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Young and Restless Boss on the Way Out?

Lynn Latham by Cliff Lipson/CBS

Could the writers' strike be good for The Young and the Restless? Word is, executive producer/head writer Lynn Marie Latham — who has nearly ruined the once-glorious soap — will not return, no matter when and how the walkout ends. When contacted, a rep for the CBS-Sony show hemmed and hawed but did not deny Latham's ousting or reports that Sony programming VP Steve Kent has now taken command. He's not just some suit. Kent was supervising producer of Santa Barbara, arguably the best daytime soap ever. — Reporting by Michael Logan read more

Inside Nikki and Victor's "Brutal" Y&R Divorce

Melody Thomas Scott and Eric Braeden by Monty Brinton/CBS

CBS Daytime's premier supercouple, Victor and Nikki on The Young and the Restless, will decide to get a divorce on Oct. 5 — and there's nothing civil about it. "We start out trying to be decent to each other, but things don't turn out that way. It's really pretty brutal," says actress Melody Thomas Scott, now in her 28th year as Nikki. "At one point Eric Braeden [Victor] and I just threw out the script and went for it. We're both Aries, and when we get going in fight scenes, we'll kill each other unless someone yells 'Cut.'"The marriage started heading south a few months back when ex-stripper Nikki made an unsuccessful run for the Wisconsin state senate. She then slept with her campaign manager, which sent control-freak Victor over the edge. But this isn't their first divorce, and it probably won't be the last. "Let's face it, they're addicted to each other," Thomas Scott says. "Nikki is the only woman who can make Victor this angry." — Reporting by Michael Logan read more

"Exciting" Days Ahead for Emmy-winning Y&R Exec

Edward Scott by Mike Guastella/

Days of Our Lives has announced that Edward Scott — who during his longtime run with The Young and the Restless was credited for 15 Daytime Emmy nominations for Outstanding Drama Series, among them five wins — has joined the NBC sudser as co-executive producer. "I am very enthusiastic about the important changes that Edward Scott will bring," Ken Corday, executive producer, Corday Productions, Inc., says in a statement. "Ed comes with more than 20 years experience with The Young and the Restless and brings a new, vibrant, creative energy and strength to this all-important position of leadership. Days will benefit greatly from Ed's direction. The viewers will also be thrilled with the exciting changes in the days to come."Salem is also welcoming another Genoa City transplant — Y&R's Marnie Saitta is coming on board as casting director. read more

Sports Briefs: Tony Parker Goes One-on-One with Dave

Tony Parker, aka this year's NBA Championship MVP and Desperate housewife Eva Longoria's own (ahem) "MVP"/hubby-to-be talks about leading the Spurs to their fourth title in nine years when he visits the Late Show with David Letterman on Monday, June 25 — his first talk-show drop-by since San Antonio's big win.... Milwaukee Brewers hurlers Chris Capuano and Jeff Suppan, outfielder Bill Hall and shortstop J.J. Hardy will play themselves when they make their "acting" debut on The Young and the Restless June 20. read more

Grey's Star Welcomes You to the Daytime Emmys

Chandra Wilson cohosts SOAPnet... Live from the Daytime Emmys.

She's not just blowing smoke. Unlike certain self-proclaimed soap nuts who don't really watch soaps (hi, Rosie), Grey's Anatomy star Chandra Wilson takes in four hours a day: All My Children, One Life to Live, General Hospital and The Young and the Restless. And she's taking that passion to the red carpet. Wilson and former OLTL stud Ty Treadway will cohost the two-hour read more

Gas, Colonics and the Daytime Emmys

Welcome to my first blog. I have been sitting in front of my computer thinking of what to say that will make me sound profound, intelligent, funny and interesting. I have reached the conclusion that I am neither intelligent, profound, funny nor interesting. Oh well, instead, I'll just tell you a little bit about my week. I spent a lot of time at CBS Television City, where The Young and the Restless is filmed. I am immersed in a really fun storyline for the summer. Tune in, it will be a hoot. I will tease you with this: Kevin inadvertently gets embroiled in some misdeeds that may land him in some hot water. I had a lot of fun this past week working with Michael Graziadei (Daniel) and Adrienne Frantz (Amber). The Grove is right next door to the studio, so I'd walk over for lunch to feed my ever growing green tea addiction. Here's an inside tip to any fans of the show visiting Los Angeles: Go to The Grove between the hours of 1 and 3 pm and you are bound to run into a gaggle of Y... read more

