Eliot Ness and his band of incorruptible federal agents fought crime (meaning Al Capone) in Prohibition-era Chicago in this series, which was enormously popular with audiences, but was shot down by critics, who lambasted its extreme violence. Walter Winchell provided the narration. A syndicated remake of the series aired from 1993 to 1994, but the best `Untouchables' is undoubtedly the 1987 Brian De Palma-directed movie version that earned Sean Connery a supporting Oscar.


Guest Stars

Harold J. Stone
Adam, Barney Jurow, Flack, Fletcher, Tommy Karpeles
Nehemiah Persoff
Fortunato, Guzik, Waxey Gordon
Michael Constantine
Frivol, Gino, Marty, Otis, Wald
Phillip Pine
Griff, Grosse, Mike, Shore, Zuta
Will Kuluva
Frank, Gander, Kulak, Rankin, Renzo
Charles McGraw
Bugs Bertsch, Holly Kester, Mayberry, Torrio
Don Gordon
Bick, Cropsey, Frankie, Selkirk
Jack Warden
Barber, Halloran, Larry, Otto Frick
Joe De Santis
Louis, Oates, Salazar, Szabo
Johnny Seven
Davas, Frankie, Lefty, Murray
Milton Selzer
Fiddler, Gordon, Scharmm, Sitkin
Murray Hamilton
Barrigan, Charlie, Danigan, Darcy
Richard Bakalyan
Benno, Courtney, Cully, Lucky
Robert Middleton
Anton Cermak, Cermak, Loomis, Wartel
Joseph Ruskin
Lepke, Levinsky, Lupescu, Raeder
Keenan Wynn
Augie Ciamino, Fuselli
Luther Adler
Bouchard, Krone, Zenko
Barbara Stanwyck
Aggie, Lt. Agatha Stewart
David Brian
Dink Conway, O'Malley
Harry Guardino
Frank O'Dean, Nick Moses
Jack Klugman
Halas, Sol Girsh
Jeanne Cooper
Fran, Mrs. Alpine
John Larch
Bull Hanlon, Radick
Lee Marvin
Mike Braqnnon, Victor Rate
Martin Landau
Coombs, Fanning
Pat Hingle
Barney, Grandin
Rip Torn
Johnny Meizo, Phil
Telly Savalas
Leo Stazek, Wally Baltzer
Mort Mills
O'Mara, Rosenkrantz