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Jun 04, 1981 Season 9 Episode 22 watch on (Paid)

John-Boy goes to New York to pursue his writing career, and the Baldwin sisters plan a fancy dress ball -- but both plans go awry.

Grandma Comes Home

Mar 30, 1978 Season 6 Episode 26

Grandma finally returns home after her stroke, but everyone is so protective of her that she no longer feels she is needed or has a place in the family.
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The Revelation

Mar 23, 1978 Season 6 Episode 25

Daisy accepts John-Boy's proposal of marriage, and he brings his fiancée home to meet the family. But John-Boy learns a secret that Daisy has been hiding, which prevents their wedding. Alone, he accepts a job offer in London.
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The Return, Pts. 1 & 2

Mar 16, 1978 Season 6 Episode 24

John-Boy returns to a pre-war, impoverished Walton's Mountain and tries to reopen a long forgotten mine. Erin hides her second job from the family, attempting to earn more money for the family. John is trapped inside the mine that John-Boy has stuggled to re-open to create jobs in Rockfish.
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The Family Tree

Feb 09, 1978 Season 6 Episode 20

Verdie searches for her family history with Jason's help. Elizabeth stretches the truth to her soldier pen pal, letting him think she's 18 and looks like Erin.
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The Anniversary

Feb 01, 1978 Season 6 Episode 19

John and Olivia celebrate their 25th wedding anniversary, and Mary Ellen and Curt both fight temptation during their separation due to the army.
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The Festival

Jan 26, 1978 Season 6 Episode 18

Jason encounters racism when he and Josh audition for the Spring Festival, and Elizabeth falls in love with a new schoolmate.
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Spring Fever

Jan 12, 1978 Season 6 Episode 17

Mamie Baldwin thinks her declining rosebush is a sign of her own impending death. Jim Bob and Ben fight over each other's girlfriends.
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The Rumor

Jan 05, 1978 Season 6 Episode 16

Elizabeth's vivid imagination starts a rumor that an innocent family is spying for the Germans, and the outcome threatens her family and friends.
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The Celebration

Dec 22, 1977 Season 6 Episode 15

After years of hard work, the Walton family is out of debt, and Corabeth is interested in getting the handsome new preacher married.
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The Milestone

Dec 08, 1977 Season 6 Episode 14

Olivia is forced to deal with the loss of emotional composure as she enters menopause, and Jim-Bob struggles to reach his manhood.
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The Children's Carol, Pts. 1 & 2

Dec 05, 1977 Season 6 Episode 12

The war seems very close to Walton's Mountain as two young English orphans seek refuge from the German blitzkrieg, everyone in the family becomes involved in military preparations and Jim-Bob rebuilds an old short-wave radio, which he uses to communicate with people under siege in England. Olivia's faith in God is tested by the horrors of the oncoming war and by events within her community and her family. Christmas comes to Walton's mountain as preparations for war occupy everyone's attention. But Olivia's faith in God -- tested by the horrors on the oncoming war and by events within her community -- is reaffirmed when Jim-Bob uses his short-wave radio to located the two English children's mother.
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The Flight

Dec 01, 1977 Season 6 Episode 11

Jim Bob befriends a boy who claims to be joining the Air Corps. Elizabeth adopts Maud as a grandmother, and Myrtle the goat has a baby.
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The Battle of Drucilla's Pond

Nov 17, 1977 Season 6 Episode 10

The United States Army invades Walton's Mountain to practice maneuvers, and Olivia sells all her paintings to a mysterious gentleman.
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The First Casualty

Nov 10, 1977 Season 6 Episode 9

The war deeply affects the Waltons when Curt is called into active duty and G.W. Haines is killed during training.
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The Volunteer

Oct 27, 1977 Season 6 Episode 6

John and Olivia must accept that Erin is growing up when G.W. Haines proposes marriage. But when she turns down his proposal, G.W. joins the army.
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The Seashore

Oct 20, 1977 Season 6 Episode 5

The Waltons vacation at the Baldwin's beach cottage and meet a mysterious English girl. Ben tries to enjoy the carefree life home alone.
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The Warrior

Oct 13, 1977 Season 6 Episode 4

The startling history of Walton's Mountain leads to the beginning of a new Indian burial ground, and Myrtle, the goat, is healed.
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The Recluse

Sep 29, 1977 Season 6 Episode 3

Jason befriends a mysterious recluse who loves music, and Ben leaves home to look for a job in a defense plant.
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The Stray

Sep 22, 1977 Season 6 Episode 2

Mysterious events at the Walton farm lead to the discovery of a 12-year-old, black orphan boy, who attaches himself to John Walton
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The Hawk

Sep 15, 1977 Season 6 Episode 1

A fierce hawk threatens peace on the Walton farm, and a handsome new minister is chosen for the Walton community.
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