The Wonder Years

1988, TV Show

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Latest Episode: Independence Day

May 12, 1993 Season 6 Episode 22 watch on (Subscription)

Kevin is heartbroken when he finds out Winnie is dating one of the other lifeguards. Forced to return home by hitch-hiking, Kevin and Winnie must wait out a storm together in a barn.

Cocoa and Sympathy

May 01, 1990 Season 2 Episode 21

Paul develops a crush on Mrs. Arnold after giving him a boost of confidence.
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How I'm Spending My Summer Vacation

May 16, 1989 Season 2 Episode 17

As seventh grade comes to an end; Winnie's parents decide to get a divorce; and their teacher Miss White announces that she is getting married.
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Whose Woods Are These?

May 09, 1989 Season 2 Episode 16

Kevin, Paul, and Winnie come together to stop the destruction of Harper's Woods. Kevin and Winnie shared their first kiss in these woods, and they all used to play together there when they were younger.
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Square Dance

May 02, 1989 Season 2 Episode 15

Margaret Farquhar, the class weirdo, tries to befriend Kevin after he is partnered up with her in a square dance for gym class.
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Apr 18, 1989 Season 2 Episode 14

Kevin discovers that Karen is planning to run away to San Francisco.
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Birthday Boy

Apr 11, 1989 Season 2 Episode 13

Kevin feels left out when his birthday party is on the same day as Paul's Bar Mitzvah.
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Mar 28, 1989 Season 2 Episode 12

Driven by his love for Winnie, Kevin faces the school bully.
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Mar 14, 1989 Season 2 Episode 11

Kevin learns the consequences of talking behind other people's backs.
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Walk Out

Mar 07, 1989 Season 2 Episode 10

Kevin and the student council organize a walk-out to protest the Vietnam War. However, when the assistant principal, Mr. Diperna, finds out about the planned walkout, he threatens to suspend all who participate.
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Feb 28, 1989 Season 2 Episode 9

When Kevin sees that Paul is being humiliated at basketball during gym class, he decides to go to Coach Cutlip to complain about how he thinks teams are being unfairly picked.
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Hiroshima, Mon Frere

Feb 15, 1989 Season 2 Episode 8

Wayne's bullying of Kevin has been getting pretty out-of-hand lately; but when he interferes in a big way with Kevin and Paul's Science Project, Wayne may have gone too far.
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Feb 08, 1989 Season 2 Episode 7

Kevin's piano lessons has him in competition with Ronald Hirschmuller.
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Pottery Will Get You Nowhere

Feb 01, 1989 Season 2 Episode 6

Norma is upset when she takes a pottery class and receives encouragement from everyone, except Jack.
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Just Between Me and You and Kirk and Paul and Carla and Beck...

Jan 18, 1989 Season 2 Episode 5

It's a confusing mix-up as to who likes who at Kennedy Junior High.
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Steady as She Goes

Jan 10, 1989 Season 2 Episode 4

Now that Paul is dating, Kevin begins to pine more for Winnie.
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Our Miss White

Dec 07, 1988 Season 2 Episode 2

Kevin develops a crush on Miss White after she has him play the role of Robert Kennedy in a play that she wrote.
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The Heart of Darkness

Nov 30, 1988 Season 2 Episode 1

Kevin's nightmares are a telling sign of the new changes in his life, including befriending the tough kid at school.
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