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DVD Pick of the Week: May 15, 2007

American Dad! - Volume 2 courtesy 20th Century Fox

Wow, March 15 is loaded with Warner releases! They have ER Season 7, The War at Home Season 1, A Pup Named Scooby-Doo Volume 6, Tom and Jerry Tales Volume 2, and Tex Avery's Droopy: The Complete Theatrical Collection, which aired as part of Tom and Jerry. That's five releases on one day!All right, time to get right to it: American Dad Volume 2 is my pick of the week for May 15. I'll admit that I'm not a big fan of this show, but the DVDs are pretty good. I prefer Family Guy over American Dad; I just feel that AD is too similar to FG, and I prefer Peter over Stan. The set includes commentary on every episode, plus three featurettes and "Multi-angle Scene Studies" on selected episodes.Other noteworthy releases coming next week: Banacek Season 1 from Hart Sharp and TV Guide, Frasier Season 9, Home Improvement Season 6, Martin Season 2, The Rockford Files Season 4, and Wings Season 4. read more

"Clutter" Report Shames ABC, Supernatural

File this one under Last Week's News: My Take, as this story broke while I was on vacay yet merits discussion. The annual "clutter report" issued by MindShare finds that among the Big Four, ABC litters its typical hour with the most nonprogram content — 15 minutes and 38 seconds' worth, a 12-second increase from its previous average. NBC came in second with 14:58, followed by Fox (14:40) and CBS (a lean, mean 13:51).I surfed around and couldn't find the CW's overall average, but as far as specific programs go, Supernatural is a most dubious No. 1 (tied with What About Brian) among all network offerings, ceding a full 17:50 of each hour to ads and in-house promos. In other words, nearly 30 percent of each Supe' hour has nothing to do with those Winchester boys. Who's the real demon now?Rounding out the "top" five cluttered programs were All of Us (17:40 per hour's worth), Housewives (17:35) and The War at Home (17:30/not nearly enough). read more

Fencing Lessons

Hello again! This is Dean Collins from The War at Home. This week's episode is called "A Bitter Pill to Swallow." My character decides to take up fencing to escape the influence of his father. This particular episode was probably my hardest week on the show. Before this episode began production, I received a call from our creator and executive producer, Rob Lotterstein. He told me that he had pitched the idea of my character learning to fence to the Fox network and they thought it was great. He told me the basic story, in which my character develops an interest in fencing. I told him that it sounded like a lot of fun and I would love to do it, but then he mentioned that in order for me to look like a proper fencer, I would have to take a week and a half's worth of fencing lessons. This sounded like a fun experience and I was ready to take on the challenge.Over the weekend, I went to the Warner Bros. Studios to begin my training with my fencing instructor, Anthony De Longis. The firs... read more

The White Shadow

This week’s episode of The War at Home is entitled "The White Shadow." In it, my character Larry starts writing music and for some reason Dave decides that he can rap over it. Michael Rapaport really liked rapping — in fact, he wrote his own rap for this episode. In an attempt to bulk up, Dean's character decides to stop m-----bating. For this story line we had Tila Tequila come on the show and, within the context of a wet dream, rub her breasts in Dean's face. Dean thought she was really cool.Behind the scenes, Dean and I spent most of the week watching Dax Flame, the greatest human being on the planet! Dax Flame is a very talented young man who started documenting his adventures on his YouTube blog about three months ago. So far there are 45 installments, all of which are truly hilarious. Dax’s mission in life is twofold: 1) He must befriend Jacob, and 2) he must win the heart of Sofia. Maybe one day Dax could be on an episode of The War at Home — both Dean a... read more

Take This Job and Bleep It

Hello, again! This is Dean Collins from The War at Home, writing my second blog for This week's episode of The War at Home is entitled, "Take This Job and Bleep It." Instead of airing this Thursday night, we're moving back to our usual Sunday night schedule at a new time, 7:30 pm/ET. Sorry about the confusion, but I assure you this is our last move. Be sure to catch this week's episode at 7:30 pm, Sunday night on Fox. This week's episode is about Dave losing his job. My character doesn't clean his room because he's lazy. When Anita Barone (Vicky) yells at Mike to clean his room, he just brushes her off. Recently, I went to the premiere of The Number 23 after work. My best friend Logan Lerman is in it, so he took me to the premiere with him. It was an awesome movie. I did not get to meet Jim Carrey, but he sat right behind me, and it was quite an experience, considering he's my favorite actor. I love his dramatic films and this was really cool because it's the first time... read more

Kenny Doesn't Live Here Anymore

Hello, this is Kyle Sullivan from The War at Home. (I play Larry.) This week's episode is entitled "Kenny Doesn't Live Here Anymore." Can you guess what happens? Yup, Kenny moves out. His parents eventually come around and accept him for who he is. This week features a ton of guest stars, all of whom are characters you've seen before. Martin Mull is back as Principal Fink, Marcelo Tubert's back as Kenny's dad Achmed, Jackson Rathbone will be Kenny's boyfriend Dylan, Dreux Frederic is Taye, and Carla Renata is Eartha, the social-services lady. Kenny's mom is also back on the show and is played by Rose Abdoo. When we were in production for this episode (which was about three or four weeks ago), I was still addicted to that Nintendo DS that I'd stolen from Dean in the previous week. I was playing so often that our camera guys made fun of me; they started calling the DS "Kyle Crack" so as to mock and ridicule my newfound love. I eventually lost interest (mostly 'cause I got to some leve... read more

No Weddings and a Funeral

Hello, everyone, this is Dean Collins from The War at Home. (I play Mike.) I've never written an official blog before, so here goes.The next episode of the The War at Home, airing Thursday at 8:30 (on Fox), is called “No Weddings and a Funeral.” For this episode, we had a bunch of guest stars, including George Segal and Jamie Farr, who were both awesome to work with and totally down-to-earth. We also had to construct a mock airplane set, which made filming a much more complicated process than it usually is. Normally we film in four-camera, which means that each camera can get different coverage simultaneously and as a result we can finish a scene in just a few takes. In this particular episode, the plane set forced us to shoot more like a one-camera show, requiring many more takes than usual. But we did it, and it turned out great! Since I was on that plane set for such a long time, the prop master on the show (John) gave my character a Gameboy to play with. It was a Ninte... read more

The Back Nine: Any Other Keepers?

ABC's Brothers & Sisters has joined the charmed, and so far rather tiny, circle of new fall series rewarded with what is known as "the back nine," as in a full-series renewal taking the original order of 13 episodes to 22 (sometimes expanded further for true breakthrough shows). At the moment, only three other shows have this honor: ABC's delightful Ugly Betty and two speculative fantasies that defied the odds to capture an early following: NBC's intriguing Heroes and, to the surprise of many skeptics (including this one), CBS's dark-hued Jericho.Over the next few weeks, we'll find out which other newbies will get the full-season order and which will bite the dust in 13, if they even get that far. Here's my educated guess, by network.CBS The network with the most solid and consistent schedule was the first to cancel a show (Smith), and has only two other new series to decide upon.While Shark on Thursdays has been a bit of a disappointment, relative to its CSI lead-in by being up... read more

As an outsider looking in ...

Question: As an outsider looking in (I've never seen an entire episode of either Everwood or 7th Heaven) can I attempt to defend [CW programming chief] Dawn Ostroff? I hardly think that she rose to the position of power she's in today by being a moron. Of course episodes advertised as "series finales" are going to have much higher ratings than any given episode, and of course that is to be expected. I think her only fault in handling this has been passing that off as the excuse for renewing 7th Heaven over Everwood. Had she been straightforward and said, "Look, we like both shows and we really like Everwood, but it doesn't get us the ratings that 7th Heaven has consistantly gotten us over the years and we're trying to launch a network here," she wouldn't be getting the lampooning that she so rightfully deserves now. I have no doubt that Everwood is an excellent series, much as I have no doubt that 7th Heaven is past its prime. (After all these years, how could it not be?) But the fact ... read more


Wentworth Miller

Prison Break is once again getting furloughed by Fox. In a November-sweeps press release issued Thursday, Fox referred to the show's Nov. 28 episode as its "fall finale," but gave no indication as to when it would be back. Adding to the mystery: A network rep would only say that Prison's remaining nine episodes would air at a "later date." As previously reported, 24 assumes Prison's Monday-9 pm time slot in early January. (Damn you, 24! Oh, wait — I like 24. Damn you, um, er, um, War at Home!) read more

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