The Wild West

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Premise: A documentary series on the Old West that examines the facts and myths about the people and events of the era.



Douglas Netter: Executive Producer Kieth Merrill: Producer
John Copeland: Producer Jamie Smith: Co-Producer
Fabian Forte: Co-Producer

Guest Cast & Credits

Celebrity Role Episode Airdate
Adrienne Barbeau Voice Townspeople
Adrienne Barbeau Voice Gunfighters; Townspeople
Barry Corbin `Wild Bill' Hickok Gunfighters
Brian Keith `Buffalo Bill' Cody Searchers; Mythmakers
Bruce Boxleitner Custer Indians; Soldiers
Bruce Boxleitner Custer Soldiers
Chris Lemmon Charles F. Lummis The Chroniclers
Conchata Ferrell Calamity Jane Searchers; Mythmakers
Edward James Olmos Voice Gunfighters; Townspeople
Edward James Olmos Voice Gunfighters
Floyd 'Red Crow' Westerman Sitting Bull Dreamers and Wayfarers
Floyd 'Red Crow' Westerman Sitting Bull Indians; Soldiers
Floyd 'Red Crow' Westerman Sitting Bull Indians
Graham Greene Black Elk Indians; Soldiers
Graham Greene Black Elk Indians
Helen Hunt Voice Cowboys; Settlers
Helen Hunt Voice Settlers
James Coburn Voice Townspeople
James Coburn Voice Gunfighters; Townspeople
James Gammon John Wesley Powell Searchers
Joe Don Baker Voice Gunfighters; Townspeople
Joe Don Baker Jesse James Gunfighters
John Ratzenberger Grenville Dodge Dreamers and Wayfarers
Justine Bateman Voice Gunfighters
Ken Howard Frederic Remington The Chroniclers
Ken Howard Frederic Remington Soldiers
Larry Fishburne Voice Cowboys; Settlers
Larry Fishburne Voice Cowboys
Larry Fishburne Nat Love Searchers; Mythmakers
Lloyd Bridges John Muir Searchers
Lloyd Bridges John Muir Searchers; Mythmakers
Lyle Lovett Voice Cowboys; Settlers
Lyle Lovett Voice Settlers
Mary Beth Hurt Voice Townspeople
Paige O'Hara Voice Cowboys; Settlers
Paige O'Hara Voice Settlers
Richard Crenna Voice Townspeople
Richard Crenna Voice Gunfighters; Townspeople
Richard Crenna Bat Masterson Gunfighters
Richard Dysart Horace Greeley Dreamers and Wayfarers; Chroniclers
Richard Dysart Horace Greeley Dreamers and Wayfarers
Richard Dysart Horace Greeley The Chroniclers
Richard Farnsworth Voice Cowboys
Richard Thomas Voice Townspeople
Richard Thomas Mark Twain Dreamers and Wayfarers; Chroniclers
Richard Thomas Mark Twain Dreamers and Wayfarers
Robert Morse Voice Townspeople
Stacy Keach Voice Gunfighters; Townspeople
Stacy Keach Voice Gunfighters
Tim Curry Oscar Wilde Dreamers and Wayfarers; Chroniclers
Tim Curry Oscar Wilde The Chroniclers
Tim Scott Voice Cowboys; Settlers
Tim Scott Voice Cowboys

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