetara, Tygra, Wilykat, and Wilykit.
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ThunderCats: The Transfer

Apr 13, 2012 Season 2 Episode 21

A spaceship freighted with a lethal radioactive sphere is on a collision course for Third Earth.
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Secret of the Ice King

Dec 03, 1985 Season 2 Episode 19

A giant Ice King is accidentally released from his glacial prison and attacks the Castle of the Snowmen.
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ThunderCats: Lion-O's Anointment Fourth Day: The Trial of Mi...

Apr 13, 2012 Season 2 Episode 17

Lion-O udergoes the fourth task in his Anointment Trial.
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Mechanical Plague

Nov 27, 1985 Season 2 Episode 15

Panthro invents Holograph-Recorders to film the ThunderCats' experiences on Third Earth for incorporation into a time capsule through which future generations can learn.
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Lion-O's Anointment Third Day: Trial of Cunning

Nov 25, 1985 Season 2 Episode 13

Lion-O undergoes the third installment of his Anointment Trials to prove he is worthy of his inherited title.
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Jackalman's Rebellion

Nov 21, 1985 Season 2 Episode 11

Jackalman steals Vultureman's Flying Machine and attacks Lion-O and Panthro in the ThunderTank.
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Lion-O's Anointment Second Day: The Trial of Speed

Nov 19, 1985 Season 2 Episode 9

Lion-O undergoes his second test in the Anointment Trial which he must pass to remain Lord of the ThunderCats.
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The Micrits

Nov 18, 1985 Season 2 Episode 8

While searching for Thundrillium, Lion-O discovers that there is a tribe of tiny people on Third Earth.
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ThunderCats: Tight Squeeze

Apr 13, 2012 Season 2 Episode 7

Mumm-Ra seals the Sword Chamber which contains all the ThunderCats' weapons inside.
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The Demolisher

Nov 13, 1985 Season 2 Episode 5

The Demolisher is a mercenary who seeks violence for violence's sake and fights without regard for any principals.
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Lion-O's Anointment First Day: Trial of Strength

Nov 12, 1985 Season 2 Episode 4

Lion-O awakes on his birthday to learn that he has come of age and must undergo the Anointment Trials, a ritual every Lord of ThunderCats has had to survive from the beginning of history.
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The Evil Harp of Charr-Nin

Nov 11, 1985 Season 2 Episode 3

The ThunderKittens discover a magical Harp, strum it, and release Charr-Nin, a genie imprisoned inside. Mumm-Ra promises the genie freedom if he'll destroy the ThunderCats.
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Queen of 8 Legs

Nov 07, 1985 Season 2 Episode 1

Disguising himself as a helpless Diamondfly, Mumm-Ra entices Lion-O into the monstrous domain of Spidera, Queen of Eight Legs.
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