An anthology series hosted by Boris Karloff that began with typical crime stories, but later delved more successfully into the horror genre. At its best, it was truly eerie and chilling, telling tales from such masters as Robert Bloch, Cornell Woolrich and Richard Matheson. In `Danse Macabre,' Stephen King called this `the best horror series ever put on TV.'

Guest Stars

Audrey Dalton
Meg Wheeler, Nesta, Norine
Paul Newlan
Bernstein, Henshaw, Willetts
Ronald Howard
Gresham, Robert Penrose, Stone
Alan Napier
Bridgewater, Constable
John Carradine
Carta, Longfellow
Sarah Marshall
Frances, Lady Margaret Elspeth
Rip Torn
Duncan Corey
Robert Vaughn
Frank Cordell