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Latest Episode: Is There a Shadow Universe?

Jul 16, 2014 Season 5 Episode 10 watch on (Paid)

It appears we live in a universe filled with light. But scientists are now certain there is far more matter in the dark portions of our universe. Cosmologists agree that dark matter has helped shape our Universe, but now they need to figure out what it is

Beyond the Darkness

Jul 28, 2010 Season 1 Episode 8

What is the universe made of? If you answered stars, planets, gas and dust, you're wrong. Today scientists think there must be five times as much dark matter as regular matter, but they have no idea what it is only that it's not made of atoms we know of.
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What Are We Made of?

Jul 21, 2010 Season 1 Episode 7

Our understanding of the universe and reality has drastically changed over the last 100 years, and it's on the verge of another seismic shift based on LHC findings. What we find could validate theories about how the world works and what we are made of.
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Are We Alone?

Jul 14, 2010 Season 1 Episode 6

Aliens almost certainly do exist. So why haven't we yet met E.T.? We're only just developing instruments powerful enough to scan for them. One leading astronomer believes she may already have heard a hint of their first efforts to communicate.
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How Did We Get Here?

Jul 07, 2010 Season 1 Episode 5

Everywhere we look on Earth, in the most hospitable of environments and in the most extreme, we find life. Yet we have only ever found life on our planet. How did the stuff of stars come together to create life as we know it? What do we mean by 'life'?
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What Happened Before the Beginning?

Jun 30, 2010 Season 1 Episode 4

Cosmologists and astronomers agree: our Universe is 13.7 billion years old. Using cutting-edge technology, scientists are now able to take a snapshot of the Universe a mere heartbeat after its birth. But if the Universe was born, where did it come from?
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Is Time Travel Possible?

Jun 23, 2010 Season 1 Episode 3

Einstein's Theory of Relativity says time travel is possible, if you're going forward in time. But finding a way to travel backwards requires breaking the speed of light. Now strange-but-true phenomena such as quantum nonlocality may make this a reality.
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The Riddle of the Black Holes

Jun 16, 2010 Season 1 Episode 2

They are the most powerful objects in the universe. Astronomers now think there are billions of them, swallowing up planets and stars in violent feeding frenzies, and that reality may take place on a two-dimensional hologram at the edge of the universe.
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Is There a Creator?

Jun 09, 2010 Season 1 Episode 1

Did our Universe come into being by chance or was it created by a God? The latest science shows that the four forces governing our universe are finely tuned, so much so that it has led many to believe that something must have calibrated them.
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