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Fri Jul 29 4:45am
All the Worlds a Stooge(Season 8, Episode 3) IFC

The boys are hired to pose as refugee children in "All the World's a Stooge." Lelah Tyler, Emory Parnell, Curly Howard.

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Fri Jul 29 5:10am
An Ache in Every Stake(Season 8, Episode 5) IFC

The boys begin as icemen and wind up serving food in "An Ache in Every Stake." Vernon Dent, Bess Flowers, Curly Howard.

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Fri Jul 29 5:35am
Restless Knights(Season 2, Episode 2) AMC

The boys are the Queens' guards, so she's soon abducted in "Restless Knights." Walter Brennan, Geneva Mitchell, Moe Howard.

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Fri Jul 29 5:35am
A-Plumbing We Will Go(Season 7, Episode 3) IFC

The boys reconnect pipes at a fancy home in "A-Plumbing We Will Go." Dudley Dickerson, Bud Jamison, Moe Howard.

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Sat Jul 30 5:30am
No Census, No Feeling(Season 7, Episode 7) AMC

The boys take up bridge and football as census-takers in "No Census, No Feeling." Symona Boniface, Vernon Dent, Moe Howard.

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Mon Aug 1 5:20am
Grips, Gripes and Groans(Season 4, Episode 1) AMC

The boys must keep a boozing wrestler sober in "Grips, Gripes and Groans." Harrison Greene, Casey Columbo, Curly Howard.

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Mon Aug 1 5:50am
Three Missing Links(Season 5, Episode 7) AMC

The boys are hired to work in a movie set in Africa in "Three Missing Links." Naba, Monty Collins, Jane Hamilton.

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Mon Aug 1 9:00am
You nazty Spy(Season 7, Episode 1) AMC

The boys become dictators of Moronica in this Axis satire "You Nazty Spy." Dick Curtis, Richard Fiske, Lorna Gray.

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Tue Aug 2 5:15am
Dizzy Detectives(Season 10, Episode 2) AMC

The boys are cops pursuing the thieving Ape Man in "Dizzy Detectives." John Tyrell, Bud Jamison, Curly Howard.

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Tue Aug 2 5:45am
Punchy Cowpunchers(Season 17, Episode 1) AMC

The boys are out west trying to foil the Killer Dillons in "Punchy Cowpunchers." Kenneth MacDonald, Christine McIntyre, Moe Howard.

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Tue Aug 2 9:00am
Income Tax Sappy(Season 21, Episode 1) AMC

The boys are blockheads swindling the government in "Income Tax Sappy." Benny Rubin, Vernon Dent, Moe Howard.

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Wed Aug 3 6:00am
Scotched in Scotland(Season 21, Episode 6) IFC

The boys guard an earl's castle in "Scotched in Scotland." Herbert Evans, Christine McIntyre, Shemp Howard.

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Wed Aug 3 6:25am
Shot in the Frontier(Season 21, Episode 5) IFC

The boys are in a gunfight with the Noonan Brothers in "Shot in the Frontier." Emmett Lynn, Kenneth MacDonald. A satire of "High Noon."

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Wed Aug 3 6:50am
Spooks(Season 20, Episode 5) IFC

The boys probe Bea Boppers' kidnapping by a mad scientist in "Spooks." Phil Van Zandt, Tom Kennedy, Norma Randall.

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Thu Aug 4 5:30am
Cash and Carry(Season 4, Episode 6) AMC

The boys are swindled while trying to help a disabled child in "Cash and Carry." Sonny Bupp, Harlene Wood. A very sappy episode.

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Fri Aug 5 5:20am
We Want Our Mummy(Season 6, Episode 2) AMC

The boys fight crooks while looking for an archaeologist in "We Want Our Mummy." Dick Curtis, Robert Williams, Curly Howard.

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Fri Aug 5 5:50am
Wee Wee Monsieur(Season 5, Episode 2) AMC

The boys mistakenly join the Foreign Legion in "Wee Wee Monsieur." Bud Jamison, Vernon Dent, Moe Howard.

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Sat Aug 6 5:50am
I'm a Monkey's Uncle(Season 15, Episode 8) AMC

The boys are cavemen who fight for their women in “I'm a Monkey's Uncle.”

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Sat Aug 6 6:15am
Out West(Season 14, Episode 3) IFC

A map of Shemp's inflamed vein is mistaken for a gold vein in "Out West." Jack Norman, George Chesebro, Moe Howard.

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Sat Aug 6 6:40am
Pardon My Clutch(Season 15, Episode 2) IFC

Shemp's nerves prompt the boys to take a trip in "Pardon My Clutch." Matt McHugh, Emil Sitka, Moe Howard.

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Sat Aug 6 7:05am
Punch Drunks(Season 1, Episode 2) IFC

Curly's a boxer who only does well when he hears a certain song in "Punch Drunks." Al Hill, Arthur Houseman, Moe Howard.

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Sat Aug 6 7:30am
Rhythm and Weep(Season 13, Episode 8) IFC

The boys are suicidal until they meet a Broadway producer in "Rhythm and Weep." Jack Norton, Ruth Godfrey, Curly Howard.

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Sat Aug 6 7:55am
Shivering Sherlocks(Season 15, Episode 1) IFC

While checking out a mansion the boys run into crooks in "Shivering Sherlocks." Vernon Dent, Duke York, Shemp Howard.

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Sat Aug 6 8:20am
Sing a Song of Six Pants(Season 14, Episode 6) IFC

The boys are the Pip Boys tailors in "Sing a Song of Six Pants." Vernon Dent, Harold Brauer, Shemp Howard.

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