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Jun 04, 1981 Season 9 Episode 22 watch on (Paid)

John-Boy goes to New York to pursue his writing career, and the Baldwin sisters plan a fancy dress ball -- but both plans go awry.

The Valediction

Mar 13, 1980 Season 8 Episode 24

Jim-Bob graduates as valedictorian from high school just as the Allied Forces invade France. He joins his three brothers as all of them march off for duty overseas.
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The Medal

Feb 28, 1980 Season 8 Episode 23

Mary Ellen and Corabeth both encounter men who bring romance into their lives.
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The Furlough

Feb 21, 1980 Season 8 Episode 22

John-Boy returns home, still suffering memory loss and deeply troubled by his ordeal. Ike is arrested for draft evasion.
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The Travelling Man

Feb 14, 1980 Season 8 Episode 21

Mr. Stanley Perkins, a traveling salesman, arrives on Walton's Mountain to rekindle an old romance with Aunt Rose.
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The Last Straw

Feb 07, 1980 Season 8 Episode 20

The pressures of wartime and changing values finally affect John Walton. Jeffrey builds a soapbox derby racecar, but then learns the race has been suspended for the duration of the war.
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The Inspiration

Jan 31, 1980 Season 8 Episode 19

Miss Mamie Baldwin refuses to have an operation for cataracts -- until John brings home a secret weapon: Grandma.
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The Remembrance

Jan 24, 1980 Season 8 Episode 18

Zadok Walton, Grandpa's cousin, arrives unannounced to keep a date he made with Zeb twenty-one years ago.
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The Prodigals

Jan 17, 1980 Season 8 Episode 17

Jeffrey and Josh break into Ike's store, and Ben decides to enlist after being humiliated by a soldier.
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The Idol

Jan 10, 1980 Season 8 Episode 16

Elizabeth's favorite teacher and good friend Hazel must reveal that she is dying of a fatal illness, and Elizabeth must learn to live with another loss -- and learn to forgive Hazel.
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The Unthinkable

Jan 03, 1980 Season 8 Episode 15

A Jewish recruit in Jason's company tells how his grandfather was arrested and murdered by German soldiers in Warsaw.
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The Fastidious Wife

Dec 27, 1979 Season 8 Episode 14

When Cindy is introduced to the book The Fastidious Wife, she follows its instruction exactly and almost goes into premature labor due to exhaustion.
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The Spirit

Dec 20, 1979 Season 8 Episode 13

A German POW escapes from a North Carolina camp and hides on the mountain. When Jeffrey befriends him, the family asks him in for Christmas Eve.
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The Wager

Dec 13, 1979 Season 8 Episode 12

Erin and Mary Ellen enter a "Run and Ride" race, challenging a traditionally all-male domain.
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The Silver Wings

Nov 29, 1979 Season 8 Episode 11

Encouraged with his dreams of flying, Jim-Bob finds himself in love with a young married woman whose husband is overseas as a pilot in the air corps.
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The Waiting

Nov 22, 1979 Season 8 Episode 10

While John-Boy lies in a coma, Olivia accepts a job as a Red Cross volunteer, never losing faith or patience for a sign of his recovery. Rose plans a big Thanksgiving feast.
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The Violated

Nov 08, 1979 Season 8 Episode 9

While the Waltons wait for news about John-Boy, who is missing in action in Europe, Olivia does volunteer work for the Red Cross. A young GI's wife is raped, and Olivia tries to comfort her.
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The Lost Sheep

Nov 01, 1979 Season 8 Episode 8

Home on leave from his ship in the South Pacific, Ashley Longworth, Jr. asks Erin to marry him immediately. Erin is thrilled, but begins to have doubts when Ashley tells her he has vowed never to enter a church again.
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The Journal

Oct 25, 1979 Season 8 Episode 7

John and Olivia must make a decision about publishing a manuscript John-Boy wrote while overseas. Jeffrey becomes very attached to the dog, Reckless, which is suffering from old age.
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The Starlet

Oct 18, 1979 Season 8 Episode 6

When Erin gets involved with a documentary film being made at the Pickett Defense Plant, she is led to believe that can become a star in Hollywood
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The Innocents

Oct 11, 1979 Season 8 Episode 5

Olivia seeks help from the Pickett defense plant for a day nursery for the children of the defense workers but encounters much difficulty. When Corabeth discovers a perfumed handkerchief in her husband's pocket, she suspects the worst of Ike.
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The Diploma

Oct 04, 1979 Season 8 Episode 4

John's military security clearance is threatened when it is discovered he did not graduate from high school. Mary Ellen takes over for the county nurse and encounters difficulties with the mountain folk.
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The Kinfolk

Sep 27, 1979 Season 8 Episode 3

Olivia's cousin Rose arrives for a visit, bringing her two grandchildren--and problems--with her. Ike and Jim Bob build a huge air raid siren.
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