The Wonder Years

1988, TV Show

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May 12, 1993 Season 6 Episode 22 watch on (Subscription)

Kevin is heartbroken when he finds out Winnie is dating one of the other lifeguards. Forced to return home by hitch-hiking, Kevin and Winnie must wait out a storm together in a barn.

Daddy's Little Girl

May 08, 1990 Season 3 Episode 22

Jack and Karen are constantly fighting as she is about to leave for college, fearing he is losing his little girl.
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Apr 24, 1990 Season 3 Episode 20

Kevin seeks tutoring help from his math teacher for a big test.
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The Unnatural

Apr 17, 1990 Season 3 Episode 19

Kevin is amazed that he is surviving the school's baseball tryouts, but finds out the coach is an old Army buddy of Jack's.
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Night Out

Mar 13, 1990 Season 3 Episode 17

Kevin and Winnie are invited to a make-out party.
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The Glee Club

Feb 27, 1990 Season 3 Episode 16

The new student teacher tries to make something more of The Glee Club but has no luck.
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She, My Friend and I

Feb 06, 1990 Season 3 Episode 13

After Carla breaks up with Paul, Kevin sets up Paul with Winnie, to make Carla jealous, but Paul ends up having feelings for Winnie.
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Don't You Know Anything About Women?

Jan 16, 1990 Season 3 Episode 11

A school dance has Kevin hoping to invite Susan Fisher, but ending-up with his lab partner.
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Rock 'N' Roll

Jan 02, 1990 Season 3 Episode 10

After seeing The Beatles on TV, Kevin joins a rock 'n' roll band.
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Math Class Squared

Dec 12, 1989 Season 3 Episode 9

To try and get ahead in math class, Kevin decides to cheat on his test, leading only to bigger problems.
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The Pimple

Nov 28, 1989 Season 3 Episode 8

Kevin gets his first pimple right before family friends comes to visit.
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The Family Car

Nov 21, 1989 Season 3 Episode 7

Kevin hopes that his father will buy a new, fancier car after their old one breaks beyond repair.
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Mom Wars

Oct 31, 1989 Season 3 Episode 4

Kevin's mother tries to stop him from playing tackle football, making Kevin think she's too overprotective of him.
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Wayne on Wheels

Oct 23, 1989 Season 3 Episode 3

Kevin is obsessed with going to the mall after meeting a beautiful girl, but his only way to get there is from Wayne.
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Math Class

Oct 10, 1989 Season 3 Episode 2

Kevin runs into trouble when he thinks his math teacher is being unreasonable.
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Summer Song

Oct 03, 1989 Season 3 Episode 1

During summer vacation, Kevin experiences his first French kiss and the heartbreak of a summer romance.
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