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Mon Aug 3 9:00am
A Black Letter Day(Season 4, Episode 13) TVLAND

Janet and Chrissy both read an advice-column letter from a man having an affair with one of his two female roommates. Jack: John Ritter. Janet: Joyce DeWitt. Chrissy: Suzanne Somers. Lana: Ann Wedgeworth.

Mon Aug 3 9:36am
The Reverend Steps Out(Season 4, Episode 14) TVLAND

Chrissy's dad pressures her to move so he can gain a pastorate from a prudish church committee. Suzanne Somers. Jack: John Ritter. Rev. Snow: Peter Mark Richman. Mrs. Claremont: Patricia Barry. Janet: Joyce DeWitt. Larry: Richard Kline. Rick: Ric Carrott.

Mon Aug 3 10:12am
Larry Loves Janet(Season 4, Episode 15) TVLAND

Larry develops a crush on Janet (Joyce DeWitt) because of her soft, domestic manner. John Ritter, Suzanne Somers.

Tue Aug 4 9:00am
Mighty Mouth(Season 4, Episode 16) TVLAND

Jack falls for a girl whose brother is an overprotective teacher. Harvey: Steve Sandor. Shirley: Tori Lysdahl. Janet: Joyce DeWitt. Chrissy: Suzanne Somers.

Tue Aug 4 9:36am
The Love Lesson(Season 4, Episode 17) TVLAND

Spying Jack with a girl and convinced he's straight, Furley evicts him. John Ritter. Bobby: Joanna Kerns. B.J.: Jim Sullivan. Janet: Joyce DeWitt. Chrissy: Suzanne Somers. Larry: Richard Kline.

Tue Aug 4 10:12am
Handcuffed(Season 4, Episode 18) TVLAND

Jack and Chrissy become attached---when a cop leaves his handcuffs in their apartment. John Ritter, Suzanne Somers. Officer Jay: Daniel Trent. Furley: Don Knotts. Janet: Joyce DeWitt. Officer Mike: Alan Manson.

Wed Aug 5 9:00am
And Baby Makes Two(Season 4, Episode 19) TVLAND

Jack and Chrissy think Janet is planning to have a child and is advertising for a father. John Ritter. Roger: Philip Charles MacKenzie. Chrissy: Suzanne Somers. Furley: Don Knotts. First Guy: Robert Quigley.

Wed Aug 5 9:36am
Jack's Bad Boy(Season 4, Episode 20) TVLAND

The girls take in a runaway but Jack soon discovers he's a wolf in sheep's clothing. John Ritter, Joyce DeWitt, Suzanne Somers. Furley: Don Knotts.

Wed Aug 5 10:12am
Lee Ain't Heavy, He's My Brother(Season 4, Episode 21) TVLAND

Jack feels inferior to his brother, who seems to excel in everything. Lee: John Getz. Janet: Joyce DeWitt. Chrissy: Suzanne Somers. Furley: Don Knotts.

Thu Aug 6 9:00am
The Root of All Evil(Season 4, Episode 22) TVLAND

Chrissy's race-track winnings spark a household calamity winding up with the trio in therapy. John Ritter, Suzanne Somers, Joyce DeWitt. Doctor Prescott: Joel Brooks.

Thu Aug 6 9:36am
Secret Admirer(Season 4, Episode 23) TVLAND

Chrissy is prepared to discourage a secret admirer until she meets him. Chrissy: Suzanne Somers. Gilbert: Barry Gordon. Jack: John Ritter. Janet: Joyce DeWitt.

Thu Aug 6 10:12am
The Goodbye Guy(Season 4, Episode 24) TVLAND

Thinking Furley is contemplating suicide, the trio caters to his every whim. Jack: John Ritter. Janet: Joyce DeWitt. Larry: Richard Kline. Chrissy: Suzanne Somers.

Fri Aug 7 9:00am
Jack's Graduation(Season 4, Episode 25) TVLAND

Jack fails his cooking final thanks to a crooked classmate. Joyce DeWitt, Suzanne Somers. Dean Travers: William Pierson. Ben: Steve Vinovich. Furley: Don Knotts. Larry: Richard Kline. Sheila: Lynda Beattie.

