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Has everyone else had enough ...

Question: Has everyone else had enough of Trump talking smack about Rosie? I, for one, will not be watching The Apprentice this season. I used to like him and the show, but now I've lost total respect for the man. He's reduced himself to a name-calling child, all in the name of ratings.

Answer: I'm with you, Diana. There used to be something oddly endearing about Trump's over-the-top hauteur, but he's gone too far with the Rosie bashing. And if the point was to help boost The Apprentice's bottom line, he failed miserably. Sunday's debut hit a new low for an Apprentice season premiere. The View, meanwhile, is breaking ratings records left and right. That's read more

Short Cuts: The View, Ugly Betty and More!

Rosie O's motormouth translated into a 13 percent bump in total viewers for The View versus 4Q '05, a record high since the show's inception.... ABC's Ugly Betty has been added to the iTunes store.... Yin Yang Yo!, the highest-rated animated series on Toon Disney's Jetix programming block, has been picked up for a second, 26-episode season, one that will explore new powers for Yin and Yang and introduce new villains.... Lifetime has bought basic-cable rights to The Lake House (ouch), Rumor Has It (eek), Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants (better... ) and North Country (... now we're talkin'). read more

My Top 10 of 2006!

You didn't think I'd let the final seconds of 2006 tick away without posting my top-10 list, did ya!? You guys continue to underestimate me, and, well, it's starting to hurt a little. 1. The Shield: TV's most arresting hour hit a new creative peak this year, due in no small part to Forest Whitaker's mesmerizing turn as Mackey's latest foe, Kavanaugh. The Shield was also responsible for this season's most delightfully perverse line of dialogue, a five-syllable grenade lobbed at Kavanaugh by his cuckoo ex mere moments after she'd shagged Mackey: "He made me c--. Twice." Funny, I had a similar reaction upon hearing those words. 2. Battlestar Galactica: On any other show, a sudden, one-year jump would reek of desperation. But on Battlestar, it was yet another bold move for a show that continues to reinvent the sci-fi genre. Those still not on board should just go frak themselves. 3. Friday Night Lights: Don't let the show's "football as a metaphor for life" conceit scare you off. I mean... read more

Group Rejects Rosie's Quasi-apology to Asians

Rosie O'Donnell's bid to make nice after painting the Chinese language as only so much "ching-chong, ching-chong," didn't fly with Unity: Journalists of Color, Inc., a group representing more than 10,000 reporters. On Thursday's The View, Rosie said, "Asian people have told me that ['ching chong'] is as bad as the N-word. I was like, 'Really? I didn’t know that.' It was never my intent to mock, and I'm sorry for those who felt hurt. [But] there's a good chance I'll do something like that again... 'cause that’s how my brain works." That, Unity's president-elect tells the AP, "really didn’t sound like an apology to me. By allowing [such] cheap jabs... to go unchecked, [ABC] is essentially condoning [slurs]." Didn't all this slurring start with Danny DeVito? read more

TV Guide Presents: 15 Things We Learned from YouTube

YouTube features the music of Josh Holloway and the antics of a younger Jason Lee.

1. The Amazing Race has officially gone global. Many foreign networks broadcast the CBS hit. But so far only the Singapore-based AXN has put its own teams on the road with The Amazing Race: Asia. 2. John Krasinski is cool with being "OK." At a recent DVD signing, The Office's Jim smiled graciously when fans shouted, "You're hot!" But he really got a kick out of the girl who screamed, "You're OK!" 3. Jason Lee pops a mean "ollie." The My Name Is Earl star's pro skateboarding days roll on in YouTuber-posted videos showcasing his gravity-defying moves (and budding sideburns). 4. Tasers are the real reason Cops is still on the air. read more

Will Rosie's View Run Get Nip'd Short?

Fueled by her recent disclosure to The View's Tuesday audience that she is in talks to headline her own Nip/Tuck spin-off, there is buzz that Rosie O'Donnell might wrap up her run, which started in September, "within six months," one source tells the New York Daily News. Says the insider, "She's grown tired of the daily dramas with her cohosts and the crew." Rosie's rep — who also fronts Barbara Walters — insists, "Rosie is having a great time. Everyone is getting along.... There is no animosity." Well, what fun is that? read more

DeVito Sorry for Well-lubricated View Visit

Shortly after appearing on Wednesday's The View admittedly sloshed, Danny DeVito offered an olive branch to queen bee Barbara Walters, "to apologize for anything that could be construed as unfortunate," his publicist tells ABC News. DeVito's appearance on the talker followed an all-nighter of partying and downing limoncello with pal George Clooney, and was peppered with such colorful anecdotes as the time he and wife Rhea Perlman set the White House's Lincoln bedroom a-rocking. read more

Random Scoop/Gripes: Alias, Oprah, Betty and More!

Here's my mini week-in-review, with a few pieces of prattle mixed in...* It almost happened. Michael Vartan was thisclose to returning to TV. According to a fresh batch of intel from one of my APO moles, Vartan was in talks to join the cast of one my five current favorite shows. But sadly, the deal fell through. * Just weeks after Oprah revealed that she had never heard of a little thing called the Kinsey Scale (WTF?), Gayle's BFF confessed on yesterday's Oprah that she wasn't aware that an HIV-positive person could be re-infected with a different strain of the virus (double WTF?). I seriously hope this whole dumb act is just her attempt to appear more relatable to the average viewer. * In related news, The View needs to put Elisabeth Hasselbeck out of her freakin' misery. I have to shield my eyes from the TV whenever she opens her mouth — especially when the topic turns to politics. It's not her stance on the issues that I have a problem with (OK, maybe that's part of it), it'... read more

Short Cuts: Elmo Tickles The View and More!

Today on The View, Rosie O read more

Vieira's Views
Today's new cohost readies herself for the spotlight

Matt Lauer and Meredith Vieira, Today

Can Meredith Vieira be Meredith Vieira? That could be the biggest challenge ahead for Today's new coanchor, who starts Sept. 13. The former moderator of The View has already learned that her free-wheeling opinions will be under a microscope in her new job. She found out the hard way after an interview that recently ran in Time magazine, which quoted her saying that her old show turned into "a joke" after her departure. The remark spent a weekend as a headline on the Drudge Report and became fodder for the New York tabloids. Vieira's answer was taken out of context — Time even ran a clarification — but she still had to apologize to View den mother Barbara Walters, who was more than a little s read more

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