The First Blog Is The Deepest

Hey! I'm Michelle Stafford and I play Phyllis Summers Newman on CBS' The Young and the Restless. This is my first entry for my new blog. TV Guide soap-opera guru Daniel Coleridge invited me to write this, so here it is.... My body is very tired because I've been crying for the last three days on the show. I’ve been working with Christian [LeBlanc, Michael on The Young and the Restless], and he’s out of his mind. When Christian and I rehearse, I like to walk around The Grove (great shopping center, right next door to where we tape at CBS Television City) and run our lines, and go to my favorite Brazilian restaurant at the Farmers Market (adjacent to The Grove). Even if we’re two hours away from shooting, Christian is hesitant to leave the studio. Christian likes to run, and run, and run the lines. I like to run the lines a few times. Peter [Bergman, who plays Jack] likes to run the lines a few times too. Josh [Morrow, who plays Nick] doesn’t like to ru... read more

I realize that soap operas ...

Question: I realize that soap operas are not your regular beat, so I understand if you don't respond to my question. I'm curious, though: Do you have any thoughts on NBC's cancellation of Passions to add another hour of Today, and on the talk that its other soap, Days of our Lives, will be canceled once the network's contract with the show expires in 2009? I figure the motives for these moves are similar to NBC's earlier announcement that they were giving up the 8 pm prime-time slot to inexpensive shows. I read how you feel about the prime-time decision. Do you feel similarly about the daytime decision? I know that soaps have had a rough time of it in the last decade or so, and it's my understanding that NBC has historically been less patient and more aggressive with their daytime lineup. Is the situation with soap operas that bad? Do you think NBC is setting a precedent that the others will follow? Answer: Kelly, you're right that daytime soaps are absolutely not my beat, but this does ... read more

inFANity Behind the Scenes of The Young & The Restless

Genoa City’s Bitter SecretWhen you hear the word “SOAP” what do you think of? A cleansing compound made of natural oils and fats? An obnoxious, but admittedly catchy television jingle? (Zestfully clean, zestfully clean! You’re not fully clean unless you’re zestfully clean!) How about an attractive girl in full cosmetic glory drawing in air while posing seductively with a bar of Lever 2000? (How do they do that without getting soap in their eyes?)Whatever you “visualize,” go far enough and an image of a desperate woman scorned, a ruggedly handsome man lying breathlessly in a hospital bed, or TWINS -- one evil, one virtuous -- is bound to pop up.The serialized drama or soap has been an American television mainstay since the 1940s. (The Guiding Light started as a radio drama in 1937.) Synonymous with soaps is The Young & The Restless.I don’t care if you have never turned on the award winning show even once. (Seriously, I have no financial inc... read more

September 12, 2006: Blu Mondae

I figured right away that Id like this episode after I heard Hot Child in the City by Nick Gilder a song Ive performed at several karaoke joints here in LA being played at the strip club that Christian was frequenting Oh Christian Brooke Shields suggested he might be gay last week so of course he heads to the strippers We all knew that as soon as Blu Mondae former Playboy playmate Angela Little found out Christian was a plastic surgeon theyd be in bed together and poof cut to them doin the nasty Great line No pro bono for boning a pro Kudos to writers Lyn Greene and Richard Levine That was the other indication that Id like the show tonight since as Ive mentioned before I admire their workAdding to Christians frustration was young stud-muffin Mitchell Skinner effectively played by Thad Luckinbill from The Young and the Restless coming onto him after Christian gave him money just to tide him over Im not gay screamed Christian I tend to bel read more

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Premise: An iconic, enduring soap opera, this is the steamer set in Genoa City, where the Newman and Abbott dynasties stir it up in the bedroom and the boardroom. Best known for long-term love triangles, issue-oriented plots, a multi-ethnic cast and slick production values, `Y&R' has been showered with Emmys, launched countless careers and spawned the equally lavish `The Bold and the Beautiful.' Former cast members include Tom Selleck and David Hasselhoff.


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