Fri Aug 7 9:36am
Upstairs, Downstairs, Downstairs(Season 5, Episode 1) TVLAND

Jack tries to entertain four different women in three different apartments. Doreen: Lee Crawford. Janet: Joyce DeWitt. Denise: Marie Laurin. Chrissy: Suzanne Somers. Larry: Richard Kline. Furley: Don Knotts.

Fri Aug 7 10:12am
...And Justice for Jack(Season 5, Episode 2) TVLAND

Jack's new boss insists on sampling more than his cooking. Jack: John Ritter. Judge Sheffield: Jan Sterling. Janet: Joyce DeWitt. Furley: Don Knotts. Higgins: Steven Anderson.

Mon Aug 10 9:00am
A Hundred Dollars a What?(Season 5, Episode 3) TVLAND

A friend of Chrissy's shows up very successful at the world's oldest profession. Darlene: Elaine Giftos. Chrissy: Suzanne Somers. Gambel: Mickey Deems. Jack: John Ritter. Swackhammer: William Martel. Janet: Joyce DeWitt. Larry: Richard Kline.

Mon Aug 10 9:36am
Downhill Chaser(Season 5, Episode 4) TVLAND

To impress a girlfriend who's a skiing fanatic, Jack claims great skill on the slopes. Inga: Laurette Spang. Janet: Joyce DeWitt. Gertrude: Kate Murtagh. Furley: Don Knotts. Larry: Richard Kline. Ski Patrolman: John Gibson.

Mon Aug 10 10:12am
A Crowded Romance(Season 5, Episode 5) TVLAND

Jack and Larry are in love but neither is aware it's with the same girl. Jack: John Ritter. Larry: Richard Kline. Twinkie: Rebecca Holden. Janet: Joyce DeWitt.

Tue Aug 11 9:00am
Room at the Bottom(Season 5, Episode 6) TVLAND

Jack is hired by a fancy restaurant where he must work his way up to chef from busboy. Lucien: Michael Lombard. Janet: Joyce DeWitt. Bonnie: Jennifer Gay. Chrissy: Suzanne Somers. Furley: Don Knotts. Larry: Richard Kline.

Tue Aug 11 9:36am
Chrissy's Cousin(Season 5, Episode 7) TVLAND

Chrissy's cousin Cindy becomes a substitute roommate while Chrissy is out of town. Jack: John Ritter. Mrs. Medford: Barbara Stuart. Janet: Joyce DeWitt. Bill: Jordan Clarke. Furley: Don Knotts. Larry: Richard Kline. Maxine: Shauna Sullivan.

Tue Aug 11 10:12am
Jack to the Rescue(Season 5, Episode 8) TVLAND

When Jack stands up for Cindy, it's she who ends up with her walking papers. Hadley: Rod Colbin. Janet: Joyce DeWitt. Mrs. Hadley: Ruth Manning. Furley: Don Knotts.

Wed Aug 12 9:00am
The Not So Great Imposter(Season 5, Episode 9) TVLAND

Jack impersonates a famous chef who, it turns out, was in hot water. Bookie: Hank Garrett. Janet: Joyce DeWitt. Angelino: Jordan Charney. Cindy: Jenilee Harrison. Felipe: Gino Conforti.

Wed Aug 12 9:36am
Jack's Other Mother(Season 5, Episode 10) TVLAND

Jack helps an elderly woman with her groceries, and before he knows it he's practically adopted. Gladys: Amzie Strickland. Janet: Joyce DeWitt. Katy: Lois Areno. Cindy: Jenilee Harrison. Kenny: Bob Sherman. Larry: Richard Kline.

Wed Aug 12 10:12am
Make Room for Daddy(Season 5, Episode 11) TVLAND

Jack advises his date's father on how to score with women, a lesson he applies to Janet (Joyce DeWitt). Cindy: Jenilee Harrison. Cheryl: Janice Kent. Furley: Don Knotts. Larry: Richard Kline.

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  • Premiered: March 15, 1977
  • Rating: TV-PG
  • User Rating:4.09 out of 5 (111 ratings)
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  • Premise: A man shares an apartment with two women and pretends to be gay so the landlord won't kick him out in this popular bedroom farce. Loaded with pratfalls and double entendres, and unapologetically silly, the sitcom was based on the British show `Man About th… (more)

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