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Latest Episode: This Week 4/20: Faith's Influence on Politics

Apr 20, 2014 Season 5 Episode 16 watch on ABC (Free)

Guests: Donna Brazile, Bill Kristol, S.E. Cupp, Jeff Zeleny, Cokie Roberts

This Week 4/13: New Developments in Ukraine

Apr 13, 2014 Season 5 Episode 15

Guests: Samantha Power, Deval Patrick, Rand Paul
watch on ABC (Free)

This Week 4/6: Reactions to the Fort Hood Shooting

Apr 06, 2014 Season 5 Episode 14

Guests: Donna Brazile, Newt Gingrich, Bill Kristol, Alicia Menendez
watch on ABC (Free)

This Week 3/30: Baseball Managers' Impact on Success

Mar 30, 2014 Season 5 Episode 13

Guests: Donna Brazile, Matthew Dowd, David Plouffe, Bill Kristol, Keith Olbermann
watch on ABC (Free)

This Week 3/16: The Mystery of Malaysia Air 370

Mar 16, 2014 Season 5 Episode 11

Guests: Matthew Dowd, Michael Eric Dyson, Bill Kristol, Katrina vanden Heuvel, Greta Van Susteren
watch on ABC (Free)

This Week 3/2: Russian Military Forces Enter Ukraine

Mar 02, 2014 Season 5 Episode 9

Guests: John Kerry, Van Jones, Adam Kinzinger, Rich Lowry, Cokie Roberts
watch on ABC (Free)

This Week 2/16: Kevin Spacey Compares Washington to 'House o...

Feb 16, 2014 Season 5 Episode 7

Guests: Jonathan Karl, Alicia Menendez, Peggy Noonan, Katrina vanden Heuvel
watch on ABC (Free)

This Week 2/9: Challenges of the Sochi Olympic Games

Feb 09, 2014 Season 5 Episode 6

Guests: Tom Cole, Keith Ellison, S.E. Cupp, David Plouffe, Jeff Zeleny
watch on ABC (Free)

This Week 1/26: President Obama Prepares For 2014 State of t...

Jan 26, 2014 Season 5 Episode 4

Guests: Cokie Roberts, Van Jones, Rick Santorum, Greta Van Susteren, Matt Bai
watch on ABC (Free)

This Week 1/19: Vladimir Putin on Sochi Security, Anti-Gay L...

Jan 19, 2014 Season 5 Episode 3

Guests: James Carville, Mary Matalin, Peggy Noonan, David Remnick and Tavis Smiley.
watch on ABC (Free)

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