The Time Tunnel

  • 1966
  • TV Show
  • None

Two scientists trapped in a `time tunnel' can move in the past and future---but not the present. As colleagues work to fix this `slight' glitch, the hardy travelers are predictably whisked from one momentous historical event to another. Created by Irwin Allen.

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Town Of Terror Season 1, Episode 30 Free

The time travelers materialize in 1978 in a small New England town taken over by aliens, who plan to drain all the oxygen out of Earth's atmosphere.

Raiders From Outer Space Season 1, Episode 29 Free

Doug and Tony land in the desert during the historic 1883 battle of Khartoum just as a far greater battle against an alien race intent on destroying Earth begins.

The Kidnappers Season 1, Episode 28 Free

A metallic man of the future takes Ann to his planet for scientific study.

Merlin The Magician Season 1, Episode 27 Free

Tony and Doug are frozen in time when a mysterious man in a cap appears in the Project base. This Merlin takes the guys out of time and sends them back to 544 A.D., Cornwall England.

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Time Tunnel Season 1
The scientists of Project Tic Toc believe the control of time is potentially the most valuable treasure that man will ever find. Located beneath the (more…)