A popular, long-running drama about a close-knit family in rural, Depression-era Virginia, based on the experiences of series creator and narrator Earl Hamner Jr. Sentimental and often moving, the Emmy-winning series told stories of family trials, triumphs and values with great simplicity and honesty. Its genesis was a superb 1971 teleplay, 'The Homecoming: A Christmas Story,' which starred Patricia Neal. The TV-movie also featured Richard Thomas and several others who became series regulars.


Guest Stars

Hal Williams
Harley, Harley Foster, Hartley
Rachel Longaker
Aimee, Aimee Godsey, Amie Louise
Merie Earle
Maude, Maude Gormley
Lynn Carlin
Sarah, Sarah Griffith
John Carter
Deputy Hendrix, Shelby
David Doremus
G.W., G.W. Haines
3 Episodes (2002-2002)
Ivor Francis
Dean Beck, Prof. Hoadley
Kip Niven
Lt. Clarke Oler, Tom
Pat Quinn
Wilma, Wilma Turner
Pearl Shear
Zuleika, Zuleika Dunbar
Steve Shaw
George Simmons, Simmons
Melody Thomas
Darlene, Darlene Jarvis
Alice Hirson
Jane Stevens, Miss Stevens
Hal Riddle
Lowenthal, Superintendent
John Myhers
Theodore Claypool Sr.
Peggy McCay
Mrs. Thomas