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June 10, 2007: The Consummation Season 1, Episode 10

I have to admit I was pleasantly surprised by the opening scene of tonight’s episode. Wait, let me explain. Not only did they employ some fancy camerawork to get their point across, but there was a well-timed, ahem, pin prick. But mostly what impressed me was Henry’s restraint. He could have found any willing maiden to satisfy his “need,” but he wanted to remain true to Anne. If I had any doubt before about Henry’s devotion to Anne, I don’t now.Highlights:Suffolk and Norfolk are appointed copresidents of the council. Suffolk, as always, is pleased by any favor the king shows him. Norfolk was not so pleased to share his title. Norfolk also had to remind Brandon that Wolsey is still a threat, even if he is banished to York.Banishment doesn’t suit Wolsey. After futilely writing to Anne for help in restoring himself to the king’s favor, he decides to employ another cunning and much more dangerous tactic: He writes to Katherine and to the pope. The... read more

June 3, 2007: Last Night I Was in the Midst of Spain Season 1, Episode 9

The tribunal continues without the presence of the queen. Katherine has said her piece and not even the urgings of Wolsey will get her to return to court. In fact, she tells Wolsey she can’t wait to see him go down. Whether or not Wolsey knows it, the English people are with Katherine.There is nothing Wolsey can do to prevent his own downfall. Although he has threatened Campeggio, induced character witnesses to lie in court (or so we can assume), and sent More to Cambria to try to broker an agreement with France and Spain against the authority of Rome, his day has come. Norfolk, Suffolk and the Boleyns couldn’t be more pleased. He is charged but his sentence is commuted by Henry, who thinks he’s being benevolent. Henry offers, then commands, More to accept the position of chancellor. It’s not an offer More can refuse.Henry is assured a divorce by summer. The tribunal determines that it won’t be able to make a decision until the fall, which isn’t good ne... read more

May 20, 2007: Can I Have My Divorce Now? Season 1, Episode 8

What an exciting episode. There wasn’t one person I didn’t feel for tonight.Henry: He just wants his divorce already. He’s clearly in love with Anne and is determined to be with her. Anne does her part by casting doubt on Wolsey and his loyalties. Henry sends Cromwell to the pope to make his position clear, and he sends Brandon to King Francis in Paris to get his opinion on Cardinal Campeggio, the Pope’s designate in London, and on Wolsey.Wolsey: He sees what’s happening around him and is trying everything in his power to help Henry get his divorce. He tells Campeggio that papal influence in London will be done if Henry doesn’t get his way. Wolsey knows Brandon, Norfolk and Boleyn are against him. After More sees Wolsey on his knees, More's actions thereafter show that More is firmly against Wolsey, too.More: Although his religious beliefs of late are alarming (to me), he still seems to want justice. He proves this by giving Katherine access to one of H... read more

Message to the Emperor Season 1, Episode 7

The “sweating sickness” runs rampant through the kingdom, claiming someone close to Henry and afflicting someone even closer; Henry's lawyer-envoys present “legal arguments” to Pope Clement for the dissolution of his marriage to Katherine; Sir Thomas More burns with a desire to rid England of encroaching Lutheranism. read more

May 6, 2007: Henry in Love Season 1, Episode 6

Anne. She’s becoming entangled in her own web of lies and deceit. Granted, it’s an intricate web she’s constructed at the behest of her father and her uncle, but she would be wise to stay out of it. Still, there’s something about Henry that keeps drawing her in. He’s actually showing some restraint (shocking!) and he’s professed that his intentions are honorable. I mean, what young woman wouldn’t want to be queen? Who wouldn’t fall for that? His charms are many, as are his promises, and she can’t help but fall in love with him.Boleyn and Norfolk. The puppet masters. They see what Henry’s attention is doing to Anne and they remind her that she must put her family first. She is only an instrument to help them bring down Wolsey and advance their own desire for power. When they finally make their move, exposing Wolsey’s deception about seized monies that should be going into the king’s coffers, they’re smart about it. And... read more

