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Latest Episode: When Space Changed History

Jun 17, 2012 Season 7 Episode 7 watch on (Paid)

It may seem like seem like science fiction, but the cosmos isn't just something way out there. Many times in human history, objects or forces from space have changed the course of life on earth. Many believe an asteroid played a role in the fall of the Roman Empire... and millennia earlier another asteroid might have been the "fire and brimstone" that destroyed Sodom and Gomorrah.

Cosmic Phenomena

Feb 03, 2009 Season 3 Episode 12

Effects generated by the sun and other extra-terrestrial sources make life possible and threaten our existence all at the same time.
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Edge of Space

Feb 03, 2009 Season 3 Episode 11

Just beyond the atmosphere, scientific and commercial opportunities await adventurers in low earth orbit.
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Strangest Things

Jan 27, 2009 Season 3 Episode 10

From stars, galaxies and moons to subatomic particles, black holes and invisible phenomenon, discover the most bizarre, mysterious and exotic things in our universe. Learn about actual alcohol clouds floating in space that are filled with organic molecules which produce complex compounds like ethyl alcohol, the stuff we drink. Is there a hypothetical planet that exists beyond Neptune and what are pulsar planets? Mini Black Holes are a theoretical idea, but if they were to exist, some theorists speculate that they might have been produced shortly after the "Big Bang." Finally, delve into dark matter, a hypothetical form of matter that is invisible yet it exists everywhere.
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Another Earth

Jan 13, 2009 Season 3 Episode 9

Are we unique in the universe, or is there another planet similar to Earth somewhere in the cosmos?
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Living in Space

Jan 06, 2009 Season 3 Episode 8

When mankind eventually leaves the cradle of Earth and ventures forth into the uncharted territories of the cosmos, where, and what form, will our new homes take?
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Living in Space

Dec 23, 2008 Season 3 Episode 7

When humans leave Earth and venture deep into the cosmos, what will our new homes look like?
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Deadly Comets and Meteors

Dec 16, 2008 Season 3 Episode 6

Despite their dangers, asteroids and comets might hold vital natural resources, which could actually save mankind.
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Alien Faces

Dec 09, 2008 Season 3 Episode 5

They soar through the heavens, fly through the oceans and glide along land. But these are not creatures found on a wildlife safari. These are life forms from another planet. Armed with scientific fact and a little imagination, experts come together to take you on an unprecedented journey to the edges of our imagination. Scientists, astrobiologists and astronomers create five lines of extraterrestrial evolution, and explain how creatures on the surface of Earth offer a helping hand to understanding life in The Universe.
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Sex In Space

Dec 02, 2008 Season 3 Episode 4

As man moves to colonize the cosmos, the realities of sexual relationships and reproduction need to be addressed. Probe the physiological, psychological and cultural challenges of sex in space. From the sex act through birth, look at how the extreme environments of space exploration might effect copulation, conception and developing human tissues, as well as how issues around sex might impact the emotional lives of astronauts. Get to the bottom of the rumors to find out if space sex has already happened, and look at how the burgeoning space tourism business may soon lead to a boom in space sex.
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Light Speed

Nov 25, 2008 Season 3 Episode 3

According to the laws of physics we can never travel faster than the speed of light...or can we? Light speed allows us to see things instantly here on Earth, and shows us the entire history of the universe going back nearly 14 billion years.
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Parallel Universes

Nov 18, 2008 Season 3 Episode 2

Discover startling new evidence that shows the existence of universes other than our own. Trailblazing experiments by particle physicists could change the way we see ourselves and life itself.
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Deep Space Disasters

Nov 11, 2008 Season 3 Episode 1

In space travel there is a saying that the first 50 miles and the last 50 miles are the most dangerous. Explore the controlled explosion of launch, the fiery crucible of reentry and everything in between.
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