The Universe

  • 2007
  • TV Show
  • TV-PG

An astronomy series examing the history, scientific phenomena and mysteries of the universe.

Science Fiction/Science Fact Trailer
02:00 — From wormholes to transporters, examine which elements from popular sci-fi movies could really exist.
Death Stars Trailer
01:37 — Explore the threats to Earth from supernovas, gamma-ray bursts, and stars that collide.
10 Ways To Destroy The Earth Trailer
01:16 — Airs Tuesdays at 9pm/8c on HISTORY. Don't try this at home! In this episode, our experts cook up ten ways you could destroy the earth, including: swal (more…)
Pulsars And Quasars Trailer
01:41 — Airs Tuesdays at 9pm/8c on HISTORY. They sort of sound like the same phenomenon, but Pulsars and Quasars are very different. Pulsars are tiny--only a (more…)
The Day The Moon Was Gone Trailer
01:32 — Eveyone knows that the Moon controls our tides, but did you know that if the moon disappeared, Earth would spin much faster, giving us a shorter day; (more…)
The Hunt For Ringed Planets Trailer
01:18 — Airs Tuesdays at 9pm/8c on HISTORY. They are breathtaking, lethal and a constant source of surprise. The stunning rings of Saturn have mesmerized coun (more…)
Biggest Blasts Trailer
01:12 — Airs Tuesdays at 9pm/8c on HISTORY. The Universe is full of explosions that both create and destroy. The Chicxulub impact on the Yucatan peninsula, wh (more…)
The Search For Cosmic Clusters Trailer
01:12 — Airs Tuesdays at 9pm/8c on HISTORY. They are the one-stop-shopping places for learning all about the nature and variety of stars in the Universe. They (more…)
Liquid Universe Trailer
01:14 — Airs Tuesdays at 9pm/8c on HISTORY. On alien planets, they rain from the sky as scalding iron. On distant moons, even at hundreds of degrees below zer (more…)
Extreme Energy Trailer
01:53 — Airs Tuesdays at 9pm/8c on HISTORY. Ours is a universe of energy, from powerful jets ejected from black holes to the raw nuclear fury of our Sun. But, (more…)
It Fell From Space Trailer
01:59 — Every year, dozens of objects, both natural and manmade, plummet through out atmosphere and crash into the Earth. These messengers from the sky provid (more…)
Space Wars Trailer
01:56 — Airs Tuesdays at 9pm/8c on HISTORY. Outer space is already an essential part of America's ability to fight wars. Our military depends on satellites fo (more…)
03:08 — Would a collision with a comet end all terrestrial life on the Earth as we know it today?
Matter or Energy: Which is More Plentiful?
01:01 — Which is more abundant in the universe, matter or energy?
Navigating by the Stars
01:57 — See how our ancestors navigated in an age before GPS systems. They used constellations and prominent stars to find their way. Find the North Star, Pol (more…)
Backyard Astronomer: April
02:24 — Learn about the Lyrid meteor shower. Every year in April from the 19th to the 24th, the lyrids come down at an average rate of 10-20 per hour. Also fi (more…)
Backyard Astronomer: January
02:54 — Learn about the Quadrantid meteor shower. Every February, Quadrantids are visible in the night sky. Also learn about the Pleiades and the seven stars (more…)
Creation of the Moon
02:48 — About 400 billion years ago, a catastrophic planetary impact created the moon and stabilized earth's orbit.
Reconstructing the Big Bang
03:04 — Scientists are using particle accelerators to re-create the conditions of the early universe.
What Does "Expansion" Apply To?
01:00 — Does the expansion of the universe apply to our bodies, Earth and the solar system? Astrophysicist Alex Filippenko explains.
Planet Earth
02:56 — Over billions of years, Earth has developed essential properties that allowed living organisms to form.
Other Dimensions
01:00 — Are there extra dimensions? If so, could there be space trapped inside?
Asteroid Impact Prevention
02:55 — In December 2009, NASA launched an infrared satellite to discover asteroids on a collision course with earth.
Man Made Sun
03:09 — Scientists are attempting to create a perpetual source of energy using nuclear fusion.
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  • Premiered: May 29, 2007
  • Rating: TV-PG
  • Premise: An astronomy series examing the history, scientific phenomena and mysteries of the universe. (more)

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