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The X Factor Episode: "Top 11 Perform"

Season 1, Episode 13
Episode Synopsis: The Top 11 acts perform songs from the movies.
Original Air Date: Nov 9, 2011

The X Factor Goes to the Movies! Season 1, Episode 13

It's movie night on The X Factor! What does that mean, you ask? All of the songs performed tonight are from "iconic" movie soundtracks.

In sticking with the spirit of iconic movies, we watch as the final 11 contestants attend the premiere of Adam Sandler's legendary Jack and Jill (which, for those of you who don't know, is the 2011 equivalent of Citizen Kane).

But let's get to the performances, shall we?

Stacy Francis, 42, is out of her element this week with a "massive huge diva number," according to Nicole. She takes the stage rocking a red patent mini-dress and a remarkably larger forehead than we've noticed in prior episodes. Francis does Whitney Houston's "Queen of the Night" (The Bodyguard), which is a fitting song choice for her vocally, but something just seems off about it. LA says, "I didn't like the song, but you did much better with it than I thought you'd do."

Next up is Marcus Canty, who sings an impressive rendition of "I'm Goin' Down" from Car Wash. He may be going down, but I'm going to go out on a limb when I say he's by far the most improved performer in the competition. I mean — I didn't even think he deserved to be in the top 12. And tonight? He completely blew it out of the water.  "Everything about you from head to toe resonates star," says Paula. The audience erupts into a "Marcus" chant, and the judges are all in agreement it was a standout performance.

Singing Coldplay's "Fix You," is Drew. The song is apparently from You, Me, and Dupree, which is not exactly a movie I would consider synonymous with good music (or good acting, for that matter). It does her voice justice, but Drew seems to be stuck in a rut, performing the same type of song week after week. And don't even get me started with the dress -- a trash-bag orgy between Ke$ha, Madonna, and Cyndi Lauper — and that's putting it kindly.  LA tells her he needs to see diversity. "You, Me, and Dupree?" he asks, "Whose home theater was that movie released in? I've never heard of it." BAM!

Lip-syncing great Leroy Bell sings a non-lip-synced version of U2's "I Still Haven't Found What I'm Looking For," from Runaway Bride. It's a fantastic song for him, perfectly showcasing the raspy quality of his voice. It seems as though tonight, Leroy has completely overcome the confidence issues he struggled with in past weeks. Simon describes it as "dignified, in control, classy." Nicole says she felt like she was "at Leroy's rock concert, and ya took us to church at the same time, honey!"

After intense outfit and performance scrutiny last week, Lakoda Rayne has somewhat redeemed themselves this week. They perform the Keith Urban country hit "Somebody Like You" from How To Lose a Guy in 10 Days, which is appropriate for them, I guess. Kate Hudson is in the house tonight (not literally, but she's been in two of the five movies so far). LA says they've become his favorite girl group in the entire competition! OH EM GEE! The girls all turn to one another in disbelief, like it's the best compliment they've ever heard! But oh, wait...then they realize they're the only girl group in the competition.

Little Astro, who has been writing and producing since he was 10 years old, does his own version of Eminem's "Lose Yourself" (a la 8 Mile). The kid really does impress me week after week — with the confidence and swag of someone twice his age, he always manages to rile the audience, getting them out of their seats. At the end of the performance, he gives a little "rest in peace" shout-out to Heavy D and Joe Frazier. Talented...and topical! "I believe that every star has to have a work ethic," says Simon. "You have that work ethic. You are incredibly creative. You are a great role model right now... Astro, you have the x factor."

Nursing student Melanie Amaro may be battling a sore throat, but you'd never know it based on her performance of "Man in the Mirror" (This Is It) tonight. Though she's been consistently amazing for the duration of the competition, I'd love to see her doing something more eccentric. The judges all seem to like it, save for LA. Paula says, "Music heals the world, and your voice truly does that. You are a remarkable singer. She could sing the phone book." Maybe that's the eccentric type of thing that would suit her for next week!

The Stereo Hoggz, who should not still be here at this point, sing "Ain't No Other Man," which I guess is from Get Smart (I know because I Googled). I hate to be brutally honest here, but they sucked, and only further proved what we already know: tomorrow, they will go home. Simon says, "Here's my problem guys — I think your choreography and your work ethic are amazing." This is true. "But you've got to become less cabaret, and you've got to become better recording artists." Also true. Sadly, they won't have time for all of that. Because unless five group members equates to five times the amount of votes, we will be saying goodbye to them tomorrow.

Josh Krajcik is so famous now, his former place of employment named a burrito after him. That's when you know you've made it. He sings "With a Little Help From My Friends," a song that is identified as being from 2007's Across the Universe. But get this — that's not where the song originated. It's actually a hit by a group called The Beatles, but who's counting. He definitely struggled throughout the beginning of the song, but ended on a high note. It's clear Josh is a front-runner in this competition. Nicole says, "You are so worthy of a $5 million recording contract."

The penultimate singer is Chris Rene with "Gangsta's Paradise" from Dangerous Minds. Rene's rendition was coolio (get it?! HA!), but not mind-blowing. I will say he has improved a great deal, but I don't see him going much further than the final 8 or so. Paula described the performance as real, honest, truthful, and amazing.

We round out the evening's performances with Rachel Crow who sings "I'd Rather Go Blind," from Cadillac Records. She's definitely doing a better job of projecting this week, and seems more poised and confident than ever — almost like an old soul in a little girl's body. Toward the end of the song, the cameras cut to Simon who is flailing his arms in the air like a proud parent while wearing a s----eating grin. It's really quite a charming moment. "Wow, Rachel. Up until now, I wasn't sure if you were a true contender for the $5 million prize. But tonight, you proved you have your eye on the target," says LA. "You are great. My favorite yet."

So that's it guys! Time for us to vote for the final 10. Who are you voting for? Which performance was amazing, and which completely sucked? Tell us what you're thinking!


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It's movie night on The X Factor! What does that mean, you ask? All of the songs performed tonight are from "iconic" movie soundtracks.

In sticking with the spirit of iconic movies, we watch as the final 11 contestants attend the premiere of Adam Sandler's legendary Jack and Jill (which, for those of you who don't know, is the 2011 equivalent of Citizen Kane).

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