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May 12, 1993 Season 6 Episode 22 watch on (Subscription)

Kevin is heartbroken when he finds out Winnie is dating one of the other lifeguards. Forced to return home by hitch-hiking, Kevin and Winnie must wait out a storm together in a barn.

Broken Hearts and Burgers

May 13, 1992 Season 5 Episode 24

Winnie is upset at Kevin at the hamburger stand, and they recall the history of their relationship together.
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Back to the Lake

May 06, 1992 Season 5 Episode 23

Kevin takes Paul on a joy ride up to the lake where he met Cara.
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Stormy Weather

Apr 22, 1992 Season 5 Episode 21

Karen returns home after an argument with Michael, and refuses to divulge the reason they are fighting.
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The Lost Weekend

Apr 08, 1992 Season 5 Episode 20

An evening alone has Kevin thinking of having a poker game which soon turns into the party of the year.
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Carnal Knowledge

Mar 25, 1992 Season 5 Episode 19

Paul misses out on a date with the guys to see an R-rated movie but encounters an R-rated evening with a college student.
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Lunch Stories

Mar 18, 1992 Season 5 Episode 18

The school cafeteria becomes the central headquarters for McKinley's social scene.
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Double Double Date

Feb 26, 1992 Season 5 Episode 16

Winnie and Kevin reluctantly go on a double date, but their bickering only leads to their dates liking each other.
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Of Mastodons and Men

Feb 12, 1992 Season 5 Episode 15

A smothered Kevin gets an awakening after dinner with Julie's parents shows a similarity to their own stifling relationship.
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Private Butthead

Feb 05, 1992 Season 5 Episode 14

Screw-up's Wayne and Wart decide to quit school and join the Army despite Jack's disapproval.
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Jan 29, 1992 Season 5 Episode 13

Untraditional teacher Miss Shaw gets in trouble with the school by her unusual teaching methods.
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Grandpa's Car

Jan 15, 1992 Season 5 Episode 12

Grandpa's age has caught up with him after a series of car accidents gets him in trouble with the law.
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Road Test

Jan 08, 1992 Season 5 Episode 11

Kevin's is fearing the test for his driver's license while hiding the fact he can't parallel park.
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Pfeiffer's Choice

Dec 18, 1991 Season 5 Episode 10

Jealousy looms as the Pfeiffer's land on easy street after making a killing on a land deal that Jack turned down.
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Christmas Party

Dec 11, 1991 Season 5 Episode 9

No one is looking forward to the Arnold's annual Christmas party, and even less after the guests arrive.
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Dinner Out

Dec 04, 1991 Season 5 Episode 8

Jack's birthday dinner is a flop when Karen brings her live-in boyfriend.
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Full Moon Rising

Oct 30, 1991 Season 5 Episode 5

A night on the town finds Kevin cruisin' with his friends and mooning his parents by accident.
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Frank and Denise

Oct 23, 1991 Season 5 Episode 4

Greaser Frankie enlists Kevin's help in fixing his romance with his girlfriend Denise.
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