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May 12, 1993 Season 6 Episode 22 watch on (Subscription)

Kevin is heartbroken when he finds out Winnie is dating one of the other lifeguards. Forced to return home by hitch-hiking, Kevin and Winnie must wait out a storm together in a barn.

The House That Jack Built

May 01, 1991 Season 4 Episode 21

Jack and Karen argue after discovering his daughter's roommate is a man.
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The Accident

Apr 24, 1991 Season 4 Episode 20

Kevin tries desperately to talk with Winnie after she is involved in a serious car accident.
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Separate Rooms

Apr 03, 1991 Season 4 Episode 18

Kevin and Wayne fight over who will move into Karen's room now that she's in college.
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Feb 27, 1991 Season 4 Episode 15

Kevin's dog Buster is in line for a neutering to end his constant barking.
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Whose Aunt Rose?

Feb 06, 1991 Season 4 Episode 13

Grandpa Arnold comes to town for a funeral of a relative no one could stand.
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Jan 30, 1991 Season 4 Episode 12

Kevin gets Paul to throw a party as a ploy to get back with Winnie.
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Jan 23, 1991 Season 4 Episode 11

A joint field trip with Winnie's new school at the museum causes elation for Kevin and fear for Winnie, who's hiding a secret from him.
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A Very Cutlip Christmas

Dec 12, 1990 Season 4 Episode 9

Kevin sees a different side of Coach Cutlip after seeing him as a store Santa Claus at the mall.
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The Sixth Man

Dec 05, 1990 Season 4 Episode 8

Kevin is surprised by Paul being picked by Coach Cutlip to be on the school's basketball team.
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Little Debbie

Nov 07, 1990 Season 4 Episode 6

Kevin gets guilted into taking Paul's sister, Debbie, to her cotillion.
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It's a Mad, Mad Madeline World

Oct 24, 1990 Season 4 Episode 5

"Kevin misses his anniversary with Winnie to work on an assignment with Madeline, but then loses the new bracelet Winnie gave him.
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The Cost of Living

Oct 10, 1990 Season 4 Episode 4

Kevin gets his first job as working as a caddy at the golf club.
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Ninth Grade Man

Sep 26, 1990 Season 4 Episode 2

The first day of ninth grade doesn't go as smoothly as Kevin had hoped, but ends nicely after meeting a beautiful girl who seems obsessed with him.
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