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Season 2, Episode 10 Season 2, Episode 10

The problem with shows based on history is that rarely is there a surprise. Considering that the minute we met Anne, we knew her expiration date, I think The Tudors took a wise approach in making her execution episode (and, sadly, the second season finale) more of a mood piece than even trying to shock us with gratuitous blood or emotional outbursts. After all, we already got that last week.Henry, save for one angry moment, was surprisingly unconcerned with the fate of his wife and daughter. Perhaps his love for Jane Seymour and change, shown through his rebirth in the "Fountain of Youth" (a scene that, abnormally for this show, made me want to retch) simply put the blinders over his heart. Hell, even Cromwell got all shaky over what was going on, and he's not exactly the type to dwell on bad decisions. At least we saw Henry truly happy at the end of this episode. OK, so he was happy because he was tearing into some sort of goopy dish hidden by a stuffed swan (and no, I have no idea... read more

Season 2, Episode 9 Season 2, Episode 9

These bloody days have broken my heart.My lust, my youth did them depart,And blind desire of estate.Who hastes to climb seeks to revert.Of truth, circa Regna tonat.-Sir Thomas WyattAt least out of the carnage came the beautiful poem V. Innocentia Veritas Viat Fides Circumdederunt me inimici mei, the full text of which can be found here. Unfortunately, to get it, we had to say goodbye to Messrs. Smeaton, Boleyn, Norris and Brereton, while Thomas ("I'm the only who's guilty!) Wyatt, and Thomas Boleyn have to live with the knowledge that most of their allies are dead due to false accusations of treason. Well, Wyatt is in a peculiar position because we never really got a true sense of whose side he was on, or if he was even on any side. He simply loved Anne and now knows that she's going to be killed. I believe in reality he wrote the poem after her death, and not before, but it was a beautiful contrast to the gruesome imagery of beheadings and blood spurting.This outcome was inevitable... read more

Lady in Waiting Season 2, Episode 8

Henry is smitten with Jane Seymour (Anita Briem) and appoints her a lady-in-waiting to Anne, who is none too pleased; Henry is dealt a serious injury while jousting, leading to speculation about who would be his successor. read more

Season 2, Episode 7 Season 2, Episode 7

“If you could read Greek, Master Smeaton, you’d know that even the gods had problems with their wives.” — George BoleynIf that quotation doesn’t just about sum up all that is The Tudors, I don’t know what does. Had I started watching this show without knowing anything about the history of England, I’d probably be under the impression that all of Europe’s problems in the 16th century were due exclusively to Henry VIII’s bats*** exes. Luckily, we all know it’s slightly more complicated than that, but just to balance things out, I say we give some credit to Thomas Boleyn et al, for using his daughter as a rung in his climb up the social ladder. Anne might want to claim, as she did in that final scene, that she did most of it herself, but her father and brother were just as culpable in bringing about Henry’s (and England’s) woes.Like last week, this episode was all about transition. Because, I suppose, we can’t see more t... read more

Season 2, Episode 6 Season 2, Episode 6

Not that I approve of the whole going-insane-with-jealousy thing, but the feminist in me can't help herself from saying good for Anne for calling Henry on what he's doing. Now, I doubt that he has a real harem, as she seems to think, but she definitely knows that he's got more lady friends than just Madge (who I'm thinking is the inside spy Brereton spoke to Chapuys about; the one who claimed that Anne was deformed). Plus, she's patently aware of the fact that the more women he sleeps with, the less her influence matters — especially after the More martyrdom — and the more precarious her situation becomes. At this point, Henry is less concerned with getting a son than with being respected and accepted by his peers across Europe, and Anne is definitely an albatross in that regard. Even King Francis is shunning Anne and Elizabeth now, which means that Henry either has to re-legitimize Mary, or risk being a completely isolated state.Those Boleyns though, I'm telling you, th... read more

Season 2, Episode 5 Season 2, Episode 5

Alas, More is no more (you knew there was going to be a groan-inducing pun sooner or later). It was a set up, I tell you, a set up! Entrapment! The whole system was against him! I joke, but it's true. Cromwell and Richard Rich played Gotcha with Sir Thomas, even though it seemed that both were sympathetic to his plight. But the fact that More, with his legal and scholarly training, fell for the "hypothetical" gives me the impression that he was, by this point, so resigned, and ready to get this all over with, that he welcomed an excuse to be a martyr sooner rather than later. Taken together with the fact that he felt slightly betrayed by his family, he was probably ready to make his final statement. He really seemed particularly distraught to hear that his daughter wanted him to just say the words without believing them. Perhaps it would have been one thing if they had a legitimate difference of opinions on Henry — he probably could have accepted that — but to find out t... read more

Season 2, Episode 4 Season 2, Episode 4

I once saw a program on The History Channel that described Henry VIII as a glutton and showed him ripping into a cooked chicken with such gusto that it looked as though he'd fare well on the competitive eating circuit. The Tudors is teaching me that he went through women at nearly the same rate he went through chicken. In the space of fourteen episodes, we've seen him bed 5 or 6 women at least, and we're only on wife number two!Luckily, we're finally seeing the kind of complex character we had last season in Anne. Is she offering up one of her Ladies out of pressure from her father, love for her husband, or a sense of self-preservation (or a combination of all three)? In any case, she obviously hates her father for suggesting it, her husband for forcing her to it, and herself for agreeing to it all. Add that in with her attempt to get back into the good graces of the despondent Princess Mary (more on her later), and you have a woman who is starting to lose on all sides. Spoiler aler... read more

Season 2, Episode 3 Season 2, Episode 3

And they say that women are fickle! I suppose Henry has just gotta have it, so to speak. Never mind that he's wondering why the people don't love his new Queen when he so obviously doesn't any more, but he's back into blondes? The brunettes on this show don't get much luck. First, Katherine doesn't get alimony and then Anne gets a stare of such cold fury that had I been one of her Ladies, I'd have told her to start packing her bags right then and there. Of course there's also Lady Mary, who is in some respects in a worse situation than Anne. She's forbidden to communicate with her mother, her father wants nothing to do with her, and the Queen's father is making veiled threats against her. My advice to all three? Get yourselves to a salon and don't skimp on the peroxide!All joking aside, Anne is in a bad situation. She lacks the full support of the public and the clergy, and is losing favor with Henry. Yes, newly appointed Archbishop Cranmer gave his blessing to the marriage, but it ... read more

Season 2, Episode 2 Season 2, Episode 2

Welcome to second season blog for The Tudors: The show that portrays the dangers, intrigues and machinations that came with living in a time before the existence of indoor plumbing (and thus cold showers).Before diving into this week's episode, here's the shortest possible, and admittedly, most superficial recap of what happened in the season opener: Henry still couldn't get the Church to grant him a divorce from Katherine and so started proceedings to break away from the Pope by appointing himself Head of the Church of England. Thomas Boleyn convinced a cook to poison Bishop Fisher — a plan which the Bishop survived, but which the cook, alas, did not. Anne convinced Henry to banish Katherine, but also found herself fending off new advances from her ex, Thomas Wyatt, while unknowingly becoming the focus of an assassination plan by the Spanish ambassador and a shadowy figure.This week, that shadowy figure left Anne some clues about her future (a future that is, if not immediate,... read more

Everything Is Beautiful Season 2, Episode 1

Henry succeeds in having himself declared "Supreme Head of the Church and Clergy in England," but with a caveat; Pope Paul III (Peter O'Toole) has his own idea about how to deal with the "Great Matter" of the king's annulment; Henry selects an obscure cleric (Hans Matheson) to be his personal chaplain; an attempt is made on the life of Bishop Fisher (Bosco Hogan); Henry issues a command to Queen Katherine. read more

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Premise: A chronicle of the early years in the reign of England's King Henry VIII from 1520 to '30, when he divorced his first wife, Katherine of Aragon.



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