The youthful adventures of the `Raiders of the Lost Ark' hero, as recalled by Indy at age 93. `Raiders' producer George Lucas created this clever and entertaining prequel to his movie series, in which young Indy met such figures as Teddy Roosevelt, Picasso, Mata Hari, T.E. Lawrence, Hemingway and Freud. The series never gained a wide audience, but four TV-movies aired on the Family Channel between 1994 and '96. Harrison Ford appeared as the adult Indy in a 1993 episode set in 1920s Chicago.

Guest Stars

Margaret Tyzack
Miss Helen Seymour
11 Episodes (1999-2001)
Ruth de Sosa
Anna, Mrs. Jones
3 Episodes (2000-2001)
Bob Peck
General Targo
1 Episode (2001)
Christopher Lee
Count Czernin
1 Episode (2001)
Cyril Cusack
Georges Clemenceau
1 Episode (2000)
James Gammon
Theodore Roosevelt
1 Episode (2000)
Jennifer Ehle
Empress Zita
1 Episode (2001)
John Wood
1 Episode (2001)
Lukas Haas
Norman Rockwell
1 Episode (2000)
Max von Sydow
Sigmund Freud
1 Episode (2000)
Lloyd Owen
Prof. Jones
1 Episode (2001)
Danny Webb
Pablo Picasso
1 Episode (2000)
Dr. Le
Dr. Wen Ch-Ui
1 Episode (2001)
Hemanth Rao
Jiddu Krishnamurti
1 Episode (2001)
Herve Pauchon
Charles De Gaulle
1 Episode (2001)
Josef Summer
Woodrow Wilson
1 Episode (2000)