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Jun 04, 1981 Season 9 Episode 22 watch on (Paid)

John-Boy goes to New York to pursue his writing career, and the Baldwin sisters plan a fancy dress ball -- but both plans go awry.

The Collision

Mar 04, 1976 Season 4 Episode 25

A former girlfriend returns to Walton's Mountain and challenges John-Boy to reexamine his goals.
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The Fledgling

Feb 26, 1976 Season 4 Episode 24

Would-be newspaper publisher John-Boy battles to scrape together enough money for an old printing press.
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The House

Feb 19, 1976 Season 4 Episode 23

Grandpa Walton wins a contract to demolish an old house that holds many dear memories for Grandma.
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The Quilting

Feb 12, 1976 Season 4 Episode 22

Grandma is determined to have a quilting for Mary Ellen to announce she's of marrying age. But Mary Ellen considers the custom insulting.
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The Test

Feb 05, 1976 Season 4 Episode 21

Olivia Walton must choose between her family and a career when she is offered a remarkable business opportunity.
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The Big Brother

Jan 29, 1976 Season 4 Episode 20

John-Boy undertakes an act of charity that exposes the family to the unexpected wiles of a most unlikely con artist.
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The Burn Out, Pts. 1 & 2

Jan 22, 1976 Season 4 Episode 19

A flash fire demolishes the second floor of the Walton's house and begins a series of events that threatens to destroy the family.A flash fire demolishes the second floor of the Walton's home and starts a series of events that threatens to destroy the family.
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The Fox

Jan 15, 1976 Season 4 Episode 17

Grandpa Zeb Walton is just as surely trapped by a set of unique circumstances as a wild, young mountain animal captured by Ben Walton.
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The Secret

Jan 08, 1976 Season 4 Episode 16

Convinced he was adopted, young Jim-Bob Walton searches for the truth about his birth and finds it shrouded in mystery.
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The Search

Jan 01, 1976 Season 4 Episode 15

Olivia, Jim Bob and Elizabeth become lost on Walton's Mountain.
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The Intruders

Dec 18, 1975 Season 4 Episode 14

A rival lumber company threatens to put Walton and Sons out of business, and young Ben Walton picks the worst possible time to leave home.
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The Nurse

Dec 11, 1975 Season 4 Episode 13

Mary Ellen's ambition to become a nurse is tested by disappointment and an experience with death.
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The Estrangement

Dec 04, 1975 Season 4 Episode 12

A frightened, young mother seeks refuge in the Walton home when she leaves her husband.
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The Abdication

Nov 20, 1975 Season 4 Episode 11

John-Boy Walton shares an inner bond with Edward the Eighth, King of England, when he faces the most important professional and personal decision of his life.
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The Loss

Nov 13, 1975 Season 4 Episode 10

When a young widow comes to stay in their home, the Walton children learn a hard lesson about how to cope with another person's grief.
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The Emergence

Nov 06, 1975 Season 4 Episode 9

The Walton children learn that it is not easy having their mother as a substitute teacher, and John-Boy rediscovers a former girlfriend.
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The Competition

Oct 30, 1975 Season 4 Episode 8

Olivia Walton and her daughter, Erin, must face intense life challenges when forced to give up newfound love relationships.
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The Wingwalker

Oct 23, 1975 Season 4 Episode 7

Death-Defying Bobby Storm, a beautiful, young stuntwoman, offers her dangerously troubled heart to John-Boy Walton
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The Breakdown

Oct 16, 1975 Season 4 Episode 6

Jason Walton stretches himself to the breaking point by working too hard to prove his self-worth.
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The Boondoggle

Sep 09, 1975 Season 4 Episode 5

When an investigative reporter comes to Walton's Mountain to write a historical guide to the State of Virginia, he uncovers a secret that embarrasses the Baldwin sisters and angers the rest of the community.
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The Prophecy

Oct 02, 1975 Season 4 Episode 4

Thinking himself a failure compared to his more successful former classmates, John Walton is apprehensive and irritable as he contemplates his high school class' 25th reunion.
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The Fighter

Sep 25, 1975 Season 4 Episode 3

The Walton family befriends a young, black preacher who wants to earn money to start his own church by becoming a professional prizefighter.
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The Genius

Sep 18, 1975 Season 4 Episode 2

The Walton household is upset when John-Boy brings home a teenage college-student genius with a photographic memory.
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The Sermon

Sep 11, 1975 Season 4 Episode 1

When Walton Mountain's only schoolteacher and its minister suddenly decide to get married, their only chance for a honeymoon depends on Olivia taking over the classroom and John-Boy giving the Sunday sermon.
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