April 29, 2007: Keeping the Faith Season 1, Episode 5

Highlights:— Sir Boleyn is made a Lord.— Henry’s bastard son Henry Fitzroy is given a handful of titles and recognized as the next heir to the crown, above Henry’s legitimate daughter Princess Mary. He becomes sick and dies soon thereafter. — King Charles of Spain marries Princess Isabella of Portugal and breaks his treaty with England for a million-pound dowry.— Brandon marries Princess Margaret without the king’s permission. They are exiled from court and their London properties. Henry doesn’t recognize the marriage and threatens Brandon’s life.— Henry tells Katherine their marriage is over. He blames canonical and ecclesiastical law, saying their union was never legal.— Wolsey convenes a special court to annul Henry’s marriage, but they can’t come to a consensus. Wolsey tells Henry he’ll have to go directly to the Pope for his divorce.— Anne agrees to the king’s proposal to becomes his “official ... read more

April 22, 2007: Defender of the Faith Season 1, Episode 4

I’m going to try something a little different this week. Let me know what you think.Highlights: — The pope gives Henry a new title: Defender of the Faith. Martin Luther writes some unflattering things about the king.— Henry is desperate for Anne Boleyn. She wisely removes herself from court to up the ante, and when she returns Henry can’t take his eyes off her. This doesn’t go unnoticed by the queen.— Knivert and Compton are knighted.— The emperor captures King Francis on the battlefield, much to Henry’s delight. Henry raises taxes so he can contribute to the war effort.— Wolsey appoints Mr. Cromwell as the king’s new secretary. Cromwell is a follower of Martin Luther.— Margaret falls for Brandon, marries the king of Portugal, and then kills him.— Henry has a near-death experience that prompts him to ask Wolsey to end his marriage.There was a lot of bedroom action going on tonight. Some of it sexy, some of it not. Le... read more

April 15, 2007: The Spanish Are Coming Season 1, Episode 3

Machinations. An agenda, hidden or otherwise. Everyone in Henry’s court wants something, and they’re willing to do anything to get it. The people playing for the highest stakes right now are Norfolk and the newly knighted Sir Boleyn. They want Wolsey gone and are prepared to do anything to make it so. Right now Boleyn is making the biggest sacrifice by whoring his daughter Anne out to the king. How is he any better than Wolsey? Granted, Boleyn probably doesn’t know the extent of Wolsey’s treachery and deceit, but can he really sit in judgment on another man considering his own sins? I’m sure Norfolk is more than happy to pass judgment on someone he considers to be his inferior. Norfolk was born into privilege and wealth; I’m sure he doesn’t like being threatened or told what to do by the likes of Wolsey.Anne is getting the short end of the stick here, although it looks like things at home aren’t that much better. Anne’s boyfriend is marri... read more

April 8, 2007: Putting on Heirs Season 1, Episode 2

Another great episode. But more than that, I’m really enjoying your comments. Please don’t be shy about sharing your knowledge on all things Henry. In addition to being entertained by the show, I also feel like I’m learning a lot from you.Henry finally got what he wanted in tonight’s episode: a male heir. Lady Blunt seemed saddened that she couldn’t have the king’s love, but her door prize is that her son is recognized by the king and will want for nothing. I did feel bad for Katherine (for the sake of continuity, I’m going to continue spelling her name this way, although I did read your posts about the alternate spelling) when she went to church and begged for a male heir in her barren womb. She’s got to be feeling the pressure. And poor Lord Buckingham. We all knew what was coming, but I wanted him to stick around a bit longer so he could be a thorn in the king’s side. Buckingham’s march to his death was very affecting. His face an... read more

April 1, 2007: The King and His Conquests Season 1, Episode 1

Showtime is really stepping up its game. I don’t think it’s challenging HBO with its original programming yet, but with Weeds, Dexter and now The Tudors, the network has signaled that it's becoming a major player. And I think the viewer is all the better for it.That being said, let me make one thing clear right now: I am watching this show for pure entertainment value. If I want a history lesson I can read a book just as well as the next person. But I hope you will let me know when there are any glaring historical errors. I’ll try to do my research, but I’m not making any promises.Jonathan Rhys Meyers is perfectly cast as the brash, headstrong, willful king of England, but he had me at Bend It Like Beckham. I’m so happy he’s decided to return to the small screen after his Golden Globe-winning performance in the television movie Elvis. He’s a great actor who is compelling to watch, and I’ve followed his career with interest. It certainly doesn&... read more

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Premise: A chronicle of the early years in the reign of England's King Henry VIII from 1520 to '30, when he divorced his first wife, Katherine of Aragon.



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