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Latest Episode: The Devil's Grip

Jul 22, 2013 Season 5 Episode 8 watch on (Paid)

Dr. Venture is missing... presumed dead. Sgt. Hatred sends Hank and Dean to live with their godfathers to keep them out of harm's way while he forges an unlikely alliance with Henchman 21 to wreak vengeance.

The Family That Slays Together, Stays Together, Pt. 2

Aug 24, 2008 Season 3 Episode 13

Heads will fly as the explosive conclusion of The Venture Bros. two-part season finale finds Brock and the Venture family on the run from the Law, The Monarch, Sgt. Hatred and the entire O.S.I! Only bald ingenuity and an unlikely ally can possibly save their necks from the deadly noose tightening around the Venture Compound, but they stand to lose so much more when they learn the hard way that you can't go home again.
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The Family That Slays Together, Stays Together

Aug 17, 2008 Season 3 Episode 12

Brock Samson is a marked man. Terminated from the O.S.I., stripped of his license to kill, and hunted by three of the world's deadliest assassins, Brock only has one thing left: The Venture family. And he wants them as far away from him as they can get. But not even Molotov Cocktease, Hunter Gathers and a pair of friendly ex-O.S.I. comrades can sever the ties that bind. And The Monarch and Sgt. Hatred certainly aren't helping.
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Aug 10, 2008 Season 3 Episode 11

A series of cryptic clues sends Team Venture out to uncover a mystery left by the late Jonas Venture, Sr. As each new solved riddle exposes one more piece of secret Venture history, Brock discovers that his long-standing role as Dr. Venture's bodyguard may not have been the assignment he always thought it was.
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The Lepidopterists

Aug 03, 2008 Season 3 Episode 10

The Monarch launches his first attack on his new arch nemesis, the other Dr. Venture. But Jonas has the formidable defenses of Spider-Skull Island on his side, as well as his own Team Venture, and the expert advice of a trio of O.S.I. "butterfly specialists." It will take a loose reading of the Guild handbook, an insertion team of his three best henchmen, and all the diabolical chicanery The Monarch can muster to even the playing field.
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Now Museum, Now You Don't

Jul 27, 2008 Season 3 Episode 9

Determined to honor the father he never knew, Jonas, Jr. converts Spider Skull Island into a Team Venture Museum. Unfortunately, he invited all of his father's surviving friends and enemies to the grand opening. There's nothing like a party to stir up decades' worth of sibling rivalries, bitter regrets and half-forgotten hatreds.
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Tears of a Sea Cow

Jul 20, 2008 Season 3 Episode 8

Bored and under-whelmed with his new Guild-assigned arch-enemies, The Monarch seeks to re-spark his old hatred by secretly visiting the Venture Compound while Dr. Venture is away at the Science Now conference. His passion for arching all things Venture may threaten to seriously cool things with his other love, Dr. Mrs. The Monarch, but does it really count as arching when there's nobody home? Or is there?
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What Goes Down, Must Come Up

Jul 13, 2008 Season 3 Episode 7

All basements are kinda spooky, but the Ventures are about to learn the hard way that beneath the foundations of the Venture Compound lie deep, dark secrets...great and small. Only the one-two punch of magic and technology can save Doc, Brock--and perhaps the planet--from certain doom as the boys recruit The Order of the Triad and Pete White to get to the bottom of a thirty year old mystery.
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Dr Quymn, Medicine Woman

Jul 06, 2008 Season 3 Episode 6

Love is in the air, kind of, when Dr. Venture encounters his childhood friend, Dr. Tara Quymn, in the Amazon Rain Forest. But while Rusty puts the moves on his old play date, Hank makes a play for Dr. Quymn's twin daughters, Nancy and Drew, who in turn, only have eyes for Dean. And the Quymn's bodyguard, Ginnie, is hot for Brock. Maybe. But all of their romantic interludes will have to be put aside when the terror of the Wereodile threatens their camp.
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The Buddy System

Jun 29, 2008 Season 3 Episode 5

Dr. Venture, in a bid to make some much-needed money, opens up the compound as "Rusty's Day Camp for Boy Adventurers." But while the children are kept busy with activities like judo lessons from Brock and quizzing with Master Billy Quizboy, the Monarch sends in the Murderous Moppets to spy on his former arch-nemesis.
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Home Is Where the Hate Is

Jun 22, 2008 Season 3 Episode 4

As The Monarch and Dr. Mrs. The Monarch settle into their new home and a new, no-more-arching-Dr.-Venture anymore life, Dr. Venture receives an unorthodox introduction to his new Guild-assigned nemesis--which quickly lands him in the center of the deadly web that is the suburban supervillain community.
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The Invisible Hand of Fate

Jun 15, 2008 Season 3 Episode 3

At long last, The Venture Bros. peels away the onion-like shrouds of time for a look back into the troubled past of America's most beloved hydrocephalic former boy genius, to reveal dark secrets that even he didn't know about. What could Pete White have been hiding from him for all these years? And why is Brock in on the cover-up?
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The Doctor Is Sin

Jun 08, 2008 Season 3 Episode 2

Dr. Venture learns that a life with no arch enemy is not nearly so sweet when he finds himself besieged by C-list pretenders to the Monarch's throne, and his super-science business once again on the rocks. Despite the best efforts of family and friends, it will take the help of a dark and mysterious stranger to get Doc's life back on track--but could it cost him his soul?
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Shadowman 9 - In the Cradle of Destiny

Jun 01, 2008 Season 3 Episode 1

The wait is over. The truths and half-truths about Dr. Venture's former arch nemeses, Dr. Girlfriend and The Monarch, are finally revealed (albeit obliquely) in an episode spanning twenty years...and oceans of love. See how they first met, their first kiss, their first trembling supervillainy--and what The Guild of Calamitous Intent has to say about it all.
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