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The X Factor Episode: "Top 10 Perform"

Season 1, Episode 15
Episode Synopsis: Performances by the Top 10 contenders.
Original Air Date: Nov 16, 2011

The X Factor's Rock Night Hits Rock Bottom Season 1, Episode 15

Tonight it's rock night! But will the top 10 rock the X Factor stage? [Spoiler alert: NO.] We're down to the final 10 and things are getting intense, so let's move right along to the performances.


Seattle-based Leroy Bell dreams that one day people will throw their underwear on stage for him, like they did for Tom Jones.  Lofty goals! He starts us off with Bob Seger's, "We've Got Tonight." He's a talented singer, sure, but something about the performance read tired to me. At one point in the competition it seemed like Leroy was a leader in the pack. But tonight, he seemed mediocre at best. And the judges (namely LA and Simon) did not hesitate to tell him so. "Nice song, good voice," says Simon. "In terms of originality? Zero. We have heard the same kind of songs four weeks in a row. Right now, you can't win this competition." To which LA says, "Agreed!"


Simon's adoptive daughter Rachel Crow (he says "I love you" to her!) is up next. She takes on "(I Can't Get No) Satisfaction" and it's cute and energetic but I can't help but be distracted by her atrocious outfit and the army of dancers hip-thrusting on stage behind her. Despite the various eyesores, her growing confidence is becoming more and more apparent with each performance. "It doesn't matter if you have 100 dancers. I only see you!" says Paula.


Recovering addict Chris Rene chose a Bob Marley song for the evening, because it's the music he grew up listening to with his mom. So the writing was probably on the wall with that one. Anyway, it was a unique, upbeat interpretation of the song, but nothing earth shattering. Chris did that awesome "I'm a rock star" thing by wearing dark sunglasses while performing in a brightly lit stadium, which, to me is inexcusable for anyone not named Stevie Wonder. Nicole definitely didn't like the performance, but had a hard time articulating her thoughts. She says, "I rocked with it. But it wasn't my favorite performance by you. I was confused with the track and the music." Which coincidently is not first time Nicole's been confused.


Breaking news update: Stacy Francis' forehead has returned to its normal size! I'm so relieved at this point, she could really sing anything and it would be cool. What she actually does sing though, is Meatloaf's "It's All Coming Back to Me Now," and it was completely off-key and painful to watch. There were wind machines and a microphone covered in feathers and it just so wasn't working.  And then, Simon let her have it. "Let's start with the good news. Your hair looks better this week," he said. "I wanted rock, and that was a pebble." When the camera pans to Stacy, it literally looks like she could murder Simon with her stare. The claws are clearly out tonight.


Melanie Amaro's stripped down performance ("no dancers, no tricks," per Simon) of REM's "Everybody Hurts" is not one of her best, but compared to the train wrecks we've seen thus far, she could be the night's saving grace. The audience agrees — they burst into a "Melanie" chant following the song. Paula says, "Melanie, you took us to church! Here's the deal. You have an unparalleled voice. It's gorgeous. I want you to let go and let loose now." Then LA and Simon fight like school boys for the millionth time about whether or not the song selection is considered rock. It's getting really annoying


Josh Krajcik, who has not showered since the competition began, has every reason to nail it on tonight's rock-themed episode. He gives us his hardest rock performance to date — bordering on head banging — but I have to was awesome.  He sang "The Pretender" by The Foo Fighters and was so in his element.  For the first time this evening, every single judge agreed: Josh killed it. "You have the authenticity. You have the stage presence," says LA. "You picked the right song, and you're the only person who really rocked this stage tonight." Now if he could only rock that hygiene, we'd be in business!


Astro takes the stage, performing a signature Astro-rap to background track of "I'll Be Missing You." And I was rendered speechless. Even people who don't appreciate rap music have to be completely stunned by his talent. This kid is 14 years old? He is a true mini hip-hop wunderkind, and I wouldn't be surprised if he's collaborating with major players when this whole thing is over. "What's amazing is you've got more maturity and intelligence than some of the older contestants in this show. You know who you want to be. You don't compromise," says Simon. "I think you've got a shot at winning this competition."


Last week's bottom two survivors Lakoda Rayne (they're not even best friends...they're like sisters!) have a lot to prove tonight. Not to mention, the girls are Paula's last chance, as her other three acts have already been sent home. What becomes of Paula when they leave? Can she leave too? They did a '70s/'80s rock mash-up of "Your Love" and "Go Your Own Way." The ladies looked the part, and they had fun with it, but it was certainly not a $5 million performance. "I've been missing some of the edge and the rawness and the fun from it," says Nicole. "I know you have it. Let go even more."


Drew lets it be known that aside from a tortuous schedule of practicing, hair, make-up, and wardrobe, the younger contestants also have to go to school...for three hours a day! She was completely traumatized by LA's critique last week, but tonight she's coming in guns blazing. She does U2's "With or Without You." One thing about Drew, is that she truly has the ability to make every single song — no matter the genre — uniquely her own. "I'm gonna tell you again. You have maybe the most original voice of every contestant we have," says LA. "Really special. I'm still pushing for more because the competition is stiff. But you can go the distance. Just do you, honey."


Church-going Marcus Canty wants to prove that he can be a good boy and also a rocker. And he totally accomplishes that by crawling in between the legs of half-naked back-up dancers. Marcus sings Janis Joplin's "Piece of My Heart" and it's a really fun rendition. He has undeniable charisma and energy — something that a lot of the other performers severely lack. "Without question, Marcus, you are the entertainer of the competition. I'm exhausted from watching your performance! But they take me in and take me all the way, all the way, all the way," says Paula. But what does she even mean? We'll never know.


So what did you think of tonight's performances? Did they rock or hit rock bottom? Who do you want to see go home tomorrow, and who is your favorite? Weigh in!



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Tonight it's rock night! But will the top 10 rock the X Factor stage? [Spoiler alert: NO.] We're down to the final 10 and things are getting intense, so let's move right along to the performances.

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