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Tue May 10 12:00pm
Is There a Shadow Universe?(Season 5, Episode 9) SCI

Dark matter in the universe is examined.

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Tue May 10 1:00pm
Why Do We Lie?(Season 6, Episode 6) SCI

Why people lie. Included: the brains of pathological liars; and whether technology makes it easier to be dishonest.

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Tue May 10 2:00pm
Is a Zombie Apocalypse Possible?(Season 5, Episode 6) SCI

A team of neuroscientists investigate whether a zombie apocalypse is possible.

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Tue May 10 3:00pm
How to Collapse a Superpower(Season 5, Episode 4) SCI

The dangers of nations being dependent on digital devices and global interactivity are examined.

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Mon May 16 4:02am
The Riddle of Black Holes(Season 1, Episode 2) SCI

Examining black holes and the havoc they wreak on the cosmos.

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Mon May 16 5:00am
Is There a Sixth Sense?(Season 2, Episode 5) SCI

Global consciousness, thoughts that can fly across space and the plausibility of a sixth sense are discussed.

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