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Is it just me, or does it ...

Question: Is it just me, or does it seem like the days are behind us when a show creator/writer with a pretty good quality track record like David E. Kelley or Aaron Sorkin could snap their fingers and get a network to commit to a new show? Will the ratings troubles for The Wedding Bells and Studio 60 make it more difficult for talented people like Kelley and Sorkin to get show commitments in the future? And when new fall shows are announced next month, do you think the networks will focus more on the pedigree of the producers, the name recognition of the actors involved or the show concepts that can be described succinctly to the audience? Answer: As I often say, if it's more about the deal than about the show, that's a recipe for disaster. Every successful TV producer is well acquainted with failure. (I'm surprised you didn't mention J.J. Abrams, whose name was associated with recent duds like Six Degrees and What About Brian.) So I doubt it will be any more difficult for talents like ... read more

April 6, 2007: The Final Bell

As most of you know by now, Wedding Bells was given the axe this past week. Which means yesterday's episode was the last and from what I've heard, the actors didn't even complete filming the season finale. So, more likely than not, this show will never make it to DVD. Which is a shame, considering how many loose ends we were left with last night. For starters, we'll never know if that kiss between Annie and David would have amounted to anything more or if it was just a result of them getting too caught-up in the moment. I'd like to think they would have given their romance a second chance, as their chemistry was undeniable. If they had though, I’m sure it would have been a rocky road for them. Which could have translated to a lot of fun drama for us...but we'll never know.We'll also never know if Russell would have been able to successfully start a franchise for the Wedding Palace in Vegas. Although, with all of that money Amanda was helping them rake in last night, the... read more

Mid-season Madness: Where Will It End?

You could get whiplash trying to keep track of shows’ comings and goings during a network mid-season as chaotic and badly managed as this one is turning out to be. Some thoughts about the latest news, much of which surfaced in the trades and some of which has yet to be confirmed by the networks:First, the no-brainer: 7th Heaven is officially being laid to rest. Again. The family-friendly drama, which was brought back from cancellation a year ago when the new CW decided it needed to launch with as many familiar franchises as possible, is now gearing up to say goodbye to the Camdens once more, when the 11th season wraps May 13. This was hardly unexpected. The show went decidedly under the radar when the CW moved it from Mondays to Sundays, where it was stranded amid a sea of repeats and second-runs of shows like America’s Next Top Model. It was time to go a year ago. This is just sad.Now on to this spring’s roster of mid-season losers. Hope you didn’t get too attac... read more

Wedding Called Off, Degrees Eighty-Sixed

I almost didn't use Monday's "Wedding Is Off" ratings headline out of concern that it'd better serve a cancellation announcement. But hey, I'm no cynic. Yet here we are, and Fox has indeed shut down production on David E. Kelley's The Wedding Bells after seven episodes. The show debuted strongly — then again, Supertrain would get 12 mil coming out of Idol — but saw its numbers plunge to 4.5 mil last Friday. "We've been pleased with the show creatively," Fox says in a statement. "[It] just didn't secure the ratings we'd hope for."Speaking of underperforming freshman series airing on Fridays, ABC has yanked Six Degrees effectively immediately, replacing it with Wife Swap repeats starting April 13. read more

Bells Rings for Andrea Martin, O.C. Cutie

TV Guide has learned exclusively that Andrea Martin (SCTV, My Big Fat Greek Wedding) will guest-star on the April 20 episode of Fox's The Wedding Bells, playing no less than the titular trio's mama. Also on board for that outing is Autumn Reeser (The O.C.'s Taylor) as a blonde pop singer bride-to-be with a Sound of Music fetish. read more

March 23, 2007: Still Running...

So the runaway bride returned tonight for a second shot at wedded bliss, only to run again! This time I thought for sure it would have been her beau, Lucas (Jeffrey Stubblefield), who would have bailed in the final moments. Especially after he admitted to David how embarrassed he was when DeDe (Pamela Adlon) ran out on him the first time. I could have sworn he had the look of sweet revenge in his eyes, but I guess I was wrong. Further proof that my guessing skills were completely off this evening, I also found myself incorrectly thinking Cedric was going to tell Debbie he was ready to take the plunge, when he first pulled her aside tonight. I'm not sure I could have been more wrong on that one. Telling Debbie it would take "no longer than six years" for him to make his decision made my jaw drop. Surely he had to know how Debbie would react and if he didn't, then he must not know her very well. To say she was pissed would be a huge understatement. Ironically, on the other end of t... read more

Raines, October Road, The Wedding Bells, Andy Barker, P.I. and Battlestar Galactica

With spring comes the hope that the networks have a sleeperhit waiting in the wings — like last March, when CBS deliveredtwo keepers in The Unit and The New Adventures of OldChristine. But this new wave of mid-season contenders alsotends to disrupt familiar viewing patterns. (In other words:Bring back Men in Trees, sooner rather than later.) It maynot exactly be four weddings and a funeral, but this week,as we try to make sense of March's chaotic shuffle of comingsand goings, I'm weighing in on four arrivals — some fresherthan others — and a much-awaited season-finale departure. Raines When: Fridays, Starting March 30, 9 pm/ET read more

March 7, 2007: We've Got a Runner!

OK, first thoughts on The Wedding Bells: I really hope this show sticks around. It has potential, albeit a few clichés. I'm both disgusted by and strangely attracted to Ernesto and I already find myself identifying with Annie (and not just because of the tension-filled relationship she has with David, who just so happens to remind me of an ex-boyfriend). Then there's Sammy, the rambunctious kid-sister type that you want to scold for being naive, only to find yourself wishing you could hug her instead when you remember some of the mistakes you made at her age. Which leaves us with Jane, the calm, cool and collected one who holds them altogether. OK, there are actually a few others here, but so far, those are the ones that have made the biggest impression on me. So, they kicked things off with a runaway bride, which makes me wonder: Just how often does a bride make it to the church, don a gown and heels, then decide at the last minute that she'd rather sprint down the block than... read more

Does Legal Eagle David E. Kelley Throw a Wild Wedding?

KaDee Strickland, The Wedding Bells

The prolific writer-producer who gave us Ally McBeal, The Practice and Boston Legal invites you tonight at 9 pm/ET to spend some time with The Wedding Bells, a Fox series about three sisters who labor to help couples find their "happily ever after" — at least until they reach the catering hall's parking lot. KaDee Strickland (The Grudge), the Southern belle who plays middle sis Annie Bell, shared with a preview. Did you hear about the toasters? As part of the PR push, Fox sent toasters to reporters, wrapped up as wedding gifts.KaDee Strickland: That's perfect! I hope you enjoy your toaster. No, I'm totally going to regift this — though I hear it has a Wedding Bells logo on the read more

Casting About: Bells Rings for Heroes Vamp

Missi Pyle, who recently messed with our Hiro and Ando on NBC's Heroes, has been upgraded to series-regular status on David E. Kelley's The Wedding Bells, premiering Mar. 9 on Fox. Pyle had initially guested on the new series' first episode as a bridezilla.... Shohreh Aghdashloo (24, House of Sand and Fog) will check in as a patient on an upcoming episode of Grey's Anatomy.... The Class' Jesse Tyler Ferguson guests as Ugly Betty's orthodontist on Mar. 15. read more

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Premise: Comedy-drama about three sisters who take over the family wedding-planning business after their parents divorce. The women attempt to organize complicated nuptials while struggling with their own equally complicated romantic entanglements.


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