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1972, TV Show

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Feb 27, 1975 Season 3 Episode 24 watch on (Paid)

Prosperity seems to be imminent for the Walton family when disaster strikes as John Walton is felled by pneumonia, and the family may lose all for which they have worked so hard.

The Woman

Feb 20, 1975 Season 3 Episode 23

John and Olivia Walton renew their wedding vows as the highlight of their 20th-anniversary celebration, and John-Boy falls in love with an older woman.
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The Song

Feb 13, 1975 Season 3 Episode 22

Young Ben Walton falls in love with pretty Sally Ann Harper, but his secret campaign to win her affections fails when he inadvertently sends her into the arms of his brother Jason.
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The Statue [HD]

Feb 06, 1975 Season 3 Episode 21

John-Boy faces an agonizing possibility of destroying Emily Baldwin's dream in order to make his first literary sale. Grandpa wins a statue that resembles his former girlfriend.
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The Choice

Jan 30, 1975 Season 3 Episode 20

John Walton's dream of a Walton & Sons lumber business is shattered when Jason, like his elder brother John-Boy, decides to pursue his own career.
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The Caretakers

Jan 16, 1975 Season 3 Episode 18

Grandpa becomes upset with John, and his stubborn pride leads him to pack, take Grandma by the hand and leave home.
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The Beguiled

Jan 09, 1975 Season 3 Episode 17

A beautiful but unprincipled girl causes problems for John-Boy.
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The Lie

Dec 19, 1974 Season 3 Episode 15

John-Boy turns detective to piece together the truth behind a hit-and-run charge brought against his younger brother Ben.
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The Birthday [HD]

Dec 12, 1974 Season 3 Episode 14

Grandpa is stricken by a heart attack and desperately despondent about his condition, causing the entire Walton family to make every effort to restore his will to live.
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The Visitor

Dec 05, 1974 Season 3 Episode 13

An old family friend comes home to Walton's Mountain, drawn there by the haunting memory of his dear wife.
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The Departure

Nov 21, 1974 Season 3 Episode 12

Convinced that "life has passed him by," John Walton leaves home for an adventure.
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The Book

Nov 07, 1974 Season 3 Episode 10

John-Boy's feelings of inadequacy are replaced by pure vanity when his short stories are published. Jason gets a job playing music in a band, but no one in the family seems to notice.
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The Marathon

Oct 31, 1974 Season 3 Episode 9

John-Boy defies his mother to enter a week-long dance marathon with a pretty, young stranger.
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The Spoilers [HD]

Oct 24, 1974 Season 3 Episode 8

A sophisticated but emotionally confused New York family arrives on Walton's Mountain with devastating results for the Walton family.
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The System

Oct 17, 1974 Season 3 Episode 7

John-Boy tempers honor with mercy when he defends a freshman football player whom he has accused of cheating. Ben discovers the dangers of smoking.
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