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Jun 13, 1961 Season 1 Episode 37 watch on (Paid)

A cursed painting falls into the hands of a publicity-seeking mystery writer (Natalie Schafer) whose nephew (William Shatner) warns her of its deadly legacy.

Pigeons from Hell

Jun 06, 1961 Season 1 Episode 36

Two young men stranded in Louisiana spend a terrifying night in an abandoned mansion. Widely cited as one of the series’ most famous and chilling episodes.
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Dark Legacy

May 30, 1961 Season 1 Episode 35

A hack magician (Harry Townes) comes into possession of an all-too-real book of magic spells able to summon demonic powers.
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The Prisoner In the Mirror

May 23, 1961 Season 1 Episode 34

The legacy of sorcerer Count Cagliostro comes to horrific life through a painted-over mirror which falls into the hands of a professor (Lloyd Bochner) and his fiancée (Happy Days’ Marion Ross).
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The Terror In Teakwood

May 16, 1961 Season 1 Episode 33

An obsessed concert pianist (Mr. Sardonicus’ Guy Rolfe) plots to perform his deceased rival’s most challenging composition – with the aid of the dead man’s hands. Also starring scream queen Hazel Court.
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Mr. George

May 09, 1961 Season 1 Episode 32

Nasty relatives try to get rid of a young girl to obtain her inheritance…but her “imaginary” protector has other plans.
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A Good Imagination

May 02, 1961 Season 1 Episode 31

A Poe-loving bookworm creatively disposes of his spouse’s unsuspecting lovers but saves his most ingenious plot for his wife.
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Parasite Mansion

Apr 25, 1961 Season 1 Episode 30

Following a car accident, a young woman (Pippa Scott) finds herself in a spooky house whose eccentric inhabitants harbor a horrific secret.
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The Devil’s Ticket

Apr 18, 1961 Season 1 Episode 29

The devil convinces a struggling artist to pawn his soul for fame and fortune with a ticket which can only be redeemed with the painting of another person’s soul.
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Yours Truly, Jack the Ripper

Apr 11, 1961 Season 1 Episode 28

In this adaptation of the classic Robert Bloch short story directed by Hollywood legend Ray Milland, Sir Guy (John Williams) believes that Jack the Ripper has resurfaced seven decades later in modern-day New York City.
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Late Date

Apr 04, 1961 Season 1 Episode 27

Two brothers attempt to pin the murder of an adulterous wife on her lover...with unexpected consequences.
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Papa Benjamin

Mar 21, 1961 Season 1 Episode 26

The voodoo curse of Papa Benjamin wreaks havoc on a composer (John Ireland) who uses a mystical melody in his latest performance.
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Trio for Terror

Mar 14, 1961 Season 1 Episode 25

Three stories in one from Hollywood’s first major female director, Ida Lupino: a warlock killed by his nephew proves more vindictive than planned; a casino robber spends the night with an unusual piece of furniture; and an artist showcases a waxworks rogues’ gallery with a nasty secret.
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The Ordeal of Dr. Cordell

Mar 07, 1961 Season 1 Episode 24

A college medical experiment has dire consequences for a scientist (Robert Vaughn) who has murderous impulses when he hears a ringing bell. Also starring Marlo Thomas.
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Well of Doom

Feb 28, 1961 Season 1 Episode 23

Two wealthy men fall into the clutches of fearsome magician Moloch and his hulking assistant who force them into a night-long game of cat and mouse. Featuring Richard Kiel, best known as Jaws in the James Bond films The Spy Who Loved Me and Moonraker